End Of The Magic Era Chapter 655

Chapter 655 Piercing Arrow


The range of the defense kept decreasing, and even Zeuss was participating in the defense with cold sweat.

After Reina regained some strength, she joined the defense once again.

Even so, it was only able to block the Orachiss attacking spells just ten meters away from the group.

After three minutes, the sound of Lin Yun chanting could be heard from behind.

His Draconic Staff shone, and five Askrim Gates appeared in front of everyone, blocking all of the Orachiss spells.

"Hurry up!" Lin Yun shouted in a low voice.

Everyone looked back and saw a tunnel the size of a person dug into the wall of fire. The four walls of the tunnel were made out of Ice Shields that were temporarily withstanding the ashen flames.

But they could all see that those Ice Shields were quickly melting and that it wouldnt take long for the entire tunnel to collapse.

As Lin Yun stood next to everyone, they could clearly feel that his mana was quickly being consumed

Everyone rushed through this passage, and within three seconds, they made it out of the Ash Cage.

By the time Lin Yun rushed out, the tunnel collapsed and the ashen flames filled the hole like gray lava.

Syudos, who had turned into a ball of fire, kept switching between ash-gray and red fire, a rich aura of ashen flames spreading from his body. His aura was a lot stronger than it had been earlier.

Lin Yun let out a relieved sigh now that theyd finally escaped

The Ash Cage would completely collapse if the Orachiss cast Apocalypse. But this Orachiss was smarter and more savage. It was trying to trap all its prey before feasting.

"Thankfully, I sent Syudos to the Bone Plane," Lin Yun said while rejoicing.

The ordinary Flame Spirits would remain ordinary because they could hardly grow.

But Upper Rank Flame Spirits had the ability to devour fire. At first, Syudos was barely comparable to a level 30.

After being sent to the Bone Plane, Syudos had been crazily devouring Soul Fires, which had let him advance to level 32.

This was because those Soul Fires were too weak Although they could be considered a type of flame, because their rank was too low, they barely helped Syudos grow.

This was also the reason that Lin Yun had thrown him into the Bone Plane to clean it. After being discarded for so long, Syudos wasnt in a good mood.

It was like eating flavorless bread every day for a few months. Anyone would be fed up with that, especially someone used to eating delicacies. Having him go a few months with bland bread would definitely push him to his limits.

After spending so much time in the Bone Plane, Syudos now had the power to devour those ashen flames. If he hadnt become stronger beforehand, he might have ended up being consumed instead. This was a difference in essence.

How could Syudos not covet that wall of ashen flames? But the flames were too powerful, and Syudos simply didnt dare to devour them. If he forcibly tried to, he would be submerged by them and might even be burnt to death, despite being an Upper Rank Flame Spirit.

As for Lin Yun, he simply couldnt touch the wall formed out of ashen flames. Just like ordinary people, he had no way to go through, so his only option was to dig his way through.

Syudos couldnt devour the entire wall, but Lin Yun could help him withstand the pressure and forcibly break apart the wall. At that time, Syudos would be able to devour the part of the wall that Lin Yun had cut off.

By coordinating their actions, they were able to form a tunnel through that wall.

The Orachiss naturally wouldnt let Lin Yun dig a tunnel so easily, so Enderfa and the others had to block the attacks.

They couldnt properly contend against it, but by using all the methods they had to resist, their power rose, and they managed to barely hold on.

But it was nothing compared to the pressure Lin Yun was under.

He was resisting the pressure of the ashen flames all by himself, while Syudos was eating his fill.

He used Mana Shield because it was the best option against continuous pressure. As long as his mana wasnt completely consumed, the Mana Shield wouldnt dissipate.

But even then, Lin Yus mana had been used up three times!

Without the help of the Demiplane, allowing him to recover his mana instantly, he wouldnt have been able to withstand the pressure of the ashen flames!

This was something that only a Heaven Rank powerhouse could cross, the pressure alone was enough to suppress a 9th Rank Archmage to death.

Moreover, nothing could disturb him during the process. Lin Yun wouldnt have been able to resist the Orachiss power if it had reached this place He and Syudos would have been crushed to death.

The last time they met an Orachiss, Syudos did not yet have the ability to devour these ashen flames and Lin Yun also couldnt have withstood the pressure of an Orachiss and its ashen flames.

It was different this time. The increase in strength brought them many alternatives, so he didnt have to anger the Orachiss into casting Apocalypse this time.

The Orachiss was infuriated by Lin Yuns group rushing out of the Ash Cage.

It originally thought they were helpless prey, but they actually cut a path out. How could it tolerate that?

The Dark Elves in the Ash Cage suffered from it.

Not only did the two snake heads crazily start casting spells, but even that demonic head that was eating Dark Elves let out Abyssal Spells.

A thick smell of sulfur spread through the atmosphere as the vicious power wreaked havoc. Boundless black smoke condensed in midair, turning into a malevolent black claw.

Over a hundred of these black claws appeared in the sky, killing many of the Dark Elves. Out of what was originally almost a thousand Dark Elves, only a bit over two hundred remained.

That group of Dark Elves released spells while clenching their teeth, standing in front of Elsa to protect her.

Elsa grabbed a pitch-black arrow with both hands and poured a large amount of mana into it. Even though Jeremy was frightened, he still also poured mana into that arrow.

It was unknown what kind of tree had been used to make this arrow, but it looked like it was made very roughly. There were only seven runes on top of it, just like a crude magic arrow.

But as a large amount of mana was poured into it, a cryptic mana fluctuation spread.

In a short time, close to a hundred more Dark Elves were killed by the Orachiss, and a dozen Dark Elves even took the initiative to rush into the Orachiss reach to be devoured, all to gain some time.

As the Orachiss pushed the few Dark Elf survivors to the edge of the Ash Cage, the runes on the black arrow flew out.

The seven runes carried formidable power, and the radiance turned into a barrier enveloping the Dark Elves.

All the Dark Elves disappeared when the Orachiss claw fell on it, and only the black arrow remained floating in midair.

Then, the black arrow, roused by the runes, charged into the ashen flames.

The power of the ashen flames kept colliding with the runes surrounding the black arrow, dimming the light of the runes.

By the time the black arrow rushed out of the ashen flames, it flew two hundred more meters before the runes dissipated. A barrier appeared there, and the missing Dark Elves reappeared.

Then, the black arrow turned to ashes, falling from the sky.

Lin Yuns group had already escaped a few hundred meters away when they turned and saw that scene.

Enderfa cursed with admiration while fuming, "Piercing Arrow, damn, these sl*ts actually have this kind of thing!"

Lin Yun hadnt seen what the Dark Elves had done, but he remembered information about it after hearing Enderfa.

The Piercing Arrow, a consumable Magic Tool. It was one of the most powerful arrows in the Elven arsenal.

It was rumored that the most powerful Heaven Archer of the Nesser Dynasty had used a top-notch Piercing Arrow with the Moon God Bow and was able to kill an enemy from fifty kilometers away.

The Piercing Arrow could also be used as a consumable Magic Tool. After activation, it could lead people to safety, travelling a dozen kilometers in a second.

As long as the power of the Piercing Arrow wasnt exhausted, it could lead a group over fifty kilometers away.

The Elves would usually hand Piercing Arrow to the most important youths of their clan. This was one of the major methods they used to keep them safe.

Unfortunately, the Orachiss ashen flames were too powerful, so going through the wall of flames consumed almost all its power. Otherwise, a small amount of mana would have been enough to carry these Dark Elves a few kilometers away.

After reappearing, the Dark Elves turned and saw the Ash Cage And they couldnt help feeling despair. The Piercing Arrow didnt take them far It was only able to get them out of the Ash Cage.

Having all its prey escape infuriated the Orachiss.

The Ash Cage exploded, and the countless ashen flames transformed into fist-sized balls of fire that rained down, covering an area with a one-kilometer radius from its original position.

The enraged Orachiss madly roared as it rushed out, its three heads releasing a large number of spells.

Fire, ice, flame, smoke The mixed power, along with the ashen flames, turned everything within a kilometer into hell.