End Of The Magic Era Chapter 662

Chapter 662 Illusion


Even in the face of a large-scale attack by the Undead, he led a large group of Beastman Shamans to intercept them in order to protect the people in the back. With the aid of those other Beastman Shamans, he used his life and power in order to chant a Soul Suppressing Song, getting rid of over 200,000 of the Undead at once!

Lin Yun hadnt expected his soul to actually attach itself to the Ancestor Totem.

But thinking of Galekuchs contributions to the Beastman race, there had to be many Beastmen that worshiped him. Having so much power as an Ancestor Soul was quite normal, and at his peak, he might have been only a step away from the Heaven Rank.

Lin Yun couldnt help exclaiming in admiration. This really was a Beastman Shaman worth respecting.

Galekuch, when hearing Lin Yuns reaction, wasnt the least bit happy. It looked like the song he had just sung brought back unhappy memories.

"This isnt a Soul Suppressing Song, it is a Memorial Song," Galekuch quietly said.

He then turned and went back to the Demiplane.

Lin Yun closed the entrance to the Demiplane, not caring about the two Ancestor Souls renewed attempts to brainwash the young wolf. He owed a big favor the Galekuch this time. It wouldnt have been easy for Lin Yun to handle such a situation. Besides forcibly resisting, he didnt have a lot of methods.

He was still wondering what Coopers identity was. Being able to stand next to the Legendary Shaman Galekuch Warren, Cooper definitely shouldnt be a nameless nobody.

Unfortunately, there were a lot more famous fighters than Shamans, and there were naturally more among the Ox Beastmen since they were physically stronger. Lin Yun couldnt guess what Coopers family name was, especially since the names of different Beastmen usually werent too different. There were even seven or eight Beastman powerhouses with the same name recorded in history.

The deadly battle just now made everyone collapse, especially the Dark Elves. They were all sitting on the ground, clearly exhausted.

Half of the Molten Hearts mana had been used by Enderfa, and Reina was also gasping for air. Casting spells so intensely for a prolonged period of time was very hard, even for a Dragon.

The spells cast by the puppet started weakening due to the Hydra Heart being unable to keep up with the mana output.

The weakest, Zeuss, had already swallowed a few mana potions to recover his mana.

The group spent some time to regain their mana until everyone had more or less recovered.

As their side rested, Jeremy angrily rushed towards Lin Yun.

"Outsider, I saw through your malicious intentions! You are definitely under the control of that evil existence and want us to throw away our lives in the depths of the Night Canyon!" Jeremys eyes were filled with fear as he recalled those Dark Elves that had become the Living Dead. That fear came from the depths of his soul and was gnawing at him from inside.

Jeremy had already lost all reason, and Lin Yun, who had always been walking in the front, had naturally become the person of choice for him to vent his fear

Lin Yuns expression turned cold.

"F*ck off then!"

Elsa promptly grabbed the irrational Jeremy and pulled him back.

"What kind of bullsh*t are you talking about!? Its clearly written in the records of our clan that to leave the Night Valley, we can only go through its depths! Thats the only way out!"

Jeremy still wanted to say something but was forced back by Elsa.

Then, Elsa bitterly smiled at Lin Yun and apologized. "Im really sorry, Jeremy saw the miserable condition of our fellow Dark Elves and it was hard on him"

Lin Yun waved his hand to stop Elsa and sneered, "Ill only say this once. Whoever doesnt want to follow can leave immediately, but whoever tries to put the blame on us Well, you cant blame me for not warning you!"

Elsa bitterly smiled, she was the only able to see it. Although Lin Yun generally spoke politely, he wouldnt hesitate to be ruthless when he attacked.

Soon, everyone was on the way, but this time, they were all on alert.

The speed at which they advanced had become very slow because Lin Yun kept ten Rock Puppet in a formation as pathfinders.

After a bit over a kilometer, the black land ahead of them turned into a quagmire. Nothing could be seen from its surface. Even the extraordinarily strong Rock Puppet couldnt struggle free. Three seconds later, it was swallowed into the ground and Lin Yun could no longer sense it.

Everyone looked as if they had encountered a huge enemy, but nothing appeared. After probing twice, he cast Levitation on two Rock Puppets and had them float over the quagmire.

Nothing came out of the ground when he did it twice.

At that time, Lin Yun was sure that there were no enemies underneath and that it was only a relatively well-hidden swamp.

Everyone began carefully walking through the quagmire, but before they got far, they saw a weed-like plant that instantly gathered together into a big maw like a carnivorous plant, swallowing over half of a Rock Puppet.

Sounds came from the inside of the plant, and after a few seconds, over half of the Rock Puppets body fell down due to corrosion.

Everyone felt a chill when they saw that.

And the further they walked, the quieter it became. This place was filled with the aura of death, as if the air had already died and wasnt even flowing.

Even as they walked past, they didnt create any airflow

But even so, they could still faintly hear some faint whisper-like sounds similar to ghastly laughter.

Occasionally, they would meet some magic beasts that had been turned into the Living Dead, or Dark Elves, or even some other races.

But these lifeforms were devoid of expression.

The most formidable enemy they met was level 37, which was far less threatening than Clark.

Every time, they would quickly take care of these Living Dead, but no one felt relaxed.

After going through half of the ravine, Lin Yun suddenly frowned. He inquired in a low voice, "Did you feel it? My mana suddenly became a bit chaotic"

As soon as Lin Yun said that, Zeuss answered with a shocked expression, "You feel that too? I feel my mana constantly fluctuating, and I cant calm it down!"

Lin Yun looked at the others and confirmed that everyone had the same feeling.

The aura in the air was getting thicker and thicker, and even a wisp of power would silently affect them. They all felt that they couldnt calm their mana even though they werent fighting. It seemed that there was a wisp of some sort of power corroding their mana.

Sure enough, the deeper they went, the more out-of-control their mana got. Ultimately, everyone had to consciously suppress their mana.

After a while, a few Dark Elves suddenly appeared in front of them, followed by various kinds of magic beasts and even some Abyssal Demons

The appearance of those Demons with long, sharp horns caused Lin Yuns mana to start surging from his body. In a split second, Lin Yun was ready to fight.

But then, something appeared in the sky. A Bone Frost Dragon wordlessly flew over, its eye sockets burning with soul fires that attentively watched the crowd underneath.

"Wait!" Just as the nervous group was about to start fighting, Lin Yun suddenly frowned and shouted.

He cast Detect Life and Detect Undead, but he got no results from the ten meters ahead of him.

"Its an illusion"

Lin Yun had seen no flaw with the silent appearance of those magic beasts and Dark Elves because they looked like the Living Dead with their lifeless eyes.

But these long-horned Reapers had malicious gazes, and the black smoke around their bodies was perfectly imitated.

Unfortunately, Lin Yun clearly knew that the biggest hobby of Reapers was cutting down the heads of all living creatures. This was a kind of instinct deep within their blood. The cruel Reapers killing addiction was something that even Demon Overlords couldnt force them to suppress.

During Abyssal Wars, armies made up of Reapers would never be among other Demons, because once the war started, Reapers would recklessly behead anyone without distinction.

It was to the point that when they lost their minds, Reapers could also duel each other. The victor would not only behead his opponent, but he would also take the skull collection of the other side.

Because the number and the rank of the heads were the wealth of Reapers, the things that they used for worship, sacrifice and transactions were the heads of all kinds of lifeforms.

These Reapers were obviously not the Living Dead, so how could they let those heads go?

As for that Bone Frost Dragon, there was an even bigger flaw

It was too peaceful, to the point where it didnt even have the aura of death.

Bone Frost Dragons were Dragons that had become Higher Undead after death, and the weakest would be at level 39. Most Bone Frost Dragons were at the Heaven Rank

Even Reinas father, if he became one of the Undead, would definitely become a Heaven Rank Bone Frost Dragon. As for Reina, she wasnt qualified to become a Bone Frost Dragon after death.

Such a powerful monster had wordlessly appeared out of nowhere, and it didnt make a single sound after appearing. This was definitely impossible!

Hearing Lin Yun say that this was an illusion, everyone was relieved. The Dark Elves were ready to move forward again.

But Lin Yun controlled the Rock Puppet to move towards those illusions with a serious expression on his face.