End Of The Magic Era Chapter 654

Chapter 654 Difference


The Orachiss swiped three times, and the Wood Barrier that had been bombarded by Lin Yun for almost ten minutes without breaking turned into a pile of wood.

Hundreds of Dark Elves had been shaken by that power. Many of the others had blood seeping out of their orifices.

"Orachiss! Everyone run!"

"Aaaaaah, I dont want to die!"

"How could there be an Orachiss here!?"

Terrified, miserable shouts echoed here and there. The Dark Elves, who originally had no desire to fight anymore, didnt even resist after seeing the Orachiss, a dozen of them fell to the ground, paralyzed and scared to death.

The Orachiss three heads attentively watched those few hundred Dark Elves, extended its two forearms towards them and grabbed twenty to thirty in each hand. A dozen Dark Elves even died from being crushed as their bones shattered.

As for the other Dark Elves, they were seriously injured and let out anguished wails.

The Orachiss demonic mouth opened wide as it sent a batch of screaming Elves into it. The Dark Elves still tried to struggle out of the maw.

Disgusting crunching sounds echoed.

As it closed its mouth, blood leaked out.

Then, the Orachiss extended its forearms and once again grabbed two batches of Dark Elves and fed them to his snake maws on both sides.

The Dark Elves were nothing more than food at this moment. They lacked the power to resist the Orachiss, and in a dozen seconds, over a hundred of them were eaten alive.

Especially those stunned Dark Elves They were put in the Orachiss mouths like delicacies.

Lin Yuns group was sweating as they looked at the scene. This Orachiss was clearly more savage than the last one

They turned to run, but after running a hundred meters, they discovered that the space was continuously twisting, as if the entire world was fuzzy.

Then, they saw a large amount of ashen flames rushing out from the ground, blocking everyones path. The powerful flames blocked their path, continuously fluctuating as the space twisted, it like a huge abstract red painting.

They were several meters away from those raging flames, but Lin Yun could feel his own clothes about to ignite.

The group hastily withdrew, but their expressions turned unsightly.

"F*cking Ash Cage!" Enderfa cursed.

Lin Yun looked calm and collected. He turned around and saw that the Orachiss didnt seem to have noticed them as it was busy grabbing those Dark Elves. A few hundred tasty Dark Elves was a lot more alluring than the few of them.

But who would have thought that the Orachiss they met was not only more savage, but more intelligent.

It let out an Ash Cage in such a short time, it must have been casting it while he rushed over!

Lin Yuns expression was quite heavy, his palms were sweaty.

This Orachiss wasnt any less troublesome to deal with.

Especially since this Ash Cage was different from the Orachiss they encountered last time.

The Ash Cage of the first Orachiss they met didnt have much ashen flames burning, its power was centered around spatial power.

That kind of cage was the strongest, no one under the Heaven Rank could leave.

But the cage of this Orachiss was entirely different, the spatial power was only guiding, during the creating process it instantly formed a trapping effect. But after the Ash Cage was fully formed, the spatial power was reduced to a very weak degree.

The entire Ash Cage was a huge cage made of ashen flames!

Although the effects of that cage werent as powerful as the other one, it thoroughly severed any means of escape. Anyone approaching would be turned to ashes.

Who knew how many revolving flames remained there, and how thick they were. Anyone under the Heaven Rank would be burnt trying to go through a dozen-meters thick ashen flame.

This was absolute power!

They could leave as long as they could break through, but if they didnt have enough power, they would have no other way to break through!

Flames were surrounding several hundred meters around them, even the sky was covered in flames.

All the places were sealed.

The hundred-meters tall Orachiss could cover every corner of this less than a kilometer wide cage!

After analyzing this Ash Cage, Lin Yun immediately summoned Syudos.

"I can devour these ashen flames?" Syudos turned into a ball of fire and asked, to which Lin Yun solemnly nodded.

He then solemnly instructed the others, "This Orachiss clearly thinks of us as food, he cast an Ash Cage and started enjoying his meal. Itll be our turn once all the Dark Elves are eaten. We must attack in order to survive!"

After these words, Lin Yun immediately turned and started walking towards the soaring ashen flames.

His clothes started smelling burnt when he was five meters away from the flames. The silent flames were emitting a terrifying amount of heat.

Lin Yun used his Fire Elemental Incarnation to greatly increase his resistance towards heat and walked towards the ash gray firewall while using a Mana Shield.

Lin Yuns Mana Shield kept revolving, imitating the movement of the Magic Array. Its surface changed as it transformed into a kind of Ice Shield.

Lin Yun carefully observed his Mana Shield before directly entering the wall of ashen flames.

The heat that rushed over him, in his Fire Elemental Incarnation, felt strangely warm, it felt as if the silent flames were burning from inside and outside at the same time.

Lin Yuns face turned red, he had to use all his strength to maintain the Mana Shield, frantically rousing his Magic Array. His Mana Shield was continuously changing as the Magic Array revolved.

Then, the Mana Shield split

It split into frail-looking Ice Shields flying out towards the surroundings ashen flames, before turning into a formation. It was like a whirlpool spinning with a large amount of ashen flames.

These ashen flames were disconnected from the wall of fire and Syudos impatiently rushed out.

Syudos rushed into a ball-shaped man-sized ashen flame, and in less than three seconds, a black hole seemed to have formed in the center of that ashen flame, a large amount of flames starting to collapse towards the center.

It took Syudos five seconds to cleanly devour that ball of ashen flames.

Lin Yun couldnt deal with the consumption, thus he followed a set pattern: he quickly cut a piece of the wall of ashen flames and made Syudos eat one flame after another.

The Orachiss seemed to have felt the wall of fire suffering damage, that red snake head immediately turning towards them.

Its icy eyes were vicious and evil. Without any hesitation, that snake head opened its mouth and cast over a hundred fire spells over.

The fire spells turned into a tornado whistling over, travelling several hundred meters in a few seconds.

An unlucky Dark Elf came in contact with that fire tornado and instantly caught fire, letting a blood-curdling scream as he turned to ashes.

Enderfa controlled the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and a large amount of ice spells flew over, turning into a long river of ice. It fused with Reinas and the puppets own spells, forming a wall of ice moving forward.

The ice spells collided with the Orachiss fire spells and fierce explosions kept echoing, forming a mushroom-shaped fog in the center due to the collision between the elements.

Shockwaves spread throughout the Ash Cage, and the Dark Elves, that had originally taken all of the Orachiss attention, were immediately affected. They were sent flying while puking blood, one after another. A few of them were even sent flying into the Ash Cage and turned to ashes.

Seeing a fierce explosion about to hit them, Reina turned into her Dragon Shape and used her Ice Coffin to protect everyone.

More importantly it protected Lin Yun who was at the back, working on the Ash Cage.


A sharp sound echoed as minute cracks appeared on the Ice Coffin.

The flames dissipated, but when the Orachiss saw that Lin Yun and the others were unexpectedly still alive, it suddenly got angry.

The fire head and the ice head simultaneously turned, and a large amount of fire spells and ice spells flew out. Ice and fire mixed together while countless fire runes and ice runes entangled. Two streams, one red and one blue, were intertwined like two snake-like dragons of ice and fire.

The Ice Coffin burst into fragments on contact, making Reina groan as she turned back into her Human Shape, blood leaking out of her mouth.

In her Dragon Shape, Reina already had the power of a level 38, and because of the Dragons innate abilities and superiority, she was stronger than the average level 38.

But when facing an ancient vicious beast like the Orachiss, and one who was a step away from the Heaven Rank, Reina was like a young kid facing an adult.

She couldnt withstand a single blow in a direct confrontation, she couldnt even withstand the Orachiss snake heads, let alone that demonic head eating Dark Elves.

Enderfa and the puppet crazily cast instant defensive spells, but the spells were instantly destroyed.

Countless shields and barriers were released, blocking the two streams of fire and ice ten meters away from the group, but these continuously released defensive spells were slowly forced back by the Orachiss spells.