End Of The Magic Era Chapter 672

Chapter 672 Hell Bull


Moreover, the more mana, the longer it could last. In theory, as long as the enemys burst didnt exceed the defense of this Wood Barrier, it would be an absolute defense as long as there was enough mana.

Lin Yun wasnt happy in the slightest after blocking Curios Frost Hell, because he had been forced to use another card.

If Elsa stopped her Wood Barrier, she would need some time before she could use it again.

And they were completely suppressed by Curio at this moment, the situation was even less optimistic after losing that card

The Frost Hell was frantically erupting outside of the Wood Barrier. Countless black Frost Spikes started dissipating. Through the thin layer of the Wood Barrier, Lin Yun could see the crazy Curio, apparently furious that the spell he was proud of didnt kill them.

Then, he saw Curios raising his right claw and pointing one of his fingers at Lin Yuns group. Boundless black ice shards turned into a vortex slowly converging at the tip of Curios finger.

The black smokes Abyssal Runes suddenly came down, seemingly drawn in as they moved in front of Curio.

A head-sized black light ball appeared before Curio. This was extremely small when compared to the 100m tall Curio.

But that black light ball kept shrinking as more and more runes and power gathered.

This even made them wonder how that light could be so flashy.

"Dodge! Its Eternal Frost!"

Reina, who usually remained silent, only following Lin Yun like a shadow, was now fearful to the point of shouting from fright.

As a Frost Dragon, no one understood ice magic more than her. She even knew ice spells she couldnt use like the back of her claw. Seeing the black dot at the tip of Curios finger, she couldnt remain silent.

Hearing Reinas voice, Elsas expression greatly changed and she unexpectedly discarded the Wood Barrier.

But Lin Yun and the others reacted even faster, using their own methods to forcibly dodge, not even caring if they got injured while dodging the other ice spells on the way.

Even Zeuss was faster, he used the Crystal Scales just as the Wood Barrier disappeared and rushed towards the surrounding ice spells, dodging to the side.

Elsa also ignored the others and used a Flame Burst against the ground, using the power of the recoil to send herself flying to the side, spitting blood in the process.

But not everyone was as fast as the members of Lin Yuns group. Those few remaining Dark Elves werent as fast.

Two of them only had time to take two steps to the side before the finger-sized black ball burst out.

The thick black light stretched across the space, seemingly not needing any travel time, leaving a several hundred meters long black beam in its path as it hit the original location of the Wood Barrier.


The space violently shook, before recovering within a second, suppressed.

It was because the pillar, which shook the space also completely froze the crack!

The space that had been pierced by the light ended up frozen into a thigh thick, several hundred meters long transparent pillar!

From that point on, this pillar of frozen space would forever remain there, and no fluctuations would ever appear in that transparent spatial pillar!

As for those two Dark Elves who didnt have time to escape, parts of their bodies were grazed by the black light, and their entire bodies ended up freezing in an instant.

The two were still dodging fear and alarm was still visible on their faces, frozen for all eternity.

After dodging, the group all had terrible pale expressions.

Eternal Frost was known as the most powerful single target ice spell!

Whatever the frost came in contact with would end up frozen. Air, elements, people, things, magic

Everything would remain frozen forever.

This spells most formidable user was the Frost God.

During the peak of the Magic Era, after boundless planes had been colonized, those powerful mages discovered three planes tied together, wandering through the boundless void.

Those three planes were apparently linked by a pillar of frozen space, looking just like snacks on a stick, forever linked together.

The several kilometers long space ice pillar was running through the three planes, and countless things could be seen in that frozen pillars, people, things, spells, space, time

Everything was frozen together.

This power was hard to accept even at the peak of Noscent.

Later, clues were found on these three wandering planes, hinting at the identity of the culprit.

It was the not-so-well-known Frost God, during the Ascian Era!

At that time, the Frost God used Eternal Frost, only pointing his finger and piercing through three lined up planes. The several dozen kilometers ray of light pierced through the horizon, freezing everything in its path.

That was an eternal power, whoever was hit by the Eternal Frost would have both their body and soul frozen at that exact moment, even time and thoughts were frozen!

How could Lin Yun not know of such a famous ice spell? That had been one of the few described God Spells in the library, just from that description, Lin Yun had been very interested in that spell.

Eternal Frost, Single Target 8th Tier Ice Spell.

Long preparation time, easy to evade, area of effect minimal. All these shortcomings werent enough to make up for that power.

Just in terms of power, no 8th Tier Spell could compare to Eternal Frost!

Lin Yuns back was drenched in cold sweat. Even his soul would be frozen if he had been hit by it. And only Heaven Rank powerhouses might have a chance at dispelling the effects of the Eternal Frost.

Casting Eternal Frost seemed to have consumed quite a bit of Curios mana. He flew into a rage and shouted before dashing towards Lin Yuns group, swatting away the Abyssal Demons in its way, apparently interested in a melee battle.

As long as he didnt cast, they would be able to take a breath.

Lin Yun frowned and once again opened his Element Chapter. Under the rousing of his mana, a large amount of fire-attributed power flew out from the Element Chapters. In midair, a huge vortex of flames started to appear, instantly growing to be a dozen meters large.

A dense aura of flames came out of that fire vortex, quickly increasing the density of fire elements in the atmosphere, then, a serpentine Fire Dragon stretched out of the fire vortex.


A deafening Dragon Roar echoed as a large amount of flames condensed in the air, one flame after another transforming into boiling lava spraying down from the sky.

One Flame Elemental Dragon was summoned by Lin Yun, its body formed from the condensed convergence of fire elements, it was one of the most powerful Elemental lifeforms of the Fire Elemental Plane.

Lin Yun poured all his mana in, not even sparing the mana within his Alchemic Mana Whirlpool, even using the Mana Water. This was the most formidable Flame Elemental Dragons he ever summoned.

That pure elemental body was several dozen meters long, and it wouldnt die unless the elements were completely extinguished. Not to mention, it was extremely powerful in melee, and possessed the purest fire spell casting abilities.

It would be able to delay Curio for a bit.

After summoning the Flame Elemental Dragon, Lin Yun clenched his teeth and chanted another incantation, summoning a Hellgate behind Curio and pouring a large amount of mana to enlarge it.

A dozen meters large Hellgate appeared behind Curio, his eyes flickered when he felt the thick hellish aura. He immediately turned around, as a level 36 Hellish magic beast came from the Hellgate.

This was a bull-like hellish magic beast, covered in lava. Its body was filled with irregular cracks, and through these cracks, one could see the terrifying flowing Hellfire.

Just as it left the Hellgate, the Hell Bulls sight directly went over Curio, ignoring the other Abyssal lifeforms before falling on Lin Yun.

Hells lifeforms were arrogant and unyielding, betraying was normal to them. An ordinary contract couldnt restrict these cruel creatures.

Regardless of what hell lifeform was summoned, the first thing they would do would be getting rid of their summoner. They would regain their freedom as long as they got rid of their summoner and would be able to move freely within that world.

Noscent was a paradise for Hellish lifeforms. There was so many things there that didnt exist in Hell. That place was filled with poisons and chaotic flames, how could the outside world not be more interesting than Hell?

The only way to obtain the cooperation of a Hellish lifeform was enslaving them.

The Hell Bull first looked at Lin Yun before spitting out Hellfire. The Abyssal aura in the surroundings made it very uncomfortable.

Especially that Frost Giant emitting a thick Abyssal aura, it was annoying the bull even more. But getting rid of its summoner was its first priority.

No one would be able to stop it!

The Hell Bull sprayed Hellfire towards Curio, burning a part of his armor and creating a large amount of mist as the golden crimson flames came in contact with the black ice.

Then, the Hell Bull started charging towards Lin Yun.

Unfortunately, Curio was in front, and became even more violent after being provoked. Curio was enraged, the two colossus didnt hesitate and immediately fought on the spot.

The Flame Elemental Dragon, Curio, the Hell Bull, the three of them started an unstoppable chaotic melee. The pressure on Lin Yuns side was greatly decreased, and the amount of Abyssal lifeforms left was something they could now deal with.