End Of The Magic Era Chapter 671

Chapter 671 Dont Move


Elsa paled as she watched Curio leave the Abyssal Gate, her body faintly shaking. It was even more unbearable for Jeremy, his appearance had distorted from fear.

The other Dark Elves were so scared that they couldnt keep casting their spells efficiently.

The Dark Elves were the one with the most understanding of Curios power. In those days, the most talented Dark Elf ended up at a disadvantage when facing Curio and didnt even have a chance at defeating him, let alone killing him

Curio raised his hands and let out a terrifying shout, a tornado of black ice fragments revolving around him. He clearly had yet to reach level 39, but his aura was a lot more powerful than an ordinary level 39 powerhouse!

A huge body over a hundred meters tall seemingly made of black ice. When it left the Abyssal Gate, Curio casually grabbed a handful of Abyssal lifeforms. They let out miserable shouts, but they were powerless as Curio threw them in his mouth.


It sounded like he was forcibly biting on an ice cube. The dozen of Abyssal lifeforms were chewed on a few times by Curio before a stinky stream of black blood leaked from the corner of his mouth.

Before the blood could even touch the ground, it froze.

Curio punched his own chest and loudly roared, it spat countless Abyssal Runes which fell on his body and condensed into a sinister armor.

That black ice armor seemed to have been made based on Abyssal Black Iron armors, it simply didnt look like it was made out of black ice.

Everyone felt even more frightened as they saw that, while Lin Yuns expression sank.

As a Lesser Abyssal Overlord, he originally was powerful enough, but they hadnt expected that after Curio left the Abyssal Gate, the first thing he would do was actually equipping his own ice armor.

Zeuss bitterly smiled before continuing to cast.

Damn, as the Lesser Overlord of the 30th Floor, he can be considered a formidable powerhouse, how could he be so shameless.

We can barely resist his normal attacks, we cant even go through these Abyssal lifeforms, so why is he so worried?

Whats this? How could he be so shameless as to cast such an abnormal ice armor, and a variant ice armor too.

I know how formidable Frost Giants are, their bodies are extremely powerful, and their physical defenses are comparable to Dragons. You also have a Demons head, we can see your Abyssal Demon heritage with one look, and its the bloodline of an Abyssal Overlord at the very least, cant you resist 6th and 5th Tier Spells with your own body?

Why are you using such a formidable defensive spell, are you that shameless?

Dont you have powerful spells? Attack spells? Why using a defensive one?

Zeuss was feeling bitter. He saw Curio actually using a defensive spell and immediately started cursing him inwardly.

Then, Curio started his attacks.

That huge 100m tall body took a few steps forward, crossing several dozen meters with one step, and shaking the group with each step.

With a wave of his hand, a large amount of ice spells flew out, consisting of several hundred Iceblades, Frost Lances, and Frost Spikes. The pitch-black ice spells turned into a hailstorm moving towards the group.

With each wave of his arm, a large amount of ice spells would fall, and after a few seconds, the black hailstorm fell on everyones heads.

Several dozen Evil Legless Birds were hit by that rain of ice, but that didnt stop these savage Abyssal lifeforms, they instead became even more savage as they all knew what it meant: Curio was unhappy.

The battle had been ongoing for a long time, yet Lesser Abyssal Overlord Curio still had to personally make a move. If this continued, the first thing Curio would do after the battle would be clearing out these trashes.

All those Abyssal lifeforms attacked in a suicidal way, encircling Lin Yuns group from all directions and greatly decreasing the space they could use to move.

The increased pressure and the non-stop casting made everyone feel their limits, they were gritting their teeth while holding onto their Fire Shields, continuously casting, because they would end up overrun by these Abyssal lifeforms if they didnt.

There would be only one outcome to being surrounded, they would be hit by Curios powerful spells.

Within the next few minutes, due to Curios flood of spells, they were all forced to group up, and their moving space was reduced to a hundred meters.

At this time, they all saw a scene that made them despair. Curio nastily grinning while raising both hands before roaring.

Countless Abyssal Runes, made out of black smoke, quickly appeared in front of Curio, before converging in the sky in a black smoke.

When these countless Abyssal Runes reached the sky, they converged into a huge aura that chilled their minds.


A deafening sound echoed, over a hundred meters of black smoke rushed down, looking like a huge black meteor falling down, shaking the air and space around it as it fell, to the point where the space couldnt handle the burden and shook.

After it got closer, everyone could see those Abyssal Runes surging within the black smoke, a large amount of ice roused within.

Countless thick Frost Spikes fell down like a rain, covering the entire area.

Elsas expression greatly changed as she roused the ultimate magic pattern on her forehead to cast Wood Barrier and protect everyone.

The power of the Wood Barrier was fully displayed in this God Nation. Lin Yun previously had a taste of it and his flood of spells had assaulted it for a few minutes without breaking it. This already surpassed the power of a 5th Tier Ultimate Spell.

On the Wisdom Tree, the power of this ultimate defensive spell could already compare to 6th Tier Ultimate Spells.

The next second, the thick Frost Spikes fell down on every corner of the Wood Barrier, violently shaking it. Elsas complexion turned deathly pale within a second, 10% of her mana had been used in that instant.

After the thick Frost Spikes fell down, a ball made of boundless Abyssal Runes also fell down.

Unexpectedly, that huge black sphere had no destructive power, it was just a ball of smoke, and it dispersed when hitting the floor.

But something happened when they were about to sigh in relief

Within a hundred meters, seven to eight meters long Frost Spikes thrust out of the ground, covering the entire area.

More Frost Spikes appeared out of thin air, hovering in the sky.

In an instant, Frost Spikes completely filled the hundred meters wide, several dozen meters high area. They shot towards the group, sharply colliding against each other.

Within a few seconds, over a thousand Frost Spikes burst out in this small area.

The space started fluctuating and trembling.

One spatial crack after another was roused, but these rifts were forcibly suppressed by the bursting power in an instant, until there was no room for the spatial cracks to even appear here

Three seconds

Elsas eyes started rolling on their own, her complexion becoming deathly gray, ripples appearing on the Wood Barrier.

Lin Yuns face was pale white as he poured Mana Water in Elsas mouth, and because he used too much power, he ended up prickling Elsas mouth by breaking the bottle.

A large amount of pure condensed liquid mana allowed Elsa to quickly recover her mana, but it could only keep up with the consumption.

"What are you doing!" Seeing the thick Frost Spikes falling onto the Wood Barrier, Jeremy, who was contemplating what he should do if the Wood Barrier broke, saw Lin Yun pouring an unknown potion in Elsas mouth and then saw blood flowing out of Elsas mouth.

He immediately became enraged.

"Dont move!" The enraged Jeremy was stopped by Elsa. The dying Elsa had somehow recovered a bit of color, her situation greatly improving.

At that time, Jeremy noticed that Lin Yun had poured some sort of mana recovery potion in Elsas mouth.

Mana was a deadly temptation to Dark Elves, it was also their life source. Losing their mana was akin to losing their life, it was a torture for their minds and bodies.

The best way to torture a Dark Elf was extracting their mana.

That Mana Water was the liquid mana within the Demiplanes mana pond, it was made of pure mana condensed into a liquid state. Ordinary mages couldnt directly drink it, because the mana was too rich and the effects too good.

But Dark Elves didnt have this kind of worry. That bottle of Mana Water not only would recover their mana instantly, it was something equivalent to the Life Water.

Lin Yun had carefully taken a bit with him when he entered the Demiplane, but he hadnt expected to use it so soon. Elsas Wood Barrier had left a deep impression in his mind, as long as she still had mana, it was almost indestructible.