End Of The Magic Era Chapter 667

Chapter 667 Bitter Struggle


These were the Abyssal Demons, when summoned together, internal conflicts would easily appear and they would slash at the Abyssal lifeforms next to them, not caring about anything else.

Weaklings that blocked the path of the strong would end up becoming their prey and die.

The large group of chaotic Abyssal Demons was like a swarm of bees, but no one dared to underestimate these killing addicts.

Lin Yun remained calm, raising his Draconic Staff to add a Mana Shield around himself, before chanting two words, causing countless Iceblades to fall from the sky.

The fast Imps were injured by the Iceblades, some of them were even severed in two.

But these savage Abyssal lifeforms just looked at this scene, their eyes wide opened, before baring their teeth, even more saliva dripping down from their mouths. They completely ignored the condition of their bodies and were instead rushing even more crazily towards Lin Yun.

All the Imps in mid-air were instantly-killed, but even more Abyssal Imps approached. They were only half as tall as a human and looked like disgusting monkey-like lifeforms. They would completely throw their lives away in order to eat some food that had no sulfuric aura.

The large amount of spells were unable to suppress these locust-like things. A Dark Elf was a bit slow while retreating and was surrounded by these Imps.

The Dark Elf cast spells in fear and hit a dozen Imps, but he was swarmed by more than twenty Imps and was cleanly devoured in a dozen seconds, not a drop of blood was wasted.

Cold sweat started dripping from everyones foreheads.

Jeremy moved back, afraid. These Imps were level twenty at best, but they were more frightening and fiercer than Undeads.

As he looked at Lin Yun who was casting with a frown, Jeremy roared in his mind, Its all because of these outsiders! These damned outsiders! If not because they had tricked Elsa, how could we end up in such a dangerous situation? Duncan was the most talented Warlock of the Ash Beastman Tribe over a millennium ago! And he is about to break through to the Heaven Rank.

Fortunately, he doesnt seem to be able to make a move, otherwise we would have been unable to last more than ten seconds. But these damned Abyssal lifeforms are really too savage, they are so much worse than Undeads, we are truly finished this time

The sprinting Abyssal Imps became living targets, taking on a large amount of spells with their flesh. As for the Crypt Fiends in the back, they didnt really suffer from the flood of spells due to their high resistances.

After rushing forward for a few hundred meters, only four Crypt Fiends ended up with their heads exploded due to carelessness.

Those Reapers and Witches swung their weapons and even cut through magic. Those solid sharp curved blades were said to be able to cut through the heads of any lifeform. And Reapers could behead a Dragon on the same level as them.

The large group of Abyssal lifeforms were like mad dogs.

Lin Yun raised his Draconic Staff and cast while slowly retreating.

That group of Abyssal Demons could only fight in close distance, but they were like locusts, killing countless Abyssal lifeforms on their way.

These guys average level wasnt high, but it made everyone feel sick.

Just like Undeads, they were unafraid of death and would use their lives to suppress their enemies, using quantity to submerge them.

As long as there was enough level 20 Abyssal lifeforms, even a 9th Rank Archmage might lose his life to the swarm.

Lin Yun, Enderfa, and the puppet, the casting of any of those three could be compared to a small scale mage army. But even so, they were still forced to fall back.

A large amount of Abyssal lifeforms were still climbing the sides of the valley, and from those slopes, they were looking at everyone, wanting to encircle them.

The Crypt Fiends chests were touching the ground as they crawled on the slope, their speed not any slower than the others, apart from the Imps.

After a dozen minutes, a large amount of Demons surrounded everyone, two to three thousand Abyssal Lifeforms had already fallen, covering the ground with blood. The large amount of corpses forming another layer of solid ground.


A sharp sound echoed, one Abyssal Witch jumped and was met with eight Iceblades and shattered them before pouncing towards Lin Yun. That malevolent expression and sharp teeth already aiming at him.

The Witchs arms were quickly swung, cutting all spells sent at her.

Lin Yun frowned and made three Flame Spears appear in the air. The three Flame Spears were sent flying at a strange angle. As the Witch sliced the first Flame Spear, the other two collided against each other.

The Witch clearly hadnt expected this scene and thought that her opponent had failed his spell, but the next moment, she saw the result of the two Flame Spears collision, they broke away and were now aiming at her sides. One of the Flame Spears carried a fiery shadowy color and instantly hit that Witchs throat. The powerful power hit her head and sent her flying.

Their defensive circle became smaller and smaller, while Lin Yuns expression turned bad.

The Purple Dragon Magic Tool Incarnation flew out of the Draconic Staff and let out a Dragon Roar, before transforming into a formidable Purple Dragon shadow behind Lin Yun.

The addition of the Magic Tool Incarnation made Lin Yuns casting ability comparable to a Chromatic Dragons for a minute, and the power of his spells greatly increased.

Lin Yun also had the open Book of Death in his left-hand, the Element Chapters power was getting roused, strengthening Lin Yuns casting abilities when handling elemental spells, increasing his power once again.

The addition of both the Purple Dragon Avatar and the Element Chapter made Lin Yuns casting reach an unimaginable level, it was enough to make a spell skip over a Tier!

Mana turned into a whirlwind, gushing out of Lin Yun like a geyser. The condensed liquid-like mana turning into a drizzle.

Lin Yun had a very serious expression, the Book of Death emitting a four-colored radiance in his left hand while the Draconic Staff in his right hand was placed in front of him. He opened his mouth and chanted a word.

In a split second, strange patterns appeared on the cliffs on both sides of the valley.

The patterns permeated the cliff as if they had been carved and in an instant, they turned into two twenty meters arrays.

Hellish aura surged from these two huge gold red arrays. Everyone then saw two twenty meters thick pillars of flames coming from these two arrays.

The powerful firepower made the space shake. It felt as if the entire continent was trembling from that flame bombardment.

When that hellish aura appeared, these Abyssal lifeforms instantly flew into a rage, and several dozen Imps charged towards those two arrays, but their bodies only ended up ignited by a golden crimson flame, turning them to ashes in an instant.

The two thick flame columns attacked the cliff on their opposite side, and a large amount of Hellfire came sputtering around. It even felt as if those flames trickling down the cliffs were infinite.

The Crypt Fiends, that had yet to display their power, suffered serious damage for the first time.

Those Crypt Fiends defensive power was so high that even Reapers didnt want to attack them, and with their formidable close range combat and melee spell casting, they wouldnt be able to do anything from such a long distance.

But if it was within ten meters, these guys could rely on their innate abilities and cast Earth Spike without causing any mana fluctuations, which was perfect for sneak attacks. Any mage attacked by a large group of Crypt Fiend at such a dangerous distance could already be considered dead.

Thus, Lin Yun had to withdraw when these Crypt Fiend were thirty meters away. He was also using the power of the Purple Dragon Incarnation, if he didnt suppress these disgusting lifeforms, they would be in deep trouble, even if Duncan didnt make a move.

A large amount of lava-like Hellfire flowed down the two cliffs and quickly set the Crypt Fiend on fire.

The power of the Hellfire was completely displayed by Lin Yun in this situation, and deeply injured these Abyssal lifeforms.

After five seconds, over five hundred Abyssal lifeforms were burnt into a pile of ashes.

Lin Yun frowned and stopped the Hellfire. After casting those Hellfires, the pressure had been greatly reduced.

But a steady flow of Abyssal lifeforms were still coming out of the Abyssal Gates. Every corner of this place was covered with Abyssal lifeforms, and even the lifeforms that came later barely had any place to stand on. Many of them were pushed towards the precipice, and many more were killing each other.

The strongest Abyssal lifeforms were only level 34, and their number was already in the five thousand, making everyone feel numb. This was comparable to over ten thousand Undeads, and that was very frightening

The huge amount made casting single-target spells pointless, because there would be no end to the killing!

Only large-scale High Tier Spell covering the entire battlefield would be effective!

"You take care of the rear, Ill deal with the front!" Lin Yun quickly instructed, before once again raising his Draconic Staff, quickly chanting some runes.

Large golden red patterns started appearing on the floor, frantically growing, before releasing a terrifying Hellfire once it was over ten meters wide.