End Of The Magic Era Chapter 658

Chapter 658 Night Valley


As a claw extended out of the Hell Gate, the Orachiss became furious. The relationship between the Abyss and Hell generally wasnt very good, and this was especially true for the Orachiss Their relationship with hellish lifeforms was utterly bad.

They would fight to their last breath when encountering hellish lifeforms, ready to pay any price to destroy them all.

While the Orachiss attention was on the Hell Gate, Lin Yun cast three more Askrim Gates in front of the Dark Elves to help protect them from the berserk spells.

Lin Yun then unhesitantly jumped into the teleportation array and disappeared

Hellish lifeforms werent anything good. Many mages used Hell Gates, but they usually only summoned lesser hellish lifeforms that they could control in order to research them. No one would try to use them as allies.

Because the overwhelming majority of summoned hellish lifeforms would first try to get rid of the mage that summoned them. Only by enslaving them would it be possible to get them to aid one in battle.

Thus, even if Lin Yun knew of the deadly enmity between Orachisses and hellish lifeforms, he didnt dare to use a Hell Gate in battle.

But it was different now. After going through the teleportation array, the battle that went on between them would have nothing to do with Lin Yun.

Furthermore, Lin Yun had put a lot of mana into this Hell Gate, but he had no clue what he had summoned.

The Dark Elves welcomed the breather that Lin Yun created for them. Without the suppression from the Orachiss spells, and with the activated teleportation array near them, the Dark Elves didnt even need to think about what to do as they crazily rushed into the teleportation array.

Light flickered as all the Dark Elves disappeared into the teleportation array, while the Orachiss was fiercely raining spells down on the Hell Gate on the other side.

On a dark leaf continent, a teleportation array carved on a branch of the Wisdom Tree slowly lit up. With a burst of light, Enderfa and the others came out of it.

They were followed moments later by Lin Yun.

And the first thing Lin Yun did after coming out of that teleportation array was to release a few dozen Mage Eyes to scout the surroundings.

After making sure that there was no danger near them, he relaxed a bit. Xiuban sat on the ground and massaged his aching arms, while Zeuss smiled bitterly as he started recovering his mana.

Less than ten seconds later, the array lit up once more, and the Dark Elves came out.

After barely surviving that disaster and seeing Lin Yun again, the gazes of these Dark Elves no longer had any hostility. Not a single one of them could deny that if that young human hadnt cracked that teleportation array and released those defensive walls at the last moment, none of them would have had the opportunity to survive.

It was actually Enderfa that suddenly became alert after seeing these Dark Elves. He readied the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel to guard against a possible sneak attack.

Lin Yun gestured at Enderfa and didnt bother with the Dark Elves. He had casually saved them just now. He wasnt afraid that they would cross him.

With Elsa and Jeremy included, there were only a dozen Dark Elves still alive, most of whom were completely out of mana and barely standing.

Lin Yun ignored them and turned to look at the surroundings some more.

This was like a sealed word. Leaves and branches of the Wisdom Tree were covering the sky, blocking all the light from outside. Only some fluorescent vegetation was illuminating the interior with some faint light.

Ahead of them was a quiet valley with unknown depths. Both sides of the valley had sheer cliffs.

After turning around, they only saw a dead end. There was nothing besides that bright teleportation array.

A strange and deathly silent aura came from the valley, and there seemed to be a faint whimpering coming from it.

Lin Yun used Detect Life and Detect Undead, but neither of them sensed anything.

That strange feeling made them uncomfortable.

Lin Yun cast Mage Eyes to examine the valleys environment when Jeremy suddenly screamed, "Heavens, this is the Night Valley!"

He then pointed at Lin Yun with an angry look and yelled, "Its all your fault, you vile outsider! It wasnt enough to bury our people, but you also led us to this place, you"

Lin Yun frowned and sneered, "Fool, I didnt force you to follow me! If you so wish, the teleportation array behind you has yet to close. You can go back, Im sure the Orachiss will definitely welcome you. Moreover, pointing at me isnt something that anyone can do!"

The angry-looking Jeremy was somewhat puzzled as he saw a vivid and lifelike hand appear in front of his finger before grabbing it and bending it at a strange angle.

"Aaah!" Jeremy screamed. A magic pattern on his body starting to shine.

Enderfa floated in the air with an evil grin on his three faces as he was ready to make a move.The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel was slowly rotating

Xiuban stood up and bared his teeth, lifting Carnage. Even Zeuss held his magic staff as he calmly looked at the dozen Dark Elves in front of him.

The fight could be triggered at any moment, when suddenly, Elsas hand pressed on Jeremys shoulder and pulled him back.

"Jeremy! Shut up!" the frail Elsa shouted.

Pain and fury flashed on Jeremys face. He was about to say something, when Elsa icily cut him off. "You can go back if you wish!"

Jeremy opened his mouth, but as he recalled the terror of the Orachiss, he stopped himself.

Elsa turned her head and looked at Lin Yun with exhaustion. "Formidable Sir Mage, let me first express our thanks for the rescue. I was hot-headed before, and I apologize. Our losses are to be blamed on my recklessness"

Elsa looked very depressed. Close to a thousand Dark Elves had died, with only a dozen remaining. This loss couldnt be described as just heavy

Had it not been for her impulsively attacking, they wouldnt have drawn the Orachiss over.

"Please pardon Jeremys offense. This place is the Night Valley and could be compared to the Orachiss in terms of danger."

Enderfa floated to Xiubans side and softly whispered, "Xiuban, let me tell you something. These sl*ts wont understand your words unless you beat fear into them."

Xiuban was puzzled He didnt understand why Enderfa was telling him that.

Lin Yun waved his arm, seeming to indicate for Elsa to continue speaking.

"In our clans legends, the Night Valley is a forbidden area. Clansmen are forbidden from coming here, forbidden to even approach it. This place is very strange, as just approaching it could get you lost inside it, unable to ever come out.

"Every so often, a clansman disappears here, never to return. No one knows if these people are dead or alive. Even formidable magic beasts are never seen again after entering this place. This strangeness is why there are no magic beasts in its vicinity

"Once, when my mother was being chased by enemies, a warrior of our clan sacrificed her life. She disguised herself as my mother and lured that group of enemies to the Night Valley, and they were never heard from again"

Hearing this, Lin Yun frowned. When he looked around, he had already gotten a strange feeling about this place, but he hadnt expected it to be to this degree. Even a powerful magic beasts den wouldnt be this silent. What kind of thing was here?

If Elsas words were true, then it was as dangerous as the Orachiss

"Has anyone ever come out alive?" Lin Yun asked with a frown.

Elsas face slightly regained some color. "There was! There once was a powerful mage that reached the Heaven Rank in our clan. While chasing a magic beast, he inadvertently came here and managed to leave the Night Canyon alive, even drawing a simple map of the Night Valley! The way out is"

"Whats the problem?" Lin Yun knew that it definitely wouldnt be this simple. If there was a path and a map that could easily let them escape, then this Night Valley wouldnt be so dangerous.

Sure enough, Elsa continued in an uncertain manner.

"There is a map, and I once curiously looked at it. But that formidable mage was suffering from a terrifying injury when he came back to the clan. After hastily drawing a simple map and adding some clues, he went insane. No one knows what kind of thing is inside, nor what he experienced, but after going crazy, he kept shouting all day to never approach the Night Valley"

"And the exit that he marked is in the depths of the Night Valley"

Lin Yun massaged his temples. Things were never easy Detect Life hadnt detected the aura of life, while Detect Undead didnt find any trace of the Undead, so what was in the Night Valley?

He was getting a headache thinking about it, but they couldnt go back the way they came here.

Fortunately, this array was only three to four meters wide. No matter how much it squeezed, the Orachiss would never fit inside.