End Of The Magic Era Chapter 651

Chapter 651 Conflict


These two were clearly wearing more refined clothes than the other Dark Elves, so they were likely leaders.

Sure enough, the handsome male Dark Elf walked over with a solemn face, his eyes locked onto Lin Yuns group as if they were a group of prey struggling on their deathbeds.

"Outsiders, give up immediately and throw away your weapons. Ill send someone to seal your mana." The Dark Elfs manner of speech made it sound like a royal command, and his icy words were extremely harsh. "Ill count to three! Dont blame us for being ruthless if you havent surrendered by then!" the male Dark Elf shouted again, angered by the fact that Lin Yun and the others were still resisting.

As for Lin Yun, he secretly sighed in relief when he saw these two Dark Elves, especially when he saw their earrings. He understood that he had just been scaring himself. How could a monstrous Dark Elf from the legends appear so easily?

He used his Magic Array to analyze the aura of these two strongest Dark Elves and found that they were both at level 37, close to level 38. The strongest one should be that Dark Elven woman with a 5th Tier Ultimate Spell.

Apart from their numbers, that group of Dark Elves wasnt undefeatable.

Lin Yun had been holding back so far, but since the other side didnt have anyone overwhelmingly powerful, why should he talk? He would naturally beat them up first and talk later. Hearing that Dark Elfs tone, he knew that if he wanted to stop them, glib talk was out of the question.

Without equal status or stronger power, they wouldnt give him the right to talk. Lin Yun understood the character of these people.

Lin Yuns side started increasing the efforts they made in counter-attacking, especially the fuming Enderfa. Lin Yun really didnt know what kind of grudge he had against Dark Elves, but after these two Dark Elves appeared and spoke their bit, he immediately launched a fierce counterattack.

"Damn, two kids barely over a hundred years old dare to try scaring the great Enderfa! This is the path to your doom!" Enderfas three faces simultaneously cursed.

Just like Lin Yun, he knew of these Dark Elves terrifying innate gifts.

"Fools! Capture them!"

The male Dark Elf angrily shouted. He was about to make a move when the female Dark Elf pulled him back. "Jeremy, dont be so impulsive"

Jeremys expression relaxed, but he insisted, "Elsa, these outsiders definitely harbor malicious intentions! We have to give them a fright first, or who knows what they might do?"

Elsa shook her head and glanced at Lin Yun and the others before saying with a clear voice, "Outsiders, you had better not resist. There is no use! If you stop resisting, Ill lead you to our Elder Council so that our Elders can decide how to take care of you. But rest assured, as long as we ascertain that you have no malice towards our community, Ill use my status as a Dark Elven Princess to guarantee that youll at most be expelled from here, and your lives wont be harmed."

Jeremys mouth twitched, but he didnt say anything. He was the son of a Great Elder and was jointly managing this Legion with Elsa. Although he felt that Elsa was too naive, he didnt stop her.

But Elsas kindness was bound to be wasted. Lin Yun, the sole survivor of the last days of Noscent, knew one truth. Without equal strength, the weaker side had no right to speak, especially with this group of arrogant Dark Elves. Lin Yun never had the habit of putting his life in the hands of others

Lin Yun didnt answer Instead, he just used actions to express his opinion. His Draconic Staff was raised high, and bright lights radiated from its peak.

A huge, flaming meteor fell down from the sky.

The explosion caused a shockwave that spread for a few dozen meters, and even though those Dark Elves were guarding against it, several of them still were seriously injured.

Enderfa controlled the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and shot out spells from all four elements that turned into a hybrid deluge of magic that washed over the surrounding Dark Elves. The mass of spells was extremely unstable, as it was formed from countless spells of opposing elements. This caused them to keep colliding and exploding, which made them brim with chaotic power.

"Outsiders, you are courting death!" Jeremy shouted in rage. A magic pattern on his cheek shined, and a gold-red spear appeared out of nowhere, quickly piercing down towards Lin Yun.

Lin Yun looked at that spear and raised his hand to cast six ordinary Flame Spears, sending them all out in succession. Each of the Flame Spears hit the Fire God Spears weak point.

The sextuple attack turned the Fire God Spear into a ball of fire a dozen meters away from Lin Yun.

Jeremy was a bit amazed, but he was even more furious. Just then, he saw a Fire God Spear come out of the explosion and noticed that a Flaming Hand was holding the back of the Fire God Spear.

This Fire God Spear flew back at him even faster than the one he had shot out. He wanted to stop it using the same idea as Lin Yun by casting eight instant-spells, but none of them hit the Fire God Spear The Flaming Hand was adjusting the path of the Fire God Spear in midair and reinforcing its velocity!

One second passed

And it was already too late! As the Fire God Spear covered the remaining distance, the Flaming Hand exerted itself and tossed the spear out. A red light flashed and instantly arrived in front of Jeremys body before he could react.

The necklace he was carrying on his neck suddenly shone, and in a split second, Jeremy appeared five meters away, while the Fire God Spear pierced the spot he had just been at.

Lin Yuns counterattack had started.

Enderfa, the puppet, and Lin Yun Their casting ability could compare to that of several dozen formidable mages, and their signature flood of spells was very efficient at handling this army of Dark Elves.

Xiuban couldnt rush out, so he could only stay next to the recovering Magic Apprentice Zeuss to make sure that he wasnt killed by a Dark Elf.

The Dark Elves in the surroundings couldnt suppress Lin Yuns group and could only keep retreating, gradually opening the encirclement.

In only three minutes, the situation was reversed by Lin Yuns group and they were now the ones pressuring the other side.

Suddenly, Jeremy let out a sharp and deafening roar. "Dragon! Damnit! I knew it, you outsiders have malicious thoughts! Damned Dragons, to actually dare intrude in our territory! Kill! Kill them for me!"

When they heard that, the retreating Dark Elves immediately became angry as they looked at Reina. Every Dark Elf seemed to recall something, and the power of their spells sharply increased.

Even Elsa was somewhat startled as she looked at Reina, because although Reina looked like a human, she had just cast a Draconic Spell, and it was the purest kind of Draconic Ice Spell. This was something only a true Dragon could cast!

"Outsider, hand over the Dragon! With my status as a Dark Elven Princess, I can still let you go if you do so!" Elsa demanded with an icy tone.

Lin Yuns lips twitched. Hand Reina over? Were these Dark Elves brainless?

But Lin Yun also knew why this had caused such a huge reaction among the Dark Elves.

The ones that the Dark Elves hated the most were definitely the Dragons.

In those days, the entire Dark Elven sub-race was expelled out of Noscent by the Dragons. And with the Dark Elves craving towards mana, this action was not much different from exterminating them.

If they didnt have a place with sufficient mana, the Dark Elves would slowly die. What hatred could trump that?

The Pure-blood Elves fortunately intervened After all, they were all Elves, so even if the Dark Elves werent in the right, it was at most internal strife.

But the Dragons putting their claw in this strife created a huge hatred, to the point where they would fight to their last gasp.

The first person to put the Dark Elves in this position was Constance, but Constance had already died

Thus, the Dragons became their greatest villains.

It was normal for them to go all-out when seeing a Dragon after so many years

Jeremys eyes turned red as he crazily cast spells at Reina. The thousand or so Dark Elves also disregarded the rest of Lin Yuns group as they focused their spells at Reina.

Over a thousand Low Tier Spells exploded towards her at once. Reina roared and transformed into a Frost Dragon before opening her mouth to spray out a Frost Breath.

The icy blue Dragon Breath streaked across the sky, freezing the air, as well as many of the Low Tier Spells.

In moments, everything within an enormous swathe was frozen into an ice sculpture.

But there were still a lot of spells falling onto Reina.

The formidable resistances of Dragons allowed Reina to generally disregard Low Tier Spells, but many of these Low Tier Spells were Ultimate Spells, and the remaining ones werent that far behind.

The constant rain of Low Tier Spells was overwhelming, and Lin Yun couldnt completely block their path. Only a small part hit Reina, but they still made her fall from the sky.

"Kill them! The Dragon! And the Dragons dogs! Kill them all!"

Many Dark Elves began letting out fanatical shouts. Their first wave of spells managed to injure the Dragon! This was a huge success.

They had never seen a Dragon before. They had only learnt from their ancestors or from books how vicious and sinister Dragons were. Even as children, the Elders had spoken of Dragons to scare them, and the first Dragon they saw wasnt as powerful as they had imagined.

Killing the Dragon became their only thought.