End Of The Magic Era Chapter 677

Chapter 677 Clan


Elsa was sitting on the ground, downing a health recovery potion. The faint Jeremy was at his last breath and even that could be considered very fortunate after being offered as a sacrifice for the Elven Elegy.

While everyone rested for a bit, Elsa couldnt help looking at Lin Yun. Because of Jeremys sacrifice issue, Elsa felt that the situation was very troublesome, she didnt know how to deal with it.

After all, Jeremy was the son of the Great Elder and his status among Dark Elves wasnt low. According to human standards, he was a noble. As for the Great Elder, he could be said to be the most influential among the dark elves, he had the strength of a peak 9th Rank Archmage and might soon advance to the Heaven Rank.

If the Great Elder heard of what happened to Jeremy, they would definitely mobilize the entire Dark Elven Race to retaliate.

Merlin was so strong, as a 9th Rank High Mage, he already had the power of an 8th Rank Archmage. And of his few companions, one was level 38 Frost Dragon, one was a puppet that could cast 6th Tier spells, one of them was an unfathomable Beastman with Draconic and Beastman bloodlines, one was a monstrous Magic Tool Incarnation controlling that Magic Tool to form floods of spells. Not to mention that strange old man who was quickly advancing through ranks

Such a powerful force If the Dark Elves started a war, their race might not get any advantages, both sides might even suffer huge losses. But the Dark Elves werent the only race in the God Nation.

If the Dark Elves got severely injured, the other races would definitely not let go of this opportunity

But it should be okay, Merlin actually has a scepter!

There was a strange expression in Elsas eyes as she looked at Lin Yun, the confusion seemed to have cleared out as she couldnt help recalling a prophecy.

Legend had it that one day, there would be a man holding a scepter coming to the God Nation, and that person would undo the curse plaguing the Dark Elves for generations.

And even though that scepter looked ordinary, there was a ball of light made of the convergence of countless runes.

Merlin is definitely the person from that prophecy!

This cant be a mistake, such power, talent superior to the Dark Elves, and holding that scepter as he came to the God Nation, this couldnt be wrong!

Compared to letting the curse plague the Dark Elves for more millennia, let alone the still living Jeremy, even her, as a Dark Elven Princess, wouldnt hesitate to trade her life for such a favor.

Right, I must take Merlin to the clan, the Great Elder would definitely put aside his personal grudges!

Elsas expression became resolute, apparently having decided on something, she walked towards Lin Yun, awkwardly issuing an invitation, "Sir Merlin, I would like to invite all of you to our clan as guests, what do you think?"

Lin Yun looked at Elsa with shock, Invitation to the Dark Elven Clan?

Enderfa floated over and looked on with ridicule, "Why, Elf? You want to lead us to your clan so you can capture all of us in one fell swoop? Truly too naive, this is such a poor excuse!"

Reina and Xiuban also stood up at this point, maliciously looking at Elsa. They had been cooperating with the Dark Elves before due to the situation, they had no other choice when facing the Orachiss and Duncan, they could only team up with the Dark Elves.

Now that they solved it, they still issued an invitation? If they didnt harbor malicious intentions, then what.

Elsa heard Enderfas words and was suddenly startled, promptly waving her hands to explain, "Thats not it, Sir, dont misunderstand. I genuinely want to invite you to our clan as a guest. In truth, it was our armys fault. If not for Sir Merlin, we would have been completely annihilated by Curio, how could I harm Sir Merlin!"

Elsa explained in a hurry.

If Merlin left just like that, she might not get the opportunity to see him again. If he had a way to enter the God Nation, he should have a way to leave it too. Once he left, would the Dark Elves have another opportunity for their curse to be removed?

Elsa urgently explained, but dull words couldnt even convince the Dark Elves behind her. There were even many Dark Elves looking at Elsa with admiration. No matter how powerful this group was, once they were brought to the clan, they would be screwed.

Lin Yun stood there, indifferently looking at Elsa, waiting to hear her explanation.

Elsa tried to explain for a while, but after seeing no change in Lin Yuns expression, she decided to divulge the prophecy, but it wasnt a very detailed explanation.

After Elsa roughly told the content of that prophecy, the Dark Elves expressions completely changed, they then looked at Lin Yun with zeal and respect, all enmity had completely dissipated.

They had seen Lin Yuns methods with their own eyes, they could accept the content of the prophecy when it was brought up and were even certain that Lin Yun was the person from the prophecy.

Enderfa was dumbstruck as he looked at Elsas attitude, she didnt appear to have any malice.

Lin Yun had a change of mind as he thought of his search for Constances skull, he would spend a lot of time without knowing the path. These Dark Elves surely knew, it would be a lot simpler if they were willing to help.

Moreover, even if these Dark Elves were stupid, he wouldnt have to worry, even if he couldnt defeat them, he could still flee

Thinking of this, Lin Yun didnt care if the prophecy was true or not and nodded, "Lets go take a look then."

Hearing Lin Yuns answer, Elsas face lit up with delight and she promptly gave an introduction of the Dark Elven Clan, eager to lead the way.

"We arent far from the clan"

Under Elsas enthusiastic lead, it didnt take long before they reached the Dark Elven Clan.

That clan was situated on a main branch of the Wisdom Tree, the few-dozen-kilometers thick branch was like a large continent.

They saw a large forest on their way towards the clan, every tree had fruits the size of fists, these were the Dark Elves main source of food.

A few-kilometers-long path crosse the forest, at the end of which was a huge tree over a kilometer in height, with a dark green treetop spreading for half a dozen kilometers. Rays of lights sprinkled down like a waterfall, falling down from the top of this huge tree.

This was the Ancient Tree of Life that most Elven Clans possessed. It could even be said that only the Elven settlements possessing an Ancient Tree of Life could be considered a clan.

The rays of light sprinkling down from the Ancient Tree of Life were formed from the converged mana of the Ancient Tree of Life, this was more important than air to Elves.

On the side of the long path, they could see numerous treehouses covering the falling light. This was completely different from a human street, all the paths were made from twisted and curved trees.

As their group arrived outside the clans area, they saw a dozen trees over twenty meters tall suddenly moving.

Ordinary aged faces appeared on the trees and one branch after another hung down, forming pairs of hands.These trees were shuddering, carefully watching the group coming from the main path.

After seeing Elsa waving her hand in greeting, these trees fell back, their hands and faces disappearing.

Enderfa saw those dozen trees and sneere, disdainfully saying, "There is only a dozen Ancient Thorn Trees defending that clan"

When they entered the clan, they saw a lot of Dark Elves looking curiously from the distance. From time to time, some of them would greet Elsa.

After walking for a while, Elsa grabbed a Dark Elf and impatiently asked, "Where is the Great Elder right now? I have some important matter to discuss with him."

That Dark Elf was stunned, but didnt ask and answered immediately, "The Great Elder has already entered the Lightless Dreamland, I heard that this time the Great Elder is very confident in stepping into the Heaven Rank after leaving the Lightless Dreamland"

Disappointment flashed on Elsas face. Since the Great Elder had entered the Lightless Dreamland, nothing could be done for the time being.

A light flickered in Lin Yuns eyes, how could he not know about the Lightless Dreamland.

He started studying the Dark Elves after he had read the part about the Dark Elves rebelling against their God.

The Lightless Dreamland was one of their abilities, and it was a very powerful one.

They could make their body sink into slumber, and their mind, consciousness and soul, would enter that world of pure soul energy.

There was no material matter in this world, only pure soul and Laws. A Dark Elf could use the Lightless Dreamland to directly perceive the Laws through their consciousness. That was the purest contact, which would greatly increase the speed at which they understood Laws, and some Laws that ordinarily couldnt be felt could be sensed there.

The Dark Elves had high probability of turning their spells into ultimate magic patterns thanks to Lightless Dreamland, it could even be said that the Lightless Dreamland was the driving force behind the Dark Elves ultimate magic patterns!

But, Dark Elves had to at least be at the Archmage realm if they wanted to enter the Lightless Dreamland, moreover, only the most talented Dark Elves with strong soul power had that ability and could understand the Laws within the Lightless Dreamland. They were the most powerful Dark Elves.

The Great Elder actually had the opportunity to reach the Heaven Rank, he might already be a powerhouse with one step into the Heaven realm.