End Of The Magic Era Chapter 668

Chapter 668 Abyssal Gate


Before the previous Hellfire even disappeared, another Hellfire summoning array appeared.

Every time a Hellfire came out, several hundred Abyssal lifeforms would be burnt to death. It was like Lin Yun was transforming the area, relying on the Purple Dragon Incarnation and the Element Chapter to keep casting Hellfires.

In ten seconds, he cast six Hellfires, dealing with the Abyssal lifeforms within two hundred meters!

It was unknown how many Abyssal lifeforms had been burnt to death by the Hellfires.

Lin Yuns expression was abnormally pale, his formidable casting ability and outrageous spell power wasnt without a price.

This kind of spell power raised the tier of a spell while sharply increasing its mana consumption.

That half a dozen Hellfires had already consumed 90% of Lin Yuns mana!

The Magic Array, the most formidable Magic Conducting Rune in Noscents history, contained so much mana that it would make many Archmages despair, and with the two Alchemic Mana Whirlpools, Lin Yun had triple that shocking amount of mana, but he could only cast that many Hellfires!

The consumption was several times higher than forcibly casting a 7th Tier Spell!

Lin Yun disappeared and reappeared next to the mana pond in the Demiplane, taking a deep breath. The mana within his body instantly recovered and he once again reappeared in the Night Valley, continuing that counterattacking pattern.

Thirty seconds!

Another huge Hellfire pillar over ten meters in thickness rushed out of an array and instantly cremated over a hundred Abyssal lifeforms, and another hundred was set on fire by the Hellfire.

The large amount of Abyssal lifeforms were forced down the precipice, and even those powerful Abyssal lifeforms that didnt care about their own lives during the fight had scared expression when they were falling down.

Their flesh withered at a quick pace, aging a hundred years in an instant, before reaching the end of their lives in less than two seconds, their vitality and energy forcibly absorbed. Their bodies were even rotting as they fell, before ultimately turning into ashes, swallowed by the darkness.

Lin Yun was roughly panting, his head feeling as if it was about to explode. Not only was he using a large amount of mana, the burden on his mind was terrifying, to the point where he felt muddle-headed.

All the Abyssal lifeforms were suppressed back to the Abyssal Gates. Those numerous Abyssal lifeforms were ultimately dealt with, only a few hundred scattered ones remained, the rest had been completely burnt by the Hellfires.

Lin Yun released a Hellfire in front of the Abyssal Gates, making it so that all the lifeforms that would rush out of the Abyssal Gates would be burnt to ashes.

One minute had passed

The Purple Dragon Avatar had once again turned into the young Purple Dragon, who dragged his tired body back into the Draconic Staff. Lin Yuns terrifying momentum instantly declined, and he also closed the Book of Death.

Lin Yuns eyes were filled with exhaustion as he quickly flew back towards the teleportation array. Before he even reached it, Lin Yun had already taken out his crystal pens and a bottle of Dragonblood Ink.

Lin Yun no longer paid attention to the battlefield as he flew to restore that teleportation array, his two hands holding two crystal pens while also controlling the two remote controlled crystal pens with his mana.

After buffing himself with Sharp Mind, Lin Yuns hands frantically moved, writing a large amount of runes, four times as fast as his peak speed.

The teleportation array could be seen recovering at a visible speed, the damaged areas were repaired and the array was being cracked.

Those Dark Elves were already stunned, Lin Yun had fiercely suppressed the Abyssal Army by himself, and so far, not a single Demon was able to go through the Abyssal Gates alive, the moment they left the Abyssal Gates, they would be burnt to death. Those Abyssal Gates had started deforming due to the Hellfire, showing signs of collapse.

Elsa turned her head and looked at Lin Yun who crazily rushed towards the hill to work on the array, her mind lagging a bit behind.

Thats a 9th Rank High Mage? Heavens! Even the most powerful 8th Rank Archmage of our race doesnt have such strength, he is only a 9th Rank High Mage When did Hellfire had so much power?

And that array summoning the Hellfire was twenty meters large! Heavens! This is already the limit of 7th Tier Spells, it might not be so different from Ultimate Spells

Is that person a Chromatic Dragon? He must be! Its impossible to have such a formidable casting ability otherwise! His staff also has that monstrous Purple Dragons avatar, which possessed the pressure of Dragons, and there is an adult Frost Dragon following him, he must be a Chromatic Dragon!

And the speed at which he is cracking the array, he is even using two hands! Those two floating crystal pens They wouldnt be controlled by him, would they?

Remote control? Cracking an array with both hands? Splitting his mind in four? Moreover, he doesnt seem to need any time to reflect, only writing at the quickest speed.

Thats a human?

Absolutely impossible! Human beings could never become so powerful, he might really be a Chromatic Dragon, and an extremely formidable Artisan, maybe even a Saint Alchemist!

Hell, I dont know, Ive never seen such a formidable alchemist

It wasnt just Elsa, even Jeremy and those Dark Elves seemed to forget that there were leftovers Abyssal lifeforms that had yet to be eliminated, they only stared at Lin Yun.

From the start of his burst of power, he only used one minute to reverse the situation and turn most of those Abyssal lifeforms to ashes. Even if he was making use of the terrain, that was a feat that no of them ever thought possible.

How could a 9th Rank High Mage be so powerful?

Jeremys expression became complicated as he looked at Lin Yun, Hmpf! Even if he is extremely powerful, when we first besieged them, he was startled when finding out that we were Dark Elves. If he hadnt been forced to, he wouldnt have dared to counterattack. And when hearing Elsas identity he no longer dared to attack.

He didnt dare to kill us before because he was afraid, he is a human after all, he doesnt dare to set himself against us, Dark Elves. That human hadnt been fighting all-out so far, he definitely had malicious intentions!

Hmpf, those malicious thoughts are useless, you still dont dare to harm me!

In the group, only Enderfa and the rest of Lin Yuns team were dealing with the remaining Abyssal Demons to not let any of them approach Lin Yun.

After fighting together for a long time, Lin Yuns team was already aware how strong Lin Yun was when he went all-out. Lin Yun didnt even need to say anything and they would still automatically clean up the battlefield to let him focus on cracking and repairing the array.

But the pale Zeuss couldnt adapt to those circumstances that fast. Just now, Lin Yuns burst had startled Zeuss to the point where he forgot himself in the middle of his incantation. The spell backfired and he suffered for a while as he watched Lin Yuns god-like performance.

He killed several thousands Abyssal Demons in a minute. He forced back an Abyssal army back to the Abyssal Gates by himself!

Thats a 9th Rank High Mage? You are f*cking kidding me!?

Zeuss mouth remained wide open, he just kept looking at Lin Yuns back. Even with all his years of experience, he couldnt find an explanation to this.

Such a powerful bursting power belongs to a 9th Rank High Mage? People might believe if it belonged to a 9th Rank Archmage!

I must be dreaming

Suddenly, Zeuss started recalling everything that happened, from the first time he met Lin Yun

Cold sweat started dripping down his forehead.

Damn, being able to survive so far wasnt due to good luck, Ive been walking next to such a legend And he even helped me recover my magic path. Thankfully I was able to notice early on, otherwise I wouldnt have been able to come back alive from having been drained by that monster

How could Lin Yun have time to care about what others were thinking, he needed to focus on cracking the teleportation array as fast as possible.

But Duncan wouldnt give Lin Yun an opportunity. A few seconds after Lin Yun started cracking the teleportation array, Duncan turned his head once again, black flames burning in his eyes as he looked at the group with killing intent.

"You think you can escape after crushing some insects? My companion, come out!" Duncan let out in a sinister tone as he took a hand off Constances heart.

At that moment, everyone saw Duncans pitch-black palm quickly aging, his flesh quickly withering.

After a second, only a layer of withered black skin covered Duncans left hands bones.

Then, a terrifying boundless pitch-black mana spread from Duncans left hand like a geyser.

In an instant, the withered skin on Duncans left hand disintegrated, exposing miserable bones, and even the skin on his left arm was decaying at a rapid pace, exposing his thick bones.

Duncans finger bones were continuously moving, drawing lines in the air while that black mana was sucked back into his palm.

After absorbing a large amount of mana, an Abyssal Rune appeared on Duncans palm. That glowing run immediately rushed to an Abyssal Gate.

In a split second, the originally flickering Abyssal Gate stabilized and increased in size, transforming into an Abyssal Gate over twenty meters large.

Then, a terrifying aura spread out from that Abyssal Gate.