End Of The Magic Era Chapter 666

Chapter 666 Demon


As the heart of the Wisdom God, it possessed a consciousness-like instinct. The temptation wasnt inferior to the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras.

To the mages who were fanatically pursuing the path of magic, this was irresistible. At least, before they knew the truth, no mage would be able to resist this temptation.

But these powerful mages who lost their reason and were controlled by their desires ended up being food to Constances heart, their mana were devoured, alongside their life and soul, becoming a tonic for the heart.

Ultimately, a powerful mage took action and sealed Constances heart at the deepest part of the Wisdom Tree.

Lin Yun was deathly pale, that thing was a source of misfortune, they absolutely couldnt get close to it. Even a powerful God like Constance was unable to break through that curses power. If they were ever so slightly infected, even by a small amount of curses aura, they might die without even leaving a corpse behind, and their souls would never be free.

Lin Yuns face was gloomy as he pulled everyone back.

No one felt angry at being slapped, they instead withdrew in fear and looked at Lin Yun with gratitude.

There was still a deep fear in Elsas eyes, but she still gratefully nodded at Lin Yun. They all saw how the two Dark Elves ended, their ending wouldnt be much different if they jumped.

Lin Yun led everyone further away, while the heart floating in the abyss revealed its true appearance, the black mist shrouding the heart almost completely dissipated, but it still showed something else.

A monstrous Beastman

That Beastman was bald and was wearing a shabby robe, on the back of which was branded a Demonic Rune.

At this moment, the Beastmans hands were pressing on Constances heart, the black mist surrounding his body seemingly fusing with Constances heart.

Elsas face saw that Beastman and exclaimed with fright, "Its him!"

Before anyone could question her, Elsa quickly explained.

"Everyone thought he had died, but turns out he was still alive!"

"Over a millennium ago, he was the Ash Beastman Tribes Elder. Just like one of our ancestors, he was known as the races most promising genius to reach the Heaven Rank. Our clan and the Ash Beastmen had always been in a hostile relationship. The two of them became the most powerful geniuses of our clan and tribe, and they naturally became arch-enemies."

"They always fought each other, from their youth until they became 8th Rank Archmages. While fighting each other, they inadvertently entered the Night Valley, and from that point on, they were never heard from again."

"Everyone had thought they were dead, but I never expected that a millennium later, Duncan would still be alive"

Fear could be seen on Elsas face as she quickly explain the history of that Beastman.

The other Dark Elves, Jeremy included, greatly paled when they heard Duncans name.

That was the Ash Beastman with the highest chance of success to reach the Heaven Rank over a millennium ago!

A millennium had passed and he was surprisingly still alive in such a strange place, just how powerful was he?

Lin Yun frowned, Ash Beastman

The situation wasnt getting better

Ash Beastmen were one of the ancestors of the Beastmen, they had the bloodlines of the Abyssal Demons and were proficient in connecting with the Abyssal Demons. They were innate casters and could use Abyssal Demons spells, and the most powerful ones could even summon Abyssal Demons.

In the past, the name Warlock was associated with Ash Beastmen for a long time.

It later turned into Demon Warlock.

Their innate talents came from their bloodline. In the ancient era, the Beastman race kept growing and Ash Beastmen were the important fighting power in charge of clearing new land.

During the Nesser Dynasty, the most famous battle of the Ash Beastmen was the Wasteland Campaign.

At that time, the Ash Beastmen formed a Demon Warlock army and summoned countless Abyssal Gate in the northern part of Noscent. A large amount of Abyssal Demons left the Abyssal Gate, they even summoned several Abyssal Overlords!

The battle with the Pureblood Elves was a bloodbath, over fifty kilometers of land was destroyed. In the end, the Chromatic Dragons personally appeared and took the initiative to initiate peace talks and gave Noscents northern wasteland to the Beastmen. The Ash Beastmen then withdrew their army.

That battle displayed the power of the Ash Beastmen, their vast amount of Abyssal Spells and their instinctive Demon Summoning. Each Ash Beastman could summon an Abyssal Demon of the same rank as themselves to fight alongside them.

Each time an Ash Beastman advanced to the next realm, or reached the 5th Rank of a realm, they would be able to connect with an Abyssal Demon and sign a contract with it.

Especially powerful Ash Beastmen could even sign contracts with Abyssal Demons stronger than themselves and could quickly summon them in battle.

Lin Yuns expression wasnt good as he looked at the Beastman hovering near the cliff.

That Ash Beastman had already lost the features of Ash Beastmen, his originally ash gray skin had already turned pitch-black and it was emitting a sinister evil power. This kind of power gave Lin Yun the feeling that it was more powerful than Abyssal Demons.

This was the feeling of a 9th Rank Archmage, just a step away from becoming a Heaven Warlock.

Even if he had future knowledge and knew that this Ash Beastman playing with fire couldnt attack them, Lin Yun didnt feel optimistic at all.

Because the one thing Ash Beastmen were the most proficient at had never been attacking

The black mist dissipated and Duncan turned his head to look at everyone, his pitch-black eyes filled with evil aura.

Then, an aged and sinister voice echoed in their ears.

"Another Dark Elf came? And Humans? Since you already saw the secret of this place, you can stay here"

After saying that, a fist-sized black vortex appeared on the side of the cliff, followed by a second, and a third

In an instant, four pitch-black vortex appeared, and they instantly grew to reach five meters. The vortexes then quickly transformed into jet-black gates.

Sulfur, flames, poison, the characteristic smell of the Abyss came from these gates. Demons excitedly shouted as they stepped through those gates.

"Roar" A loud roar echoed as a monster with goat horns, a long demonic tail and four sheep hooves appeared from a gate, while from another one, a pitch-black Reaper holding a huge jet-black sickle came out.

And flames seemed to be escaping from the gates.

A huge group of Abyssal Demons left the Abyssal Gates.

Ugly little Imps with strangely oversized heads, head-chopping addicts Reapers, armored Crypt Fiends looking like cockroaches, sharp-toothed Witches with blades instead of arms.

All kinds of Demons rushed out of the Abyssal Gates. They then looked at Lin Yuns group as if they were prey.

Imps had fanatical desires for the flesh of any creature of Noscent. As the first one charged, an army of Imps roared and crazily rushed towards Lin Yuns group.

Countless corrosive sprays were spat out of the mouths of these Imps, transforming into a river of corrosive spit that rushed towards them.

From a few dozen meters, they could all feel the nauseating smell, slightly dizzying them. Anyone with a minimal amount of knowledge would know that corrosive acid had severe toxicity. It was rumored that first-rate Abyssal Imps could even rely on their corrosive acid to poison Dragons.

Abyssal Imps were the fastest. In the back, Crypt Fiends stomachs were touching the ground. They were extremely slow compared to the Imps, but their thick carapace was covered in Abyssal Runes that could make the Crypt Demons resistant to most magic attacks. They were even immune to Low Tier Spells.

A Reaper with a savage expression wasnt interested in the other Abyssal lifeforms and charged towards Lin Yuns group, only chopping the heads of two Imps blocking its way. The heads of these Abyssal lifeforms werent comparable to those of Lin Yuns group.

Even the witches who loved battling among themselves displayed a rare sight, with zeal and greed, they charged into Lin Yuns group.

The war was about to start.

The shoulder of a Dark Elf was hit by the corrosive acid and his skin was instantly corroded, his flesh melting at a fast pace. Two seconds later, only a white bone remained where his shoulder was, at the same time, the cyan poison infiltrated his body.

In just a few seconds, that Dark Elf spat out poisoned blood and fell. Those charging Imps rushed to the body of that Dark Elf and started tearing his body apart with their sharp teeth.

A dozen of Imps were piled on that Dark Elfs corpse like a small mountain, and after less than ten seconds, the Imps dispersed, only leaving a pile of bones behind. Some Imps could still be seen gnawing on some bones, apparently wanted to get every last piece of flesh.

Reapers rushed forward and beheaded every single Imp blocking their way while the Crypt Fiends were charging forward, relying on their heavy carapaces to block the Reapers attacks.

A Crypt Fiend and a Reaper were forcing each other aside. The Reaper slashed at the Crypt Fiend, but it didnt leave any mark on that thick carapace, instead, the Reapers arms were covered with wounds as it was hit by the reflective runes on the Crypt Fiends carapace.

Those sharp-toothed Witches with blades in guise of arms were becoming wilder, they swung their blades and two Reapers that had blocked the path of a Witch were cut to pieces.

Savage, ruthless, chaos