End Of The Magic Era Chapter 663

Chapter 663 Lesson


Unsurprisingly, those lifelike illusions didnt move at all. The Rock Puppet went through the Reapers bodies, but suddenly, Lin Yun lost contact with that Rock Puppet.

Everyone could see the Rock Puppets body being split in two, a thin black crack in between the two halves.

"Damn, a spatial crack!" Enderfa let out an alarmed shout.

Those Dark Elves pale complexion turned pale blue, they were terrified.

Lin Yun was sweating, this was really a strange place, the silence made everyone scared, and there was such a sinister trap left!

There had been a large amount of illusions, first the Dark Elves, then magic beasts, followed by the Reapers

In all fairness, with Lin Yuns group power, their first instinct wouldnt be to run, but to kill their way in.

Had it not been for the pathfinder Rock Puppets going ahead of the others, by the time Lin Yuns group walked over, they would have ended being shocked by the Bone Dragon.

They would have doubtless started a battle!

But who knew which monster was fake and which one was real. If a spell hit one of the spatial cracks behind the illusions, the surge of mana might have warped them.

If spatial cracks roused by mana collided against each other in this narrow path, it might create a chaotic space, possibly even triggering a spatial storm.

Even Heaven Rank powerhouse would want to avoid sharp spatial storms. If it came to it, this two-kilometers wide area would end up razed to the ground

Cold sweat was dripping down Lin Yuns forehead. He summoned a few more Rock Puppets and had them form a wall, before using them to figure out a safe path.

These spatial cracks were as thin as hair, as if they had been forcibly stretched there. It was such a sinister trap, not to mention, the area was extremely dark, discerning the black of the spatial cracks in this darkness was impossible!

Even probing spells wouldnt work, they could only rely on that simplistic method to find a safe path.


A sharp noise echoed as one Rock Puppet was suddenly split in two.

Seeing this scene, the Dark Elves legs started shaking. Even Xiuban, this thick-skinned Beastman was sweating profusely.

After summoning a few dozen Rock Puppets and having them walk through every single meter of that area, all the spatial cracks had been discovered. At that time, Lin Yun looked at the Dark Elves.

Jeremy immediately hurried to say, "You go first."

Lin Yun sneered with disdain.

Enderfa rebuked, "Are tricks needed to get rid of a small fry like you?"

Lin Yun let this go and cautiously led everyone through this quagmire.

After passing through the pitfall, Lin Yun felt his back being soaked from cold sweat, and mocking laughters seemed to be echoing beside his ears. Those illusions were still grinning grimly from the quagmire. It was unknown what they were laughing at, but it had no effect on Lin Yuns heart

Lin Yuns group moved out first while Elsa and the Dark Elves safely came out a bit later. Jeremy gloomily looked at Lin Yun, sweating buckets. He regretted letting Lin Yun come here first. If Lin Yun did anything there, it would be too easy for him to die.

After uncomfortably passing through this pitfall, Jeremy limply walked on the ground and gasped for air, his eyes slightly unfocused.

Lin Yun ignored Jeremy and turned to look at the spacious area. This was already the depths of the Night Valley.

The depths of the long and narrow valley were still pitch-black and couldnt be seen clearly. Even the released Mage Eyes slowly lost contact after flying for a few hundred meters, apparently swallowed by this gloomy darkness.

Their movement speed had greatly slowed.

They were all moving forward one step after the other, their mana becoming even more chaotic, more and more illusions continuously appearing. There was even a force silently influencing their mind, making everyone see different illusions.

"Thud thud"

"Thud thud"

After walking a bit more, everyone used Spirit Defenses, but Lin Yun felt something different. The whispers in his ears seemed to be pulsating like a heartbeat, moreover, the sound was becoming louder and louder.

It was faintly discernible from the start, but only now did Lin Yun discovered that this sound wasnt a hallucination

Feeling that drum-like oppressive heartbeat, Lin Yun felt the mumbling in his ears becoming clearer and clearer, as if a formless power kept infiltrating his mind, making him have some kind of urging desire.

At this time, Lin Yun released eight Spirit Defenses, his complexion very red, his heart crazily speeding up, as if it was about to explode.

Lin Yun gasped for air, immediately watching the others with flushed complexions. They all looked towards the depths of the Night Valley, stretching their hands as if they wanted to grab something.

Lin Yun continuously used Spirit Defenses on everyone while loudly shouting, using a Wake Spell.

The invisible soundwaves passed through everyones ears, making them feel as if their brain was about to explode.

Invisible power pierced through everyones ears, it was as if they had just recovered from a dream.

But Xiuban suddenly roared and swung his Carnage to attack the surroundings.

"Syudos! Your uncle Xiuban isnt scared of you! Come die, your uncle has already reached the point where he cant be killed!"

Xiubans eyes were completely red, his chest heaving up and down, his heartbeat loudly echoing. The heavy heartbeat was synchronized with that sound.

Carnage was displaying terrifying power in Xiubans hands, the forceful momentum turned into a whirlwind in this deathly silent place. The floor shook as Carnage hit the floor.

The completely unguarded puppet was smashed head-on, flying out several dozen meters after taking Xiubans blow.

Those Dark Elves looked at Xiuban with fear, promptly retreating. At this time, they realized how frightening that Beastman, that they had never put in their eyes, was.

Lin Yun frowned, and a blue Fireball exploded on Xiubans body.

"Boom boom"

Two explosions echoed as Xiuban was sent flying. But before he fell to the ground, Lin Yun sent Syudos over.

Syudos transformed into a Flame Shackles and coiled around Xiubans body, suspending him in midair. Moreover, a flaming whip lashed at Xiubans body.

After a few lashes, Xiuban, who had been influenced by that sinister power woke up while screaming.

"Sir Syudos, I wouldnt dare! Sir Merlin, quick, stop him"

Sure enough, it might be better to have Syudos beat Xiuban up than using Spirit Defenses on him

Only a few lashes had already triggered his instincts and immediately pulled Xiuban back from the land of illusion.

Lin Yun waved his hand and had Syudos threw Xiuban down.

After standing up, Xiuban apprehensively looked at Lin Yun, apparently wanting to say something, but Lin Yun stopped him.

Xiuban sighed in relief, fear visible in his eyes. He roused his mind, afraid that he would fail to keep himself together again.

In the illusion, he kept breaking through, and before Lin Yun broke through to the Heaven Rank, Xiuban was already a Heaven Rank powerhouse. Xiuban immediately got carried away and felt that he could beat Syudos.

Unfortunately, after going this far, he was awakened by Syudos beating.

Xiuban couldnt help inwardly sighing, that feeling was really good. He felt that if he kept walking, he would obtain that power at the end of the Night Valley.

He knew that it was an evil temptation, an illusion, but he couldnt help thinking about it.

How could Lin Yun not know how formidable that temptation was, after secretly invading their mind, once everyone was relieved after escaping the pitfall, with one move, it would pull people into illusions.

Everyone was clear-headed at this moment, they were all scared, but while being scared, some still had some expectations and regrets.

This was a power Lin Yun wanted to avoid, like a snake, it made his spine feel cold.

It was too frightening, even knowing that it was fake, it still made people yearn for it.

Meeting such a strange thing, even Enderfas face became unsightly, because he had almost fell into the illusion just now.

A large amount of Spirit Defenses buffed everyone, and in addition to these Spirit Defenses, everyone was using magic shields as they moved forward, Lin Yun even had his Ice Fire Shield activated.

The Fire Shield and the Ice Shield revolved around Lin Yun, guarding him against any possible danger.


After walking for a long time, a small noise echoed in everyones ears. That sound carried a peculiar power that made everyone feel as if there was a slippery viper softly wiggling around their necks.

Moreover, that heartbeat sound echoed louder and louder, that sound couldnt be completely blocked by the Spirit Defenses, and they simply couldnt figure out where it came from.

Every heartbeat felt like a loud explosion in their minds.