End Of The Magic Era Chapter 660

Chapter 660 Dont Be Impulsive


Archmages could use 7th and 8th Tier Spells, but to use an 8th Tier Spell in battle, they needed to be at least at the 9th Rank of the Archmage realm.

And most 9th Rank Archmages didnt have the ability to use an 8th Tier Spell in battle. To have such a capability, one would have to be on the level of Star Sage Jouyi.

Similarly, comprehending a 6th Tier Ultimate Spell was only possible for those on the same level as Star Sage Jouyi, those with one step in the Heaven realm!

As for Archmages under Star Sage Jouyis level, they had a very low chance of understanding a 6th Tier Ultimate Spell. Such a figure might not appear within ten thousand years.

Lin Yun looked at the old Dark Elf in the distance and had a headache.

Damnit, this is too much Fire spells are among the most powerful types of spells, and that guy has a 6th Rank ultimate magic pattern spell slot Who knows what spells he will use?

Without knowing what spells the other side would use, blocking that 6th Tier Ultimate Spell was almost impossible.

8th Tier Spell Aaah"

Lin Yuns heart shook. The difference between 7th Tier Spells and 8th Tier Spells was like the difference between 1st Rank Archmages and 9th Rank Archmages.

Lin Yun could very easily take on 7th Tier Spells, even a few of the 7th Tier Spells cast by the Orachiss. But 8th Tier Spells? No way

That was something that already overpowered technique, control, and magic.

Just like the Apocalypse Spell the Orachiss had cast. That was an 8th Tier Spell

The power could be rated as heaven-defying. It couldnt be blocked by spells, and neither could it be dodged. It was a dead end.

He definitely couldnt let that 6th Tier Ultimate Spell be cast!

But then, Lin Yun suddenly saw Clark stop casting his spell, and a flaming magic pattern on his forehead slowly shone.

A rich aura of fire soared as the thickness and activity of fire elements in the air increased at a quick pace.

Lin Yun used his Magic Array to study a wisp of the aura and instantly deduced the outcome.

This was a 6th Tier Ultimate Fire Spell.

The few hundred Dark Elves in the front were still crazily casting, suppressing everyone on the spot. They were simply unable to break through. If Clarke wasnt interrupted, they would all perish

"Quick! Interrupt him! Or we are all dead!" Elsa screeched with an alarmed voice as she couldnt remain calm. She cast all of her spells at Clark, regardless of their consumption.

Enderfa, the puppet, Lin Yun, and everyone crazily cast spells at Clark.

But all the spells were intercepted halfway. Those Living Dead squeezed their magic patterns, unafraid of death, and with the few hundred of them, the power and quantity of spells were comparable to a thousand Dark Elves going all-out

Not a single spell landed on Clark.

The ultimate magic pattern spell slot that Clark inherited wasnt his own, after all. Without comprehending it, he couldnt instant-cast that spell. All his power was used to rouse the ultimate magic pattern, which couldnt be done while defending.

But even so, the time required to release a 6th Tier Ultimate Spell was far less than the time needed to cast an 8th Tier Spell

He didnt have the restriction of casting normally and didnt need to spend so much effort on comprehension. Also, spells like Counterspell had no effect on him because it was cast through a magic pattern.

The only way to stop it was to kill Clark before he finished casting!

That was the only way they could interrupt that 6th Tier Ultimate Spell!

After two seconds, Lin Yun calculated that with their current power, they wouldnt be able to kill him before he finished casting.

Lin Yun had a gloomy expression as he instantly disappeared.

In the Demiplane, Lin Yun calmly appeared before the two Ancestor Souls

The Three-Eyed Secret Wolf was yawning on a huge rock, an impatient expression on his face.

Under the rock, Cooper and Galekuch were still kneeling in worship, continuously praising and revering the Wolf God. The Ox Beastman, Cooper, had a pious expression on his face as he continuously repeated the same words.

On the other side, Galekuch was clearly smarter. While remaining respectful, he kept using all kinds of conditions to try to entice the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf. He was even using a lot of words to try to brainwash him, wanting to change the mind of the little wolf.

Unfortunately, it was of no use. Although the little guy wasnt attacking them, he didnt have a good attitude towards them.

These two Ancestor Souls knew of the small wolfs interest in mana crystals, but they didnt even have a level 1 mana crystal. They were poor, and words didnt work.

There was no such thing as a magic beast in this demiplane, and even if hunting for mana crystals was a possibility, there were actually a lot of mana crystals in that mana pond.

Unfortunately, the little wolf had no interest in those.

Also, Lin Yun had already stated that every single thing in this place was his. Not asking them to pay for living there was already nice enough, so they didnt dare to cause trouble, afraid that Lin Yun would become hostile and kick them out.

Lin Yun suddenly appeared, his body still emitting fierce mana fluctuations, showing that he was clearly in a battle.

The impatient little wolfs eyes shone, and he instantly rushed into Lin Yuns embrace, his claws skillfully probing their way into a pocket.

After getting hold of two level 25 mana crystals, the small wolf was beaming with joy as he crouched on Lin Yuns shoulder, nibbling on one of them.

This scene made the two Ancestor Souls lament. They had been racking their brains to brainwash the little wolf for over a month. But after so long, their efforts couldnt even compare to Lin Yuns two mana crystals.

Lin Yun ignored the little wolf, and still frowning, he didnt beat around the bush as he told the two Ancestor Souls, "I met a very troublesome opponent and I need your assistance."

Two streams of smoke came out of Coopers nostrils as he rebuked, "We are busy! We are attending to the Wolf God. Dont disturb us! It would be best if you died because when you die, our honorable Wolf God will be completely free!"

Cooper glared at Lin Yun. He had no intention to help Lin Yun, and he even directly spoke his thoughts. The honorable Wolf God becoming a pet was something he couldnt accept. But that human was no pushover, and the Wolf God was standing over there, so attacking him was definitely out of the question.

But if someone else got rid of him, Cooper definitely would cheer from the side.

Lin Yun ignored the stubborn Cooper and turned towards Galekuch.

Galekuch had an awkward expression on his face. "We previously came to an agreement that we would only attend to the Wolf God. We dont care about the rest. We arent your enemies, but we also arent taking orders from you, those are the conditions of our previous agreement!"

Galekuch flatly reminded him of this, saying that they wouldnt lend a hand.

Cooper sneered and shrugged before adding, "Die fast! You should hurry up and get killed!"

The situation outside was extremely dangerous, so how could Lin Yun have time to discuss conditions with these two Ancestor Souls? He lifted the small wolf by the neck and carried him in his embrace, sneering as he looked at the two Ancestor Souls.

"Okay, you guys dont have to help me. But the little wolf lives in my place, and his food and drinks are mine. As my pet, when the master comes across danger, it is normal for him to help me, what do you think? You can face death with your loved ones, right? Its a 6th Tier ultimate magic pattern spell slot, after all. At least the small wolf and I will die together!"

After saying this, Lin Yun opened the Demiplane and already started putting one foot through the Planar Path.

Hearing Lin Yuns words, the two Ancestor Souls eyes burst with fright and they unhesitantly blocked Lin Yuns path.

Cooper recalled his big totem and looked at Lin Yuns with red eyes.

"Stupid Human! Put down the Wolf God or Ill break all your bones today!"

Galekuch held his Lightning Staff, but he was clearly smarter, as he instantly understood. If Lin Yun wanted to leave the Demiplane like that, he would instantly leave. He didnt need to open his Planar Path He was clearly forcing their hands.

But he also saw the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf nestled in Lin Yuns embrace baring his fangs, very much in favor of following Lin Yun. He had an expression saying that whoever harmed his master would be put to death with his own fangs.

Coopers hands kept smacking the totem, getting angrier and angrier, almost going berserk. He obviously wanted to attack, but he was scared of injuring the Wolf God. He needed to stop the Wolf God from taking risks, but he couldnt find a way with his stiff brain, so he could only irritably slam his totem.

Galekuch noticed Lin Yuns frown and knew that he must have met great trouble, so he pulled Cooper back and immediately waved at Lin Yun.

"Dont be impulsive! Ill help you, so put down the Wolf God, Ill help!"

Galekuch was scared witless. He knew that Lin Yun was manipulating him, but he didnt dare to gamble or even delay. Who knew if Lin Yun would suddenly change his mind and take the Wolf God out the next second?

Especially since he heard Lin Yuns words. Galekuch couldnt afford that bet A 6th Tier ultimate magic pattern spell slot Against this kind of thing, let alone Lin Yun, even the Ancestor Souls with their almost undying bodies might not be able to survive. If the Wolf God went out, he would definitely not come back

Lin Yun stuffed a mana crystal in the little wolfs mouth and threw the little wolf out before leaving the Demiplane.

Galekuch immediately followed. After seeing the situation, Galekuch was startled, especially when he looked at Clark casting that 6th Tier Ultimate Spell.