End Of The Magic Era Chapter 673

Chapter 673 What Scheme?


With the pressure having been greatly reduced, Jeremy glared at Lin Yun and cursed, "Damned Outsider, everything is your fault! If not for your sudden appearance, we wouldnt have lost so much. Did you deliberately bring us here to kill us using that monster? I saw through your plan!"

Jeremys eyes were red. He had already lost all reason, and he was now blaming all his mistakes on Lin Yun. Regardless of what it was, it was all Lin Yuns fault. From his point of view, that person was definitely scheming against them.

Lin Yun sneered and glanced at Jeremy. "Hey, moron, you can f*ck off now! The Orachiss might have already left this place, you can get lost!"

Elsa promptly tried to help soften the dispute. "Jeremy, enough. I have made it clear before. The only way out of the Night Valley is that teleportation array, and no one knew what the circumstanced here were. Furthermore, the Orachiss side is even worse than here, it is simply unbeatable. At least we have a chance to escape here"

Jeremy felt enraged and humiliated. He glared at Lin Yun while crudely waving his hand at Elsa. "Elsa, dont interfere! This must have been that persons scheme, and its a scheme targeting us Dark Elves. Dont be fooled by him, see how many people we have lost on the way? We lost ten people, yet none of them have been harmed. Even that old High Mage didnt get injured. This is definitely his scheme!"

After saying that, a mana pattern on Jeremys body lit up. A loud cannon-like sound echoed as a Flame Bluster charged towards Lin Yun from that short distance.

Elsa exclaimed in alarm, before seeing an Ice Shield appear in front of Lin Yun.


The Flame Bluster and the Ice Shield cancelled each other out. Lin Yun stared blankly as he softly waved his Draconic Staff, causing a slight vibration to come from under Jeremys feet.

The next moment, several thick vines covered with thorns rushed out from the ground, instantly coiling around Jeremy and hanging him in the air. Those dark-red vines squirming over his body, inflicting wounds and causing a large amount of blood to rush out. But it was cleanly absorbed by the Hell Vines in an instant.

Hell Vines were the upgraded version of Blood Vines. There was a huge difference in power between the two, and it wasnt just in rank. Not only could they absorb blood, but they could also absorb mana. They were like gluttons that never felt satisfied. The more they ate, the more they grew, without any limit.

Jeremy was suddenly suspended in midair with several dozen wounds all over his body, and he kept letting out mournful screams. He hadnt been this severely injured even after fighting for so long.

But when he felt his blood and mana being absorbed, Jeremy shouted with rage, "Damn Outsider, you dare to attack me?! You are screwed, you are completely screwed! I shall have you know that my father is the Dark Elves Great Elder! You dared to make a move against me! No matter what kind of scheme you have, youll only end up being killed, ending up in a miserable state!"

Jeremys shouts made Lin Yuns expression turn cold. The Hell Vines slowly constricted, causing the numerous sharp thorns to further pierce Jeremys body and frantically absorb his blood and mana.

"Ah B*stard, let go of me. You damned Outsider Ah"

Jeremy kept shouting again and again. Elsa was startled and promptly entreated Lin Yun, "Sir Merlin, please dont lower yourself to Jeremys level. His father is the Great Elder of the Dark Elves. He has the absolute support of the Elder Council and has a lot of influence within our clan. Moreover, his father is extremely protective, even when he is in the wrong. All the disasters Jeremy caused in his childhood were solved by the Great Elder. If you kill him, youll definitely be chased by the entire Dark Elven Race, and our clans experts will be dispatched in large numbers"

Elsa looked at the screaming Jeremy and was a bit worried. Jeremy wouldnt die yet, but Lin Yuns expression was still icy after her explanation. It didnt look like he would change his mind.

After sensing his life slowly leaving his body, Jeremys originally angry and unyielding expression turned to fright.

His body couldnt help twitching, and his vision started becoming blurry as he was slowly losing consciousness. And with mana gradually leaving his body, his thirst for mana kept growing.

The mental torture made Jeremys expression change. He became more and more frightened, feeling even more pain.

No way, how could that Outsider kill me? Those ordinary Dark Elves can die, but how could I? He knows that my father is the Great Elder of Dark Elven Council, with even more influence than the Patriarch! Shouldnt he be afraid?! I dont want to die That damned Outsider must not know how powerful my father is

Its over I dont want to die, my mana, mana, I need mana

Elsa couldnt do anything. She could only watch as Jeremy fiercely twitched, his eyes rolling around in their sockets. She tried to convince Lin Yun for a while, but to no avail. Ultimately, she worriedly said, "Sir Merlin, as long as you let Jeremy off, youll gain the friendship of the Dark Elves. Everything that happened before would be completely wiped clean, and the Dark Elven Race will consider you their best friend."

After those words, although Lin Yuns expression was still as cold as ever, the Hell Vines that were tightly coiled relaxed a bit, and several dozen thorns suddenly stopped sucking blood.

Fear could be seen on Jeremys face. A large amount of blood and mana had been absorbed, and he could clearly feel his life quickly slipping away. He definitely couldnt remain cool-headed.

Elsa was very shocked by Lin Yuns unyielding attitude and even a bit scared. Anyone could understand what that expression meant He simply didnt care if he became the enemy of the Dark Elves. He was ruthless and merciless, and no threat would convince him.

But although warnings and threats didnt work, he did stop when Elsa mentioned becoming a friend of the Elves, which shocked her a bit.

It was the first time time Dark Elves had been forced to this point after so many years.

Elsa sighed in relief and looked at Lin Yun, who had sunk into contemplation, before looking at Jeremys almost unconscious form. She thought to herself that Curio wasnt as dangerous as this human mage.

With the Hell Vines not absorbing any more mana and blood, Jeremy realized that he was slowly recovering. As long as there was mana, Dark Elves would quickly recover, even if they were hurt as badly as he was.

After a few seconds, Jeremys eyes regained their liveliness, and although he still looked seriously ill, his mind was quickly recovering.

His face, which had been deathly pale because of the loss of blood, slowly regained its colors and returned to the slightly pale face, characteristic of Dark Elves. His mana also started recovering, but he was still being suspended in the air with several dozen sharp thorns pressed against his skin. Only one move was needed to either remove all of them or make them pierce his body once again.

But without the Hell Vines fierce absorption, Jeremys expression slowly returned to normal.

He saw Lin Yun, who was deep in thought, and couldnt help sneering.

Damned Outsider, you are afraid of my father after all! You heard that the whole Dark Elven Race would become your enemy and didnt dare to make a move! You foolish human mage, it doesnt matter how powerful you are. With your strength, you might be able to kill some ordinary Dark Elves, and you might even be able to make the Dark Elven Race admit defeat, unwilling to fight with you. But are you too audacious! You actually dare to make a move against me?

In the distant era, even Pureblood Elves and Chromatic Dragons didnt dare to kill the important members of the Dark Elven Race. If any Pureblood Dark Elven Nobles died, the Dark Elves would unleash a fierce retaliation. Are you afraid to make a move now that you learnt of my status? Hmpf, foolish human mage, I already knew your shortcomings, refusing to admit your own mistakes acting as if you werent affected by my threats.

As for Elsa, she is too meddlesome! There was no need to try and persuade him. That human wouldnt dare to kill me, he absolutely wouldnt dare to face the consequences. Its okay, just promise a lot of benefits to that human and hell even crawl for us. Humans are really greedy creatures.

Jeremys expression slowly recovered, and he slowly regained the power he had lost. Although he was still suspended in midair, he was no longer being attacked by the Hell Vines.

This allowed Jeremy to "see through" Lin Yun. The human wanted to acknowledge his mistakes, but he was in an awkward situation. However, pretending to be tough while letting him go wouldnt have much effect.

After realizing, Jeremy sneered as he looked at Lin Yun.

"Foolish human, hurry up and put me down!"

The pondering Lin Yun suddenly raised his head and looked at Jeremy with a bit of surprise. It wasnt just Lin Yun, everyone was looking at Jeremy with shock.

Jeremy sneered, looking down with contempt and displaying the arrogance of Dark Elves.

"What did you say?" Lin Yun asked with a tone so dull that no one could figure out his mood.

Jeremy sniggered with a cold gaze. "Hmpf, everyone says that human mages are full of wisdom, but I only see a fool. Say, human, you have made so much effort to draw us here, isnt it to kill us? But you clearly dont want to do it yourself. Ive said it all along, youre clearly scheming against the Dark Elves!"