End Of The Magic Era Chapter 659

Chapter 659 Magic Pattern


The Orachiss on the other side of the array was definitely enraged, especially after the Hell Gate was summoned.

Returning at this time would result in certain death.

"Lets go."

Although the Night Valley was strange, there was some hope that they could return alive through here, while the path behind them would absolutely lead to death. Lin Yun thought for a moment and decided to press onward.

The relationship with the Dark Elves had changed from being hostile to temporarily cooperating. Elsa was very wise and knew that they would only have hope if they followed Lin Yun. Their only asset was that they knew the map and the rough location of the exit.

The Night Valley was long and narrow, so maps didnt really have too much use. It would be enough to just continue forward, and they would eventually find the location of the exit.

The group rested at the entrance of the Night Valley, and once everyone had recovered their mana, they finally entered it.

After going in, Lin Yun clearly felt a strange aura permeating the air, but he couldnt put his finger on what that feeling was. He only felt that it was very evil. There was a layer of black clouds above his head, and the light of those fluorescent plants had dimmed.

Even the surrounding plants would be extremely sinister and monstrous. Some trees even had distorted human faces, and there were black flowers that looked like mournful heads of magic beasts.

The atmosphere was strange and deathly quiet, without the slightest hint of wind. Their footsteps were echoing like drums in this place, and their heartbeats could be heard from several meters away.

Lin Yun kept casting Mage Eyes, but the only things he saw in this desolate area were the remains of fallen leaves, forming the black soil. This soil made of leaves of the Wisdom Tree might possibly be the most fertile soil in the world.

Almost any plants could grow there, but as far as his Mage Eyes could see, let alone magic plants and plant-type magic beasts, there wasnt even any Moonlight Grass. Only some sinister-looking ordinary plants were growing here and there.

Suddenly, a Mage Eye flying ahead shattered. Lin Yun instantly waved his hand to motion for everyone to stop.

He summoned three Rock Puppets and had them walk forward.

After walking for over a hundred meters, one Rock Puppet seemed to have fallen into a pitfall, instantly sinking into the ground and disappearing. Less than a second later, Lin Yun lost his connection to that Rock Puppet.

Three seconds later, the 2nd Rocket Puppet also started sinking into the ground, apparently pulled down by something.

Lin Yun controlled the Rock Puppet to punch its fist into the earth. The next instant, a thick Earth Spike came out of the ground and impaled the Rock Puppet, leaving it hanging in midair.

Before the 3rd Rock Puppet met an issue, Lin Yun controlled it to frantically attack the ground.

Sure enough, after a few seconds, ripples appeared in the soil as black mud rushed out from the ground. Then, the mud changed into a person.

The human-shaped mud waved in the direction of the Rock Puppet and over a dozen one-meter long Wind Blades rushed out, instantly dismembering the puppet.

Slowly, the mud took shape of a vivid and lifelike Elf. After the mud was slowly removed, the appearance of a lifeless Dark Elf could be seen.

The appearance of that Dark Elf seemed to have set off chain reactions. Ripples started appearing on the black soil as pitch-black mounds of mud started taking the shape of people.

These Dark Elves appeared one after another as the mud shed off of each of them.

And behind them, even more mud started bubbling. In less than ten seconds, over three hundred Dark Elves had appeared, most of which had the power of 1st or 2nd Rank Archmages. Only a few among them were 4th or 5th Rank Archmages.

All the Dark Elves looked strange Their eyes were pure grey, the sclera included, without any spark of life in them.

Everyone there felt creeped out.

Lin Yun used Detect Life, but there was no result.

He then cast Detect Undead, but they apparently werent Undead.

"What the hell are these monsters? They arent alive, and they arent Undead! Are they some sort of living dead?!"

Lin Yun frowned, feeling quite annoyed. Especially since that strange feeling from earlier strengthened after the appearance of these Dark Elves.

A battle could break out at any moment. One of those Dark Elves raised his hand, and the magic pattern on his upper arm shone, causing a Dark Arrow to appear and fly towards Lin Yuns group.

The rest of these Living Dead all started casting, and all sorts of magic patterns were activated, firing many different spells at Lin Yuns group.

Dark Arrow, Wind Blades, Fire Tornado, Hailstorm

All kinds of spells were cast in a brainless manner. These Living Dead remained still, constantly casting spells.

Lin Yun raised his Draconic Staff and a light flashed. A blue Fireball that was dragging a long blue trail behind it fell in the center of those Living Dead.


A fierce explosion echoed.

These Living Dead were blown to pieces.

After the pieces of corpses fell to the ground, they turned into black mud and merged with the soil. Shortly afterwards, the black mud bubbled out and turned into Dark Elves once again.

This group of tireless and crazily casting Dark Elves apparently didnt know what defense or evasion were.

In less than ten seconds, over a hundred of those Dark Elves were exterminated.

But in less than three seconds, black mud surged out of the floor, forming them yet again.

And even more of them appeared. Their numbers kept increasing, and now, there were already over five hundred of those Dark Elves.

After killing these five hundred Dark Elves twice, everyone felt their scalp explode.

Lin Yun felt goosebumps. These brainless Dark Elves werent defending at all. They just kept frantically casting spells and reviving after they died.

Not worrying about the consumption, not worrying about the defense, and not worrying about death. All their power was used in their reckless casting, suppressing their opponents with the endless flood of spells.

Everyone understood that if it continued, they would eventually die after being exhausted.

At this time, Elsa seemed to have seen something, which made her exclaim, "Uncle Clark!"

One of the Dark Elves in the distance was quite conspicuous. He was holding a vine staff and wearing a pointy hat, and he had a long beard that reached his chest.

Moreover, he was an 8th Rank Archmage. From his aura alone, he felt closer to a 9th Rank Archmage!

Lin Yun had a headache An 8th Rank Archmage that was unafraid of death, with no need to defend or move Such a foe would bring pressure comparable to a 9th Rank Archmage.

But Lin Yun saw deep fear in Elsas eyes, and his heart skipped a beat.

"What is it?"

Elsas voice was trembling as she explained, "He once was the leader of my mothers personal guards and had vanished after inadvertently coming here. I never expected to see him again

"Uncle Clark once had a very fortuitous encounter, and after passing a test established by the former generation, he obtained a magic pattern spell slot for an Ultimate 6th Tier Fire Spell.

Hearing this, Lin Yuns expression slightly changed.

Damn, its too troublesome

How could Lin Yun not know what magic pattern spell slots were!?

This was an overpowered trick of the Dark Elves!

After gaining a complete understanding of spells, Dark Elves would form an ultimate magic pattern and could use it to cast that spell. Using that magic pattern would allow the instant cast of an Ultimate Spell, which could already be rated as terrifying.

But some powerful Dark Elves who had deeply researched and comprehended a spell could pass their magic pattern on as an inherited Magic Tool!

After going through a trial set up by the Elders, that ultimate magic pattern could become an ultimate magic pattern on the body of their successor.

And after the inheritance, this ultimate magic pattern would undergo a transformation. The original spell would disappear to turn into a pure ultimate magic patterns spell slot.

For example, if a 6th Tier Fire God Spear ultimate magic pattern was passed as an inheritance, it would transform into an ultimate magic pattern spell slot, and the Dark Elf wouldnt be limited to the Fire God Spear!

Rather, any 6th Tier fire spell could be used in that slot!

This would allow any 6th Tier fire spell to reach the power of an 8th Tier Spell. The characteristic of Ultimate Spells made them display the power that ordinary spells couldnt.

The power that an Ultimate 6th Tier Spell displayed would definitely exceed most 8th Tier Spells!