End Of The Magic Era Chapter 675

Chapter 675 Begging For Forgiveness


A large amount of Abyssal lifeforms was attacking from all directions, but it wasnt too hard for Lin Yuns group to deal with them.

In the distance, the chaotic melee between the Flame Elemental Dragon, Curio, and the Hell Bull was almost over.

The Hell Bull was covered in injuries and the flames on the Flame Elemental Dragons body had already darkened. They were in a bad shape despite their formidable vitality, but they were still alive.

Yet everyone could see that once Curios casting ability was restored, getting rid of the two would be very easy. With physical abilities alone, he could already force the Flame Elemental Dragon and the Hell Bull into a defensive stance.

Lin Yuns drawing speed kept increasing, sweat incessantly dripping down his forehead as Jeremy was getting more and more scared.

At first, he also believed that the Elven Elegy wouldnt be drawn successfully, thus he wasnt worried.

But Jeremy got frightened as a large amount of blood had left his body. If it went on, he might die from blood loss before the Elven Elegy was even completed.

"Merlin, let me go. I promise that I wont cause trouble for you in the future, my father also wont look for trouble. It doesnt matter what scheme against the Dark Elves you have, as long as you let me go"

Jeremy was getting more and more afraid, continuously apologizing, but Lin Yun didnt even raise his head and only ignored Jeremy. No matter how much Jeremy screamed, Lin Yuns expression remained ice-cold.

As the Elven Elegy was about to be completed, a faint light appeared on the ground. Jeremys blood, that had been flowing in the patterns of the array, now started fusing with it.

This was a clear sign that the Elven Elegy was completed!

Shock and fear appeared on Elsas face, she couldnt believe that he had succeeded!

"Thats impossible! How could a human successfully draw the Elven Elegy!? Doesnt it require the person to voluntarily sacrifice themselves?"

Elsas words crushed Jeremys last hope.

Despair was apparent in Jeremys eyes, he had completely forgotten his Dark Elven pride and let out a miserable scream while appealing to Lin Yun.

"Sir Merlin, please, please let me off"

"Sir Merlin, I beg you, please release me. I dont want to die, Ill follow all your requests, no matter what you ask for"

Jeremy was lamenting, howling in grief, but Lin Yuns expression remained icy, as if he hadnt heard him.

Enderfa floated towards the despairing Jeremy, his three faces looking at him with ridicule.

"Idiot, I already told you, no one can save you if Merlin wanted to kill you. No matter who you are, how powerful you are or what background you have, no one can save you once he decided to have you dead. Dont even think that Merlin would show you mercy. You had a chance, but you already infuriated Merlin, so good luck. You might even survive, who knows"

Enderfas chuckles thoroughly broke Jeremys mind. Endless despair drowned him. And below Jeremy, Lin Yun stood up, having finished the drawing of the Elven Elegy.

The light brightened as Jeremys blood started permeating every corner of the Elven Elegy.

It felt as if the worlds power had somewhat recovered when the Eleven Elegy was dyed in a sorrowful bloody dark color.

The arrays glaring shine covered the screaming Jeremy, then, light started shining underneath. The branch of the Wisdom Tree appeared visible under this radiance.

The Nature Power was gathering, concentrated on this spot. The Wisdom Trees power was drawn out and a lot of skylight spread, intensively illuminating the Night Valley.

The Night Valley, which was originally covered with black ice, was undergoing drastic changes. The black ice quickly dissipated, and the evil power covering the ground and the cliffs couldnt resist, dispersing in an instant.

Grass, moss, saplings, all kinds of vegetation could be seen growing on the ground and cliffs. The air started flowing as the heavy and still world seemed to be alive at this moment.

The ground started fiercely shuddering as thick branches started appearing out of the ground, swaying forward like snakes.

A Frost Demon was pierced by one of those thick roots before being sent flying, its body turning blue from its original black color. It then transformed into an ice blue radiance which spread in the surroundings.

The boundless light covered everything as a large number of black Evil Water Elementals started shaking violently. Then, blue flowers kept growing under the body of the Water Elemental. Countless shoots and branches started to spread out from the bodies of the Water Elemental before they were forcibly purified and turned into nutriment for the vegetation in an instant.

Curio sensed the Abyssal power being continuously cleansed and the ice being melted at a rapid pace, while the entire world seemed to be recovering with the surging power of the Wisdom Tree.

Curio flew into a rage.

While enduring wounds, Curio grabbed the Hell Bull and violently tore him in two halves, forcibly using Eternal Frost again to freeze the Flame Elemental Dragon into a huge ice statue before rushing towards the location of the Elven Elegy.

But he was already too late, vegetation was growing everywhere. Countless roots and branches were drilling out of the ground. There was even a several-dozen-meters-long huge branch drilling out of the ground to charge at Curio.

Curios Ice Armor was instantly turned into pieces, cracks appearing on the body made out of ice.

Curio was forced into retreat, until he was pushed back a hundred meters. Under his body, a ten-meters-thick huge root drilled out of the ground and ruthlessly impaled him.

They could see shoots sprouting from the root piercing Curios body, forming several dozen small roots.

In an instant, a huge number of roots started growing within Curios body. Curio frantically shouted, wanting to struggle free of that huge root, but five more roots appeared below him, all of them at least ten-meters-thick and growing from the Wisdom Tree, they were part of the Wisdom Trees main body!

This could be said to be the Wisdom Tree making a move, and even if it was just a small part of the Wisdom Tree, it wasnt something Curio could escape from.

Curio let out a defiant roar, his power fading away at a rapid pace. His mana was absorbed by these roots like nutriment.

It was the same for these Abyssal lifeforms, they were impaled one after another by those roots and only took a second to turn into fertilizer, whether it was Frost Demons or Evil Water Elementals.

The earth kept shaking. After staying for some time, this huge branch started shaking, purifying all evil power at a fast pace. But that light stopped at the edge of the abyss. The abyss had reached the extreme of evil, while outside the Abyss, everything was flourishing.

Just as Curio was suppressed, Lin Yun charged towards the teleportation array.

When Duncan, who was in the abyss, pressing on Constances heart with both hands, saw this scene, flames raged in his eyes as he let out an unwilling roar. When he saw that Curio was actually completely suppressed and couldnt even resist, Duncans body started shaking, his entire body started trembling and the black smoke around him kept dissipating.

His connection to Constances heart also weakened, along with the flow of power. Up until it was completely severed.

Duncan took his hands away from Constances heart and suddenly let out a painful scream.

His skin turned to ashes, exposing his withered flesh, but then, that flesh also started turning to ashes.

The flesh on his hands as well as his clothes quickly withered and turned to ashes.

His limbs flesh dissipated the first, and soon, only bones remained as his internal organs directly fell, turning into ashes during their fall.


A painful roar echoed from Duncans mouth. He was now floating in midair, as a skeleton. His heart remained the last organ within his body, still beating at the same frequency as Constances heart.

Duncan forced himself up, in pain, his hands moving as he roared again

Boundless black smoke rose up from his body, and following Duncans painful roar, a large number of Abyssal Runes surged out from his mouth.

The boundless runes converged with the black smoke and formidable mana fluctuations spread like a tide.

The only things visible in Duncans pitch-black eye sockets were hate, anger, and pain

The strong emotions moved the mana, and the Ash Beastmans innate casting ability was fully displayed, a large amount of Abyssal Runes and black smoke condensed over the abyss under Duncans control.

In an instant, twelve black vortexes appeared and with the convergence of the black smoke and the Abyssal Runes, the vortexes size was increasing at a rapid pace.

After a few seconds, twelve huge Abyssal Gates over a dozen meters large took shape in the air.

Abyssal aura was leaking out of these twelve Abyssal Gates, colliding with the aura of nature.

Thunderous sounds echoed when these powers clashed, and a large amount of vegetation that had just started to regrow, in the area near the gates, was crushed and twisted by the collision.