End Of The Magic Era Chapter 676

Chapter 676 Conclusion


Countless plants withered at a rapid pace due to the collision between the two auras, turning yellow within a few seconds, before turning into black powder. But the next instant, these withering plants grew once more under the effect of the rich nature aura, completing the growth process of a few months, even a few years, in a second.

After a dozen seconds, Duncan waved both arms, the entire mana within his body flaring up, covering his body with a thick layer of black liquid mana, his power and evil aura continuously rising.

The black smoke was poured into the twelve Abyssal Gates, and the originally slowly rotating Abyssal Gates started fiercely trembling. Those extremely sinister vortexes revolving extremely fast.

Then, a large amount of sulfuric-smelling pitch-black flames emitting dark green poisonfire came out of the three doors on the left side.

From the other Abyssal Gates came black whirlwinds, boundless black ice, blazing meteors

Those black whirlwinds were letting out sounds similar to ghosts wailing, flickering with countless icy lights. A large amount of black Wind Blades gathered in those storm-like black tornadoes

As for the black ice, it was similar to small hills. In a split second, a large number of Iceblades and Ice Spikes fell down.

Those blazing Meteors were carrying heavy pressure as they dragged a black trail behind them, making the air tremble.

The earth started being corroded as poisonfire doused the earth, its spreading amplified by the black gusts of wind, turning a large amount of vegetation to ashes. Everything touched by the black ice froze, and after those meteors fell, a shockwave could be seen sweeping over, destroying everything in its path.

The aura of Nature started being suppressed, and from the edge of the abyss, the earth started being filled with wounds as the evil and deadly power spread. The violent surge of mana instantly killing the remaining Abyssal lifeforms.

Lin Yun was already using his four crystal pens to crack the array before his eyes.

He no longer had any spare time or any spare energy to care about what was happening behind, even if he sensed the terrible chaotic mana fluctuations behind him.

Enderfa frantically used defensive spells, using countless shield spells with the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel in order to defend the teleportation array against all attacks. As for Xiuban, he was swinging Carnage while clenching his teeth, forcibly blocking all missed spells to not let any of them disturb Lin Yuns work.

Xiuban was already covered with scars and his arms were trembling, every impact would cause his body to tremble violently, even leaking blood from the corner of his mouth. As for the other scattered people, they also fled for their lives, using the cover of the roots coming out of the ground to frantically run towards the teleportation array.

Elsa led the mere ten Dark Elves remaining, while carrying the passed out Jeremy, using all her mana to frantically run towards the teleportation array.

As a Dark Elven Princess, she had completely lost her calm and only terror could be seen on her face.

"Flee! Hurry" Elsa shouted in alarm.

Regardless how injured she got, she just kept running towards the teleportation array.

Hurry, hurry, Duncan is actually using his full strength, we are finished, how long do we have left? Ten seconds? Twenty seconds?

No way, we have at most ten seconds before those chaotic spells reach us.

Sir Merlin, crack the array a bit faster please, if you dont hurry, everyone will die

Heavens, Duncan is using all his strength to kill us

Boundless poisonfire, black ice hills and meteors are covering the entire depths of the Night Valley, looks like that crazy Duncan wants everything destroyed.

As time passed, those quickly revolving Abyssal Gates kept growing bigger and bigger, with more and more spells coming out, like a volcanic eruption.

Soon, a huge ten-meters-wide meteor flew towards the teleportation array. This heavy meteor put a lot of pressure on the space. Before it even reached them, the air was already pressured away and those standing next to the teleportation array were already affected..

Enderfas three faces were already distorted as he did his best to squeeze the Molten Core to push the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel to its limits, casting a flood of spells towards that huge meteor.

A Dragon Roar could be heard as Reina turned into a Frost Dragon, a thorn-like sharp blue Frost Breath made of converged ice shards rushing towards that huge Meteor.

The core of the puppet, the Hydra Heart, was also crazily throbbing, squeezing every single drop of mana. Many of the structures linked to the mana source had already been severed, all mana was used to cast spells.

The powerful pressure suppressed the air and mana in the area, making Elsa and the other Dark Elves expression turn dark purple, but they still clenched their teeth and kept casting spells towards that huge meteor.

Under the bombardment of countless spells, the black smoke on the surface of this meteor was scattered, exposing a meteor of black ice with a layer of flaming poisonfire, gusts of winds were lingering around the meteor, creating fierce spatial cracks.

When these spatial cracks appeared, they were quickly swept away by the meteors pressure.

Under everyones attacks, the falling speed of the meteor was slowly reduced, but it still had a terrifying momentum, relentlessly falling towards the meteor.

And after the cover of the first meteor disappeared, they could all see three over-twenty-meters-wide meteors right behind the first one.

"Merlin, are you done yet?" Enderfa exclaimed in alarm with his three distorted faces. He had been doing his best and couldnt even maintain the shape of his faces.

When the Meteor was ten meters away from them, the Dark Elves spat blood due to the pressure. Zeuss also screamed, unable to breath. Having lost air and the surrounding mana, his body felt as if it was about to explode.

A large amount of blood came out from the wounds in their body, as if forcibly drawn out.

Eight meters

Seven meters

When the first meteor was five meters away from them, the teleportation array suddenly shone with a glaring light, countless flowing light converged together, transforming into a pillar of light.

At this time, Lin Yun stopped using the crystal pens, a pale expression on his face and his hands trembling. Under the huge pressure, it was very hard for Lin Yun to even lift his arms.

Suddenly, the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras appeared in Lin Yuns left hand, instantly transforming into the Raging Flame Scepter, a very simple-looking scepter, with a ball containing countless runes at the top.

Beads of sweat trickled down Lin Yuns forehead. He clenched his teeth and brandished the Raging Flame Scepter above his head.

In a split second, countless runes burst out of the Raging Flame Scepter, the glaring lights condensed into a one-meter-thick light pillar, fiercely colliding with that huge Meteor above his head.

In an instant, that huge black ice Meteor exploded and turned into countless shards of black ice, sent flying in the sky.

After having gotten rid of the huge pressure from that meteor, everyone felt their bodies getting lighter.

Then, no one cared about appearances.

Whether it was Reina or Zeuss, or even the Dark Elves on the verge of death, everyone pounced towards the light of the teleportation array.

Rays of light flashed as everyone disappeared

A second later, several large Meteors fell down in the vicinity of the teleportation array.

Poisonfire, black ice and whirlwinds fell alongside the Meteors, destroying everything within that area and forcibly suppressing the power of nature.

The entire Night Valley was turned into an apocalyptic scene.

Duncans furious roars kept echoing throughout the Night Valley, but unfortunately for him, Lin Yuns group had already escaped.

In a calm forest, magic beasts over level 20 were living within the large amount of colorful vegetation.

Suddenly, the ground started shining, and the vegetation covering that spot was disintegrated.

The teleportation arrays light pillar shone brightly as more than a dozen people in terrible shape rushed out of the light.

Terrifying mana fluctuations rushed out, sending wide-eyed monkeys and magic beasts fleeing from fear.

A burnt and smoke smell spread as they all sat and started exclaiming in pain.

Lin Yuns face was terrible and his clothes were already dilapidated. Immediately after appearing here, he rushed to the side of the teleportation array and instantly shut it close, even changing one of the runes to sever the connection between the two arrays.

Only then did Lin Yun sigh in relief.

"F*ck, finally escaped, that guy was really too frightening" Enderfa cursed after finally getting a new lease on life.

Reina, Xiuban, and Zeuss had also suffered some not-so-light injuries, even the puppets parts Lin Yun had replaced before had been ruined.

As for the less than ten remaining Dark Elves, they were all seriously injured.