End Of The Magic Era Chapter 665

Chapter 665 Heart


The countless Specters of the Spectral Plane were exterminated, not a single living specter could be found, and the Heaven Rank Specters had already died.

All of the Specters spells were ineffective against that level 39 Hellflame, but the Soul Burning Fire of that Hellflame was the bane of the Specters. The Specters would be finished just by being grazed.

The entire Spectral Plane was like a pot of oil catching fire with the appearance of the Hellflame.

As for Enderfa, he was deeply afraid of Hellflames. As a Magic Tool Incarnation, the most annoying things to handle were those that targeted ones soul.

He would be toasted by a single touch.

Lin Yuns expression became very heavy. He watched the Hellflame rise up from that big hole and his heavy expression loosened up somewhat.

Fortunately, it was only a level 38 Hellflame

A level 39 Hellflame wouldnt even need to make a move, just by walking over, the Soul Burning Fire covering his body would have eliminated most of them.

A gale suddenly rose up, filled with a large amount of sharp snowflakes. That gale rushed towards the Hellflame who was coming out of the hole.

Metallic sounds echoed on impact, the Hellflames body slightly shuddered as it moved forward, its movement slowed.

Lin Yun raised his Dragon Staff and instantly cast an Ice Spell.

Enderfa, who had almost been scared to death, gnashed his teeth and floated out from behind Lin Yun. He controlled the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and summoned an eight-meters large ice vortex.

A large amount of Ice Spells flew out of this ice vortex, countless Frost Lances, Ice Spikes, and Iceblades flew out like an avalanche hitting the Hellflames body.

Reina let out a Dragon Roar and turned into her Dragon Shape before chanting some cryptic words which caused shockingly beautiful snowflakes to appear.

Snowflakes over a meter wide flew towards the Hellflame and forcibly slowed the Hellflames footsteps.

Lin Yuns group started their fierce attack while the Dark Elves were still recovering from fright, before following suit and casting a large amount of ice spells towards the Hellflame.

They were uniting their power to stop the path of the Hellflame. Against the vast amount of spells, even if the Hellflame had boundless firepower, he couldnt take a single step forward.

Lin Yun had the Draconic Staff in his right hand and the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras in his left hand, cryptic incantations came from his mouth as boundless ice condensed in midair, transforming into a dozen meters long Serpentine Ice Dragon.

Then, the Serpentine Ice Dragon made of black ice roared and crossed several dozen meters in an instant before attacking that Hellflames body.

In a split second, the dark green flames on the Hellflames body started fiercely shivering.

And it also started retreating towards the depths of the Night Valley.

"Dont stop it! Never approach that thing!"

Elsa was quite knowledgeable and loudly instructed that dozen Dark Elves to not get in contact with the Hellflame.

Although the Hellflame didnt have casting abilities and was like a Rock Puppet, a level 38 Hellflame had one skill, which was contracting, flying up and falling from the sky!

Although it wouldnt have as much lethality as the earlier high altitude impact, but if that Hellflame fell behind the group, they would definitely end up being chased to death in this deadend!

That flood of ice spells became the key to suppress the Hellflame.

Although the Hellflame was slowly suppressed backward, it wasnt seriously injured, only the dark green flames on its body were swaying gently.

The Hellflame was forced back and was now three hundred to four hundred meters away from that cliff when Reina finally used her Frost Breath.

The icy blue draconic breath left Reinas mouth and looked like a flickering icy blue river, landing on the Hellflame in a flash and instantly suppressing it.

The Hellflame raised both hands and bellowed, only a thin layer of Soul Burning Fire remained on the surface of its body. Only when these flames completely stopped burning, would the Hellflame life end. These flames were the life and soul of the Hellflame.

But even if they cast all these spells, they could only force the Hellflame to withdraw.

Space suddenly distorted in the depths of the valley. As if roused by a powerful spell, everyone saw the area twisting.

Earth looked like it was disintegrating, turning into huge fragments falling into the ground.

A huge abyss suddenly appeared in the depths of the Night Valley, swallowing those fragments of earth in a few seconds.

And that Hellflame also fell into that abyss.

The Hellflame turned into a huge dark green fireball, wanting to fly up.

But the flames on its body quickly darkened, and after a short second, it thoroughly disappeared. Those dark green rocks forming Hellflame also turned dark brown, like ordinary rocks.


A sharp noise echoed as the Hellflames body transformed into a large amount of broken rocks falling in that pitch-black abyss.

When they flew above the abyss, all their spells seemed to be drawn by an invisible force and devoured by a huge mouth.



As the earth disintegrated to reveal that pitch-black abyss, that heartbeat, which had been following them for a while, instantly became deafening.

Boundless evil aura spread from the Abyss.

Then, in a flash, a Dark Elf relatively close to the abyss shouted and frantically thrust her hand in her chest to dig our her beating heart.

That beating heart was throbbing at the same frequency as that loud heartbeat. That Dark Elf didnt seem to suffer as she dug her beating heart, her face was filled with zeal and satisfaction.

And while everyone was still resisting the sudden heartbeat, that Dark Elf lifted her own beating heart and suddenly jumped down the abyss.

The crazy shouts from that Dark Elf echoed, before instantly weakening.

Lin Yun saw the Dark Elfs features becoming old as she fell, her mana and vitality instant fading away.

She was already dead, it only took one second in that abyss. Only her corpse kept falling alongside those fragments of earth, to be swallowed by the darkness.

By the time those large chunks of earth fell into the abyss, everyone could see what was in the abyss.

A black mist emitting thick evil power was floating in the abyss, and the strange heartbeat was coming from that black fog.

With every heartbeat, the black mist would palpitate, beating just like a heart.

The black mist slowly scattered, exposing a human-sized heart in front of everyone.

It was only a heart, but it seemed alive, continuously throbbing, and the countless runes branded on that heart were moving with the throbbing. The black mist surrounding the heart was swallowed by it, and after a heartbeat, transformed into countless pitch-black runes.

The boundless mysteries hidden behind these runes made it hard for others to look away. It felt as if touching the heart was touching the source of magic.

In an instant, this thought echoed in everyones mind.

Then, someone acted. A Dark Elf was unable to resist the temptation. As long as she touched that huge heart, all her magic patterns would turn into ultimate magic patterns, even the spells she recently learnt would become Ultimate Spells

7th Tier ultimate magic patterns were right in front of her nose

That Dark Elf jumped into the abyss, looking intoxicated, extending her hand to touch the heart. But during the fall, she aged at a rapid pace.

In less than two seconds, her mana and vitality, even her soul, faded away, and her aged corpse was swallowed by the boundless darkness.

Seeing such a scene, Lin Yun reacted first, his forehead covered with sweat as he quickly retreated.

Constances heart!

Damnit, thats Constances heart!

Lin Yun instantly used spells to pull everyone back, he even used weakened Mana Hands to slap everyone twice.

This was a deadly temptation, no wonder the temptation was so high, it turned out to be tricks played by Constances heart!

No one understood better than Lin Yun how formidable Constance was. Just reading about him in books was enough to trigger everyone desires.

In the legends, Constances death had been extremely miserable. Before dying, he was hit with a powerful curse, his body was corroded by the curses power and only the skull, from which all wisdom originated, wasnt corrored by the curse.

During the peak of the Magic Era, Constances God Nation was excavated and almost every corner of the God Nation was searched by these locusts.

The hidden things were naturally discovered.

In the legends, it was also said that in order to resist the curse, Constance fused his own body with the Wisdom Tree, using the power of the Wisdom Tree to suppress his own body.

The heart, the most important part, was naturally discovered. In the records, Constances heart was suppressed in an extremely dark part of the Wisdom Tree.

That place was completely sealed, making the sinister curse unable to spread to other areas. But finding Constances heart triggered many mages inner desires.