End Of The Magic Era Chapter 653

Chapter 653 Second


Looking back at it, Elsa could only bitterly smile. They were too impulsive and didnt have the most basic manners. They had started with a sneak attack, and if she hadnt listened to Jeremys suggestion, if they tried to communicate, they might have not lost so many Dark Elves.

Elsa looked back and saw that the always prideful Jeremy was terrified. He didnt look as tough as he did when he was arrogantly deciding the fate of the outsiders.

Her mana was quickly being consumed, and despair started appearing on her face.

This Wood Barrier had the power of a 7th Tier Spell, but it wouldnt be able to last forever.

"Surrender! You wont be killed as long as you surrender and let us seal your mana, and Ill have a proper discussion with your Elders."

Lin Yuns indifferent voice could be heard from the inside of the Wood Barrier, and his words made all the Dark Elves feel ashamed, while a glimmer of hope appeared in Jeremys eyes. He quickly guessed that it was because this was the Wisdom Tree, their territory. There were many experts within their community, but the true experts hadnt come out of the settlements.

These outsiders truly dont dare to cause deadly enmity between us! As long as Elsa and I are alive, there is still a way to turn this around! My father is a Great Elder, and Elsa is the Dark Elven Princess. These outsiders must know the consequences of killing an Elven Princess!

As for those ordinary Dark Elves, they can only be considered unfortunate They offended a powerhouse and died. The Elders wouldnt offend a powerful outsider for the sake of common Dark Elves.

The huge loss could only be considered Jeremy and Elsas mistake, so they would definitely be punished, but what was a punishment compared to being killed?

Jeremys eyes shone, thinking that he understood the thoughts of these outsiders.

But his pride as a Dark Elf made him hesitate. Although defeat and surrender looked similar, it was very different for Dark Elves. Their community could put up with the Dark Elves suffering some defeats, which would only result in a punishment.

But surrendering Although it wouldnt really change the punishment, it would leave a stain on their reputation. If they went out into the streets, they might not even be able to buy a common breadfruit.

They would suffer the scorn of their fellow Dark Elves and their lives would be considered over.

While Jeremy was still hesitating, the exhausted Elsa shouted, "The heroes of Dark Elves fight to the death and never surrender like cowards!"

Elsas face was deathly pale. Although Dark Elves were usually pale, it still didnt look odd, but now, the blood seemed to have drained from her face, making it look translucent.

This was due to over-exhaustion of mana, and even her vitality was suffering. Elsa was already at her limits

Lin Yun was a bit shocked as he looked at Elsa. Although he disliked these arrogant Dark Elves, Elsa seemed somewhat better.

He was in a bad mood due to their sneak attack and their domineering attitude.

But that didnt mean he didnt admire that Dark Elven Princess attitude.

All living creatures would instinctively try to avoid disasters, and when their lives were threatened, their survival instincts would take over.

But those with moral integrity who would rather die standing than live kneeling were scarce, especially when they lived long. The stronger ones, when facing oppression, would try their best to survive.

But Lin Yun wasnt softhearted, either. Since they attacked them and injured Reina, Lin Yun planned to engrave a bitter lesson in the Dark Elves minds.

"Xiuban, go and persuade these stubborn guys."

Xiuban smirked and went over, slamming his heavy Carnage on the Wood Barrier.

"Wretched Dark Elves, you actually dare to sneak attack Sir Merlin and Lord Xiuban! Thats courting death! Hurry up and surrender, the only thing waiting for you if you keep acting like turtles is a hammer in the face!

"Surrender, the kind-hearted Sir Merlin will definitely not kill you. But if you resist again, dont blame Lord Xiuban for being ruthless! I shall have you know, fools, that even I am afraid of myself when Im ruthless"

Xiuban was sneering as he arrogantly pressured them to surrender. Even Elsa glared at Xiuban, and theDark Elves gnashed their teeth as they looked at him, but under the pressure, panic spread.

Xiuban swung Carnage around, impressing upon them that the huge killing weapon clearly had a bigger impact than spells.

After he was done scolding them, Xiuban only increased the fear these Dark Elves were suffering. More and more Dark Elves couldnt hold themselves back as they started weeping, but Elsa was still clenching their teeth, not wanting to admit defeat, not wanting to surrender.

Lin Yun had already lost his patience, while Enderfa had no intention to let these Dark Elves surrender. The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel was operating at full strength and bombarding the Wood Barrier with spells, consuming what little mana Elsa had left.

Mana was just as important as vitality to Dark Elves.

Lin Yun frowned a bit. The defensive power of this Wood Barrier was outstanding. Despite being under the attack of so many spells, it still lasted close to ten minutes.

The power of Dark Elves ultimate mana patterns could be seen from this. The stronger the tier of the ultimate magic pattern, the more ability it could display.

Although the Dark Elves defeat was only a matter of time, they were in a deadlock at the moment.

Suddenly, Lin Yun raised his head and looked into the distance. Drumming sounds could be heard coming from a slope in the distance, like an avalanche or a landslide.

Many figures were falling down as if rocks were rolling down the slope towards them.

In a few seconds, miserable sounds could be heard in the distance It was the sound of the collapsing Dark Elves.

Magical lights could be seen shining above the forest from time to time, followed by miserable shouts.

An oppressive and stifling aura started filling the atmosphere, surrounding everyone.


The frantic and cruel shout could be heard as Lin Yuns complexion changed.

"Quick!" Lin Yun shouted, preparing to escape.

But they didnt have enough time.

The huge colossus moving through the jungle had been in the distance a few seconds ago, but now, he was closing in on their location.

Soon, the thick trees in the front collapsed, and they could even see some turned to pieces by the formidable power.

The dust and wood shavings flew out and clouded the air.

Suddenly, an enormous ten-meter claw came out of the dust, and soon, the shadow of a behemoth came out of the dust.

With a roar, this huge behemoth rushed out of the cover of the dust.

Its body was like a large Earth Drake. The surface of its body was covered with layers upon layers of thin scales, and a flowing flame seemed to be circulating just over it.

Its hind legs were over twenty meters long and made the entire leaf continent shudder. Its forelegs were covered with various runes, and its sharp claws were flickering with the luster of metal!

And three heads were splitting from that rare monsters neck.

Two python heads, one red, one blue, were situated on the sides. They belonged to the Ash Python race and had icy eyes, long tongues that extended very far, and massive fangs. Everything further emphasized how dangerous that monster was.

And in the middle, there was that long-horned malevolent demonic head, the head of an Abyssal Demon


After freezing for a moment, Zeuss looked just like a panicked kid and screamed.

He was terrified, and it didnt take long for him to panic this time. Last time he saw an Orachiss, he was almost torn to shreds. And not too long after, he met a second ancient vicious Orachiss

"Hell! How could there be an Orachiss here?" Enderfa cried out in fear, clearly not expecting such an outcome.

Lin Yuns expression became unsightly. Only a few seconds had passed between him sensing the Orachiss aura and its appearance.

Even Lin Yun didnt expect that this place would have an Orachiss. Thankfully, it wasnt at the Heaven Rank.

It looked like it was an Orachiss that was only a step away from the Heaven Rank.

Damn, since when were these so common?

Lin Yun decisively withdrew his Draconic Staff, intending to have everyone flee. An Orachiss wasnt something they could fight, so fleeing was their only choice.

As soon as the Orachiss appeared, the battlefield became chaotic.

Elsa, who was still maintaining her Wood Barrier, looked at the Orachiss and truly despaired.

Although the Wood Barriers defensive power was outstanding, it had a clear weak point, which was that it couldnt be moved.


A loud, muffled sound echoed from the Wood Barrier. The deafening rumble made several dozen Dark Elves pass out. The Orachiss claw had landed on it and caused the surface to be covered in cracks.