End Of The Magic Era Chapter 674

Chapter 674 Only Chance


Elsa was bitterly smiling as she looked at Jeremy. She had finally managed to convince that human mage to relent, but Jeremy got carried away, thinking that he was afraid.


Jeremy coldly snorted, interrupting Elsa.

"Elsa, I know what you want to say, but you dont need to say anymore, Ive already seen through that human. I just want to know what that despicable clown is preparing!"

Then, Jeremy looked at Lin Yun with pity, acting like a selfless person. "Foolish guy, youd best be honest. What scheme have you prepared against the Dark Elves? As long as you speak and follow me back, Ill plead for leniency in front of the Elder Council so that you wont be executed. At best theyll cripple your mana and let you keep your life."

Seeing Lin Yun startled expression, Jeremy couldnt help smiling.

Damned human, I have finally seen through you! If you dare to make a move against me, my father will mobilize the entire Dark Elven Race to avenge me. Youll suffer a miserable death then, your soul wont be able to rest! Thats why you dont dare to kill a respected Dark Elf like me, you are bluffing!

Jeremy sneered, certain that he was already victorious, looking down at Lin Yun from above.

The surprise on Lin Yuns face disappeared, replaced by calmness. He said in a flat tone, "I was originally considering how to persuade you to sacrifice yourself. After all, taking the initiative to sacrifice yourself would have the best result, as you wouldnt be able to display the best effects if you were forced. But you just helped me choose"

Jeremy was stunned for a moment before he felt a chill spread through his body, causing him to let out a miserable shout.

Four thick thorns pierced through Jeremys palms and soles, and a large amount of blood flowed out of the wounds.

The blood was like a small stream dripping down from the sky. The Hell Vines unexpectedly didnt absorb this blood.

And as the Hell Vines squirmed, a thick and sharp thorn kept growing bigger in front of Jeremys eyes. Jeremy looked at the sharp thorn with fright before letting out a miserable shout. But it had no effect. Lin Yuns expression was still chilly as the sharp thorn slowly pierced between Jeremys eyebrows, poking a bloody hole that made Jeremy look like a bloody devil.

He struggled, he screamed

But the more he struggled, the deeper the sharp thorns pierced his body. His body kept twitching, which caused the thorns to widen the wounds even more. After just a few moments, Jeremy was covered in blood, with it streaming down all over his body.

Lin Yun then took out a crystal pen and started drawing a mystical and mysterious array on the ground at a very fast pace.

Elsa was stunned by what was happening. Jeremy, who had refused to acknowledge his mistake, was being tortured again, but this time, Elsa didnt know what else to say.

Lin Yun was quickly drawing runes and patterns, soon completing a rough outline of a 5-meter-long array.

Elsa looked at this rough outline, watching Lin Yun draw the array until she suddenly paled. The array looked very similar to an array she was thinking of in her mind.

"Heavens, this is the Elven Elegy"

Elsas fingers shivered. She was too familiar with this. When she started her training, her mother had strictly said that she had to master that array before she could become the next Dark Elven Empress.

This was something that every Dark Elven Empress had to master, and it was also the last card that a Dark Elven Empress would use when the Dark Elven Race was on the verge of extermination.

Elven Elegy The name alone showed that this wasnt a good thing for Elves.

It was the final card of the Elves when they met a powerful enemy. When casting it, the queen would sacrifice her power and use her blood to absorb the power of nature.

Every time it was used was to repel a powerful enemy, but the consequences were similar to losing 800 soldiers to defeat 1000. Every Empress only had one opportunity to use the Elven Elegy. After using it, they wouldnt be able to survive for long, and even if they somehow did manage to initially survive, they would become cripples that might die any moment.

Dark Elves who had lost all of their mana could already be considered dead

But wasnt that array something that only Elven Royalty and their successors could come into contact with? How come that human know it? And his drawing speed is so fast! I watched Mother draw it back then, but she wasnt even one-tenth as fast as him How could this be!?

Didnt Mother say that the Elven Elegy had to be drawn by the Empress herself and be fused with her own blood, and that they had to be willing to sacrifice themselves to activate it? How come High Mage Merlin is drawing it? And he is preparing to forcibly sacrifice Jeremy How could this be successful?

Elsa stared foolishly at Lin Yun as he continued quickly drawing the array. With her knowledge, she could recognize the Elven Elegy, but she couldnt see what was different from the Elven Elegy passed down through inheritance.

When the screaming Jeremy heard Elsa, his brain recalled all the information regarding the Elven Elegy that he knew. That thing was really too famous. All Dark Elves knew its name, but only the influential ones had some basic information.

Jeremy clearly had the qualifications to know about this, but the more he remembered, the more frightened he became. As a Dark Elven Princess, Elsa definitely wouldnt be wrong.

Hell, that human really wants to kill me? Impossible, how could the Elven Elegy be used by a human? This is absolutely impossible!

But he had lost a lot of blood, and his heart skipped a beat when he saw his blood dying the array, flowing within its patterns as if led by a strange power.

"Aaah" Jeremy could feel his body going numb, but he still felt the pain being transmitted to his mind and couldnt help screaming.

He ignored Lin Yun and could only request help from Elsa.

"Elsa, quick, help me! Hurry! This human is crazy! You know, you definitely know, damnit, hurry! Aaah!"

Jeremys expression distorted as he growled at Elsa.

Elsa ground her teeth. A magic pattern on her body lit up as she looked at Lin Yun with an embarrassed expression. "Sir Merlin, please release Jeremy. You cant successfully use the Elven Elegy. This array can only work if an Elf takes the initiative to sacrifice themselves"

Lin Yun was engrossed in the array and didnt care about Elsa. Time was running out, as the Flame Elemental Dragon and the Hell Bull had almost been taken care of.

Enderfa and the others were dealing with the Abyssal lifeforms in the surroundings.

As they kept retreating, Curio was about to reach the location of the teleportation array, while they were getting further and further away from it

The teleportation array was on a branch of the Wisdom Tree. Ordinary Abyssal lifeforms couldnt destroy it, but that didnt include Curio. If that teleportation array was destroyed, they would be done for

There wasnt just Curio in this sealed Night Valley. There was also Duncan, who was half a step away from the Heaven Rank, and he would definitely make a move when the time came.

They needed one opportunity to suppress Curio so that the repairs on the teleportation array could be finished.

Elsa could only clench her teeth as Lin Yun kept quickly drawing the array. The lit magic pattern on her body shone, and a meteor with a diameter of 1.5 meters fell down from the sky, targeting Lin Yun.

If Lin Yun didnt listen to persuasion, then she could only interrupt the drawing of the array so that he would stop.

But Lin Yun didnt stop drawing. His eyes fixated on the ground, but above his head, a blue ball of fire rose up and flew towards the sky.

In an instant, the meteor cast by Elsa exploded, at the same time, an extremely fast fireball appeared out of thin air and almost instantaneously appeared before Elsa.

Elsa let out a shocked shout and promptly used a Mana Shield.

Two loud explosions echoed, and Elsa was sent flying, her Mana Shield shattered.

At that time, Lin Yun coldly warned her, without even raising his head, "This is your only chance, and the last one. It wont end that nicely if you attack me again."

Crawling out of the ground, Elsa wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth and bitterly smiled.

Merlin is too powerful! Not only is he quickly drawing the Elven Elegy, but he was even able to control the trajectory of that Bursting Flames spell perfectly without even looking up, protecting the array from all external forces.

At the same time, he instantly cast a Bursting Flames to push me back. This kind of casting speed and control while drawing an array, this isnt something even I, someone comparable to an Archmage, can do

What kind of monster is this?

Only one move was enough for Elsa to give up the thought of saving Jeremy. It was simply impossible. Since it was impossible and there was still Curio in the distance, she could only focus on getting out first. In any case, the Elven Elegy couldnt possibly succeed.