End Of The Magic Era Chapter 656

Chapter 656 Escape


When he saw this, Lin Yun unhesitantly started escaping.

Then, an Ash Cage appeared in front, blocking Lin Yun and the Dark Elves on the edge of this leaf continent.

The Orachiss two snake heads started crazily casting spells. The intertwined ice and fire carried berserk and chaotic power.

But everyone paled as flames burned in the demonic heads eyes. The flames grew to be four meters tall, and the demonic heads mouth spat out black flaming demonic runes.

Each of them was emitting evil, chaotic, and apocalyptic auras as they fluttered in front of the Orachiss.

As these runes revolved, a huge change arose

The sky above their heads turned red, while the tree continent started fiercely shaking. The smell of sulfur assaulted their nostrils as one ball of flame after another fell from the sky.

Black lava started flowing on the floor


A loud sound echoed as a ball of lava exploded like an erupting volcano. The lava was spraying like a fountain as a large amount of poisonfire spread through the air.

Ominous, sinister, apocalyptic, disastrous

The entire area surrounding the Ash Cage was thoroughly destroyed, everything annihilated.

Lin Yuns expression changed as he recognized Apocalypse with a glance. But this Orachiss was clearly stronger than the last one, or perhaps it was better to say that this Orachiss demonic bloodline was more powerful!

Its control over this Apocalypse was very precise, and its casting speed was also faster. Even the Ash Cage that guided the Apocalypse hadnt disappeared.

Moreover, these two snake heads were still casting their spells.

Lin Yun took the Book of Death out, as well as the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras. At deaths door, he could only use both to the best of his ability.

The Demiplane was still too weak It could at most allow Lin Yun to avoid some deadly spells, but the consequences wouldnt be much better than death if he used the Demiplane to try to dodge this destructive spell

Apocalypses devastation would destroy everything, and that naturally included space. Even space would be torn to shreds, and any spatial coordinates remaining would be shattered.

Hiding in the Demiplane would mean being unable to return to Noscent. Without the coordinates and the Planar Path, the Demiplane would be a cage drifting aimlessly.

A matured Demiplane was powerful, but Lin Yuns Demiplane was far from reaching that realm.

Lin Yuns palms were sweating. He was using all his power to resist the spells from the snake heads while also resisting the Apocalypse that was slowly channeled over.

Fortunately, Apocalypse was a channeled spell. Unless it completely erupted, its power wasnt irresistible. But once the Apocalypse burst out, everyone would die.

Lin Yuns side could barely resist, but it was worse for the Dark Elves. Every few seconds, another Dark Elf would die. If not from the erupting lava, then from the toxins, or from falling into the lava directly.

There were even some that were set on fire by the ashes

Despair filled Jeremys face, and although he was still using defensive spells with all his power, he was growing weaker and weaker. Elsa looked more and more unwell. She was dispirited and listless, but she was still casting defensive spells.

Seeing that the Apocalypse would soon burst out and that the Ash Cage behind them had yet to dissipate, Syudos hurriedly rushed into the ashen flames.

Enderfas three faces kept changing expressions, showing impatience and worry.

"Merlin!" Enderfa shouted.

Sweat dripped down Lin Yuns forehead as he said with certainty, "When the casting of Apocalypse reaches the critical point, even a Heaven Rank Orachiss would be unable to maintain its Ash Cage, so this Orachiss definitely wont be able to!"

The casting was almost at a critical juncture, just about to erupt, but even though it was still in its channeling process, an apocalyptic scene was already happening in the Ash Cage.

Countless flames burned in the sky, and meteors with black trails kept raining down, leaving deep cracks in the ground. Countless fogs of poison emerged from the erupting lava. The elements were chaotic in the air, transforming into gales of Wind Blades and storms of raging flames.

With the spells from the snake heads added to it, it really felt like doomsday was near

Suddenly, the Orachiss snake heads stopped casting, and the Ash Cage collapsed.

At this moment, everyone in Lin Yuns group, who had already made their preparations, immediately jumped down from the leaf continent.

The Dark Elves didnt react as quickly. Only Elsa, Jeremy, and a bit over thirty Dark Elves jumped down promptly.

A fire attack followed behind the crowd, sweeping above their heads. Everything left on that leaf continent was annihilated.

They could even see some Dark Elves that jumped slightly too late get their upper bodies turned to ashes, with only their legs remaining.

When they were about to fall on the leaf below, Lin Yun quickly cast Featherfall on everyone.

They all raised their heads to look up after landing on a small platform. The leaf that had existed for such a long time was covered with fiery cracks.

From the lower platform, it looked as if the leaf was disintegrating. A large amount of lava was coursing down from it like a waterfall.

With a several-hundred-meter-tall black mushroom cloud that kept soaring up, the continent that spread for over ten kilometers thoroughly exploded.

Flames, poisonous fog, lightning, and meteors fell in all directions.

Lin Yun quickly led everyone to escape in the distance, his forehead covered in cold sweat. After all, that continent was a leaf of the Wisdom Tree!

Lin Yun clearly remembered that as long as the Wisdom Tree was alive, a top-notch Archmage would have to spend a lot of effort and energy just to get one leaf.

Although the ground of that leaf was made out of the fallen leaves of the Wisdom Tree, it wasnt too different.

Yet it was destroyed by the Orachiss just now

This wasnt just a little bit stronger than the previous Orachiss. This Orachiss demonic bloodline was unimaginably powerful! It was definitely a first-rate Abyssal Demon bloodline.

Lin Yun led everyone to escape, and the Dark Elves chose to flee in the same direction.

This time, the Dark Elves didnt care that they were outsiders. They were clearly far less of a threat than the Orachiss.

Although they fled in the same direction, they tacitly put a distance between them, as no one wanted to get too close to the other party. Fighting at such a time would get everyone killed.

They barely passed crossed this leaf when they saw a large amount of lava heavily landing on the small platform.


A loud sound echoed as cracks started appearing on that platform. These leaves that had remained there for countless years started to crack and the entire platform broke.

Countless leaves fell down. The Orachiss roared and rushed to chased everyone.

When he saw that Orachiss agilely run down the tree trunk, Lin Yuns face turned a bit green.

Although he saw that the Orachiss was stronger than the one he encountered before, he hadnt expected it to be so agile.

Seeing this Orachiss continuously jumping down the leaves while casting some spells to raise its own speed, Lin Yun knew that it must have spent a long time in this place, making it very familiar with the environment. The Orachiss, which was an expert at charging, had learnt how to nimbly jump and climb in this place.

Lin Yun glanced over and kept running while feeling depressed.

This was already the densest part of the Wisdom Trees leaves. The dense leaves and branches were entangled together, and the fallen leaves were piled up there and there, forming layers of independent worlds.

But some places had cracks that could be used to run upward, many of which would end up in dead ends.

Now, Lin Yun and the group of Dark Elves were rushing in panic, not having the luxury to choose their path carefully.

They were currently on a leaf continent that spanned twenty meters. On their right was a thick, mountain-like branch with not a single crack to go through.

On their left was the edge of the tree continent. It wasnt a cliff, but rather, it was separated by leaves of the Wisdom Tree. After running there, everyone discovered that the front was already sealed, while there was not a single crack on the left side.

They could only see wood a few kilometers away, and it was that branch

This was a dead end

They could only go back, but unfortunately, the Orachiss was crazily chasing after them. It was a few kilometers away, for now, but was still casting spells at them.

Sweat dripped down Lin Yuns forehead. Although there were still a few kilometers before theyd reach the center of that continent, they could see from the current circumstances that it was a dead end.

After chasing for such a long time, how could Lin Yun not keep running? He had no time to examine his surroundings. If they stopped just for an instant, they would be overtaken by the pursuing Orachiss. If they fell into the Ash Cage one more time, they wouldnt be able to escape as easily.

Enderfa fiercely stared at the Dark Elves not far from there. "These sl*ts are obviously natives of this place, yet they actually led us into a dead end"