End Of The Magic Era Chapter 670

Chapter 670 Absolute Freeze


It was the same for all the other Abyssal lifeforms, after being hit by these fragments of black ice, their bodies instantly turned black and the ice aura became even more intense, greatly strengthening their power in the process. All of their ice spells turning black while being stronger than their original versions.

When the black ice shards covered the entire area, some fell on Lin Yuns Ice Fire Shield. The originally blazing Fire Shield turned berserk on contact, the flames rose up sharply reaching their peak as black ripples slowly spread on it.

In three seconds, those icy black ripples extinguished the Fire Shield.

The blue Ice Shield couldnt even resist and instantly turned black, leaking a black sinister and icy aura.

The mana Lin Yun emitted was infected by those fragments of black ice and froze at a rapid speed.

Everyones defensive spells were infected by those black shards and completely froze. Apparently, those ice shards could infect the mana within the spells, transforming everyones mana to that of the evil black ice.

A Dark Elfs Fire Shield was extinguished and a black ice shard reached his left hand freezing it into black ice. It then frantically spread towards its arm.

Elsa reacted very fast and used a Wind Blade to cut off the infected left hand. After being cut, the hand finished freezing into black ice while falling to the ground, shattering into a pile of black ice shards

"Frost Plague! Block it quickly! Dont let it touch you!" Elsa shouted, fear could be heard in her voice. She then crazily used defensive firespells, casting one Fire Shield after another to block those black ice shards.

The group was flustered, their face turning pales. The Frost Plague would increase the power of ice lifeforms, especially Abyss ice lifeforms. The infection would not only be safe, their strength would be greatly increased.

But when it came in contact with other lifeforms, the power of the Frost Plague would spread like the plague. Transforming all non-ice power into ice power.

And at this moment, everything was covered with black shard fragments, they just keep falling in the depths of the Night Valley, covering it with a layer of black ice.

Xiubans teeth were trembling as he crazily rushed towards Lin Yun.

"Sir Merlin, help Help me"

If he was hit, he would be frozen into an ice cube, this terrified Xiuban.

Lin Yun didnt say anything and raised his Draconic Staff, chanting an incantation to cast a Ward of Fire.

But that Ward of Fire wasnt too different, it was like a fire red cover that appeared around Lin Yuns body and quickly expanded, making all the shards within ten meters fall out.

That fire red light that transformed into a black ice dome before exploding. Lin Yun had used another improved Ward of Fire to send that black ice dome exploding away.

The fragments of black ice turned into a whirlwind that rose up in the sky, a lot of shards in the surroundings were driven by that black ice whirlwind and were sent flying in the distance.

Cold sweat dripped down Lin Yuns forehead. The Frost Plague was an extremely malicious thing, those shards looked like falling snowflakes, but they couldnt be sent flying by wind spells.

Those black ice fragments carried a small amount of plague power, which was extremely infectious. Most spells would be infected. Anything that contained mana would turned into its own power after being turned by the ice fragments, strengthening the power of the Frost Plague even further.

They might have resisted the Frost Plague, but the worst is still to come.

A large amount of Abyssal lifeforms had been infected by the Frost Plague and their power had been greatly strengthened, and all ice spells would carry Curios evil power. The pitch-black ice looked like frozen black blood, giving everyone a chill.

The Evil Water Elementals had become pitch-black and looked like a ball of black water as they rolled. Their speed wasnt fast, but the attacks of the Evil Water Elementals was extremely terrifying. Balls of pitch-black water were thrown one after the other by these Evil Water Elementals.

The head-sized balls of water seemed no different than the ordinary ball of water, but the power it released on impact was not inferior to a strengthened Bursting Fireball.

The exploding black water would fill the cracks in the ground caused by the ice shards, and there was no less than several hundred Evil Water Elementals!

The countless headsized black water balls fell down like a black rain, forcing everyone to dodge left and right, scattering the team that had just been gathered.

Then, those Frost Demons dove down while letting out a strange shout. They opened their mouths and sprayed stinky black water, that black water kept bubbling on the ground as the smell attacked their nostrils.

The almost indestructible ground was getting corroded by the black water, covering it in small holes from that powerful acid.

Everyone readied Fire Shields to defend themselves, causing crackling sounds to echo on contact, nearly exhausting a Fire Shield in a few seconds.

Everyone was retreating, but this couldnt really be called a retreat, because Abyssal lifeforms were also besieging them from the back, especially the path to the teleportation array, there was a large amount of Evil Water Elementals and Frost Demons, they couldnt just dash over.

Lin Yun had fixed most of the teleportation array, he just didnt have time, and the opportunity, to restore it, he could only suppress these Abyssal lifeforms first.

They retreated again and again, large amount of spells would kill dozens of Abyssal lifeforms every second, but it wasnt worth it.

At such a crucial time, Curios second claw forced its way out of the Abyssal Gate. The two thick claws gathered together as Curio loudly chanted in Abyssal Language.

One black Abyssal Rune after the other came out from his mouth, turning into a small black disk revolving in midair. These runes attached themselves to the disk and made it grow bigger and bigger.

After three seconds, that rotating black disk had reached a dozen meters in diameter.

A terrifying aura spread out from this black disk, freezing many particles in the air, causing a hailstorm.

Then, Curio raised that disk and forcibly threw it forward.

The huge disk moved forward with huge momentum, thrown by Curio like a normal stone with terrifying speed. Flying over a dozen meters in one second, before the outer shell started exploding.

The layers of black runes were like countless Frost Spikes shooting in all directions as the disk flew forward. Regardless of what was hit by these black runes, it would immediately freeze into an ice statue.

The disk crossed another dozen meters in a second, exploding once again and scattering a large amount of black runes.

Dozen of Evil Water Elementals were too slow to dodge were hit by the Frost Spike-like black runes. In a split second, a dozen of Evil Water Elementals, who had already been infected by the Frost Plague, were turned into ice statues, before turning into fragments of black ice as the disk kept exploding.

"Absolute Freeze! Sh*t! Dodge!" Enderfa roared.

His three faces were a bit twisted, Absolute Freeze was a large-scale ice spell known for its ability to freeze everything, even flames would be instantly frozen. Those unlucky Abyssal lifeforms couldnt resist it, even Elemental lifeforms, like Evil Water Elementals, were instantly frozen.

After exploding several times, the black disk had already covered two hundred meters, freezing everything in its path. Those elemental lifeforms blocking its way were instantly turned into ice statues before being shattered to pieces.

A large amount of fire spells were cast by the dozen survivors. Apart from Reina, everyone was using fire spells, and with so many spells aimed in the same direction, their shapes couldnt be seen, they kept colliding and attracting each other, making all the fire spells come together into an extremely terrifying fire elemental storm.

But that fire elemental storm was still suppressed by the Absolute Freeze. The outer layer of the storm was already freezing. After a few seconds, it exploded into shards and the center was forcibly extinguished.

Lin Yun kept casting spells with an icy expression. He kept thinking of a way to solve this, but he had already used the Purple Dragon Magic Tool Incarnation and couldnt use it for the time being, he could only use the Element Chapter, but the Element Chapters mana consumption was too high, especially when using High Tier Spells, it doubled or tripled the consumption.

When facing Curio, this Lesser Abyssal Overlord proficient in ice magic, the Element Chapter by itself wouldnt bring too much effect.

Lin Yun raised his Draconic Staff, holding the Book of Death in the other hand, and cast a Fire God Spear, impaling one Abyssal lifeform after another.

He also used Sea of Fire and used his Fire Elemental Incarnation and Flame Flash to keep flashing through this sea of fire, that way, he would dodge most ice spells.

The others were using their own methods, continuously retreating and dodging, killing as many Abyssal lifeforms as possible.

After more than a minute, Curio let a deafening roar, his aura sharply increasing.