End Of The Magic Era Chapter 645

Chapter 645 Mana Devouring Vine


The emergence of an Archmage is related to Laws. In general, each Archmage would use a Law to strengthen himself.

And once they reached the Heaven realm, they would completely understand the Law and the mysteries behind the Law, allowing them to even use the Laws power to battle. This was a power that surpassed ordinary mortals, known as Extraordinary Power!

This was also why everyone under the Heaven Rank was considered mortal. This was no longer just a difference in power, it was a natural difference!

Without the power of Laws, no matter how powerful a mortal was, they couldnt withstand Extraordinary Power!

And in God Nations, all the Laws were just playthings to the Gods. Time, Space, even the basic Laws could be completely controlled by the Gods.

Gods could set up the earth above and the sky below, they could make rivers go up and could even give limitless lifespan to mortals. Anything they could think of, they could do in the God Nations.

But every God Nation had its own properties, just like how the Intrepid, which had been made out of Senders remains, had an area filled with illusions and nightmares that would prevent people from realizing that they were dreaming. This wasnt the kind of power that mortals could comprehend.

Only a bit of power remained in the Intrepid, yet it was enough to toy with Lin Yun and the others, regardless of their willpower. Just how powerful would a complete God Nation be?

Lin Yun looked a bit foolish as he stared at the illusory scene before his eyes, thinking for the first time that no ancient book and no ancient record could describe that kind of power. Even he couldnt imagine how formidable a living God would be.

If that feeling had to be described, it would be close to the feeling a frog would feel when leaving its well and seeing the endless sky.

After a long breath, Lin Yun walked off of the prow and stepped onto a branch of the Wisdom Tree. If he hadnt seen it before from the Intrepid, he wouldnt have been able to tell at first glance that this wide area under his feet was only a branch.

He could feel the dense mana flowing under his feet, and his surroundings were covered in waist-high grass that was emitting mana fluctuations. At the top of the root-like branch that seemed to cover the sky grew countless purple Windbell Flowers, and from time to time, a drop of mana could be seen dripping out from those flowers.

A group of fist-sized birds with bright plumage were flocking together there, feeding on those droplets of mana. Chirping sounds echoed, but no one relaxed, because each of those birds was emitting mana fluctuations above level 20.

"Careful!" Lin Yun warned them with a solemn tone.

Enderfa had already started rousing the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel before Lin Yun even said anything. Xiuban was firmly holding onto Carnage, his eyes continuously checking his surroundings.

Meanwhile, Zeuss legs were trembling. He was only a 7th Rank Magic Apprentice at the moment He still had to increase his rank.

A group of harmless birds in this place was actually above level 20. He couldnt even defeat a random bird in this place.

There was nothing coming from the grass, only the quiet sound of the grass swaying in the wind. But Lin Yun still cautiously summoned ten Rock Puppets.

The Rock Puppets surrounded them as they moved forward, acting as pathfinders, clearing the path ahead of them.

They detected no danger for the first kilometer or so of travel. In fact, besides those flying birds, they didnt find any living animals.

But suddenly, Lin Yuns expression changed, as he suddenly lost contact with a pathfinding puppet thirty meters ahead of him.

Then, less than two seconds after, he lost contact with the puppets on the sides and the back, losing contact with all ten of them!

Just as the first puppet stopped responding, Lin Yun raised his Draconic Staff and a large, flaming vortex appeared in front of him. Fireblades flew out from the fire vortex and attacked everything in a circle around them, making no distinctions.

The grass instantly turned into ashes, and all the vegetation within several dozen meters was instantly cleared.

But the sound of grinding metal could be heard when the Fireblades reached fifty meters out.

Several dozens of them slashed into jade-colored vines, causing sparks to fly up as the vines twisted around crazily.

Vines that were over a meter tall rose up from all directions. Sharp barbs grew on those jade-like vines, and the very air seemed to be torn apart when they swung.

Unconsciously, everyone had been surrounded by those vines.

"Mana Devouring Vines" Zeuss shook as he said those words.

He was clearly terrified as he rushed to the center of the group, afraid of being caught by those vines.

It was recorded that Mana Devouring Vines had been eradicated from Noscent as early as the Nesser Dynasty.

They were extremely sensitive to mana fluctuations, able to distinguish the natural mana of a mage within a taboo spell, and when finding animals, they would quietly form a huge net to surround the prey, and then use a sneak attack.

The Mana Devouring Vines would drain the mana out of captured prey, its flesh and blood becoming its nutrients, and once it dried up, it would be discarded.

All these vines were actually part of just one Mana Devouring Vine, but it was level 38. But the mana here was so strong that the vitality of this plant-type magic beast was exceptional. They wouldnt be able to escape as long as most of its body wasnt destroyed.

Many records pertaining to Mana Devouring Vines flashed in Zeuss mind. The most treacherous forest killer of the God Era. After a Mana Devouring Vine evolved to level 40, all the magic beasts living in the area around it would end up being eradicated.

For the first time, Zeuss felt that knowing too much wasnt good

While Zeuss was still plagued by regret, Lin Yun made a move. He swung his Draconic Staff and sent Bursting Flames to strike a vine that was moving towards them. The tip of that vine exploded, but that injury was nothing more than a tickle to the Mana Devouring Vine.

Enderfa controlled the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and several dozen Fire Dragons were cast, turning the surroundings in a sea of fire, stopping the vines several dozen meters away.

Lin Yun waved his staff again, and three flaming vortexes appeared above his head, continuously firing Flame Spears.

Every time a vine would come within thirty meters, it would be hit by a Flame Spear, which would hold it in place until a Bursting Flames exploded on it.

The exploded vines had no opportunity to escape and would then be burnt to ashes by a Flame Hand.

Lin Yun, who had broken into the 9th Rank of the Archmage realm, was now displaying his outstanding casting ability. Each spell would restrict the vines at the worst location for them.

He wanted to counterattack harder, but each time, just as he gained ground, the vines would try to push back.

After five minutes, everything within fifty meters was burnt to a crisp, ad more than half of the Mana Devouring Vine was burnt.

But that Mana Devouring Vine didnt show any sign of retreating, its attacks becoming even more frantic.

Several dozen thick vines rose up around everyone, layering themselves to form a cage that trapped them inside.

Then, all the vines started frantically shrinking while facing their flood of spells, trying to crush them to death.

Many of the vines were burnt to death, but even more vines rushed over to replace them, completely relying on quantity to suppress them.

Lin Yuns expression froze. The three flaming vortexes above his head continuously shot out a large number of Flame Spears, placing them in the gaps between the vines to slow down the constricting of the cage.

After a few minutes, Lin Yun sneered and said, "So it was there!"

With these words, he raised his Draconic Staff and quickly chanted an incantation. Two seconds later, the three flaming vortexes fused into one massive flame vortex. A three-meter-long green Fireball flew out of the Flame Vortex, and around that Fireball, there were nine white balls of fire.

Those nine raging balls of fire frantically revolved around the green Fireball. The air started twisting, and an invisible power could be felt coming from the Fireball.

The roaring flames set off a violent wind. The nine burning white balls of fire simultaneously exploded, and the green Fireball disappeared, leaving a long, green trail behind.

In an instant, that green Fireball hit a part of the vine cage.

A large hole appeared in the jade-colored cage of vines, and everyone could see green flames crazily spreading across the cage. In just moments, all the vines within a dozen meters were burnt to ashes.

Through the huge hole, everyone could see the location of the vines root. All the vines were spreading from that dark-green root.

Now, there were still several dozen green vines vigorously growing from that dark-green root.

Lin Yun sneered, and his body turned into a ball of fire as he rushed through the hole in the vine cage.

When it noticed that its body was exposed, instead of fleeing, the Mana Devouring Vine pounced at Lin Yun. That root was like a snake, raising its head to pressure Lin Yun with imposing momentum.

And behind Lin Yun, those green vines turned into a huge cover chasing him from behind.