End Of The Magic Era Chapter 678

Chapter 678 Oh? Really?


The details about the Lightless Dreamland flashed in Lin Yuns mind, he also recalled that Pureblood Elves had similar abilities, but it was the Jade Dreamland. Both had similar effects, only their names were different.

By the time Lin Yun recalled all the information, Elsa had already returned after asking the Dark Elf, and came back with a helpless expression.

"Sir Merlin, our Great Elder isnt here for the time being. You must be tired after fighting for so long, Ill arrange a place for you to rest."

Elsa led Lin Yuns group to an exquisite treehouse and carefully arranged every single trivial matter before rushing out.

Lin Yun actually didnt care, the more he increased his understanding of the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras, the more formidable that book felt.

Moreover, he would frequently find some very practical spells and some very situational spells.

But the greatest harvest wasnt these recorded magic spells, but rather his increased comprehension towards incantations. A spell didnt have to be used in their original form, but it could also be cast based on the actual need, this was remodelling spells.

New spell could even be created by compounding spells. Although these spells might not be the most powerful, in some situations, they would have the best effects. Some would use the least amount of mana, while others would take the lowest amount of time to be cast.

The more comprehension, the more Lin Yun felt that this Book of Ten Thousand Mantras wasnt that simple. Since he had time, he might as well study it.

Lin Yun sat in the treehouse, holding the Book of Ten Thousand Mantra as he started savoring every spell written within

On the other side, the news of Elsas return and Jeremys fainting from serious injuries spread in the Dark Elven Clan.

In Jeremys room, Jers was looking at the comatose, barely alive Jeremy who didnt have a wisp of mana fluctuations. His eyes were red as he repressed his fury, carefully observing. His fury only burst out after he made sure that Jeremy wouldnt be in any danger for a while.

"Jeremy, rest assured, no matter who it is, your older brother will make them pay the price!"

Jers rushed out of the house, bursting with energy. He rushed towards a huge treehouse where a few Dark Elves were still recovering from their wounds. They were the survivors that had followed Elsa out of that disaster.

Jers rushed in, grabbed a Dark Elf laying on a bed and roared loudly, "Tell me who! Who put Jeremy in that state?!"

The grabbed Dark Elf paled as he looked at Jers with shame, "Its Its those Outsiders, Jeremy"

He didnt finish his words before Jers ruthlessly left him there, rushing out in anger, "F*ckers, f*ckers, its actually those outsiders! These outsiders dared to injure my younger brother!"

Jers rushed out of the house and instantly disappeared. The Dark Elves in the room looked at each other in dismay. They didnt have time to say anything before Jers left in anger. The few of them felt that the situation was far from good, so one of them immediately rushed out to notify Elsa."

Jers was burning in anger. He easily got the location of the outsiders, after all, outsiders were really conspicuous in a Dark Elven Clan.

But when he arrived in front of the outsiders resting place, Jers froze.

He gnashed his teeth as he saw the house they were given.

Damnit, who? Which b*stard had the gall to host the person that seriously injured Jeremy in such a luxurious treehouse!

Damned outsiders, you are actually treated as VIP!

Is the Dark Elves most luxurious VIP treehouse something that you outsiders can live in?

Jers face turned cold, he didnt even knock and kicked the door open before walking in with large strides.

In the house, Lin Yun was leaning down, studying the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras while looking at a newly appearing 1st Tier Spell.

As he saw Jers coming in, Lin Yuns eyes were still unfocused, having yet to wake up from the boundless sea of spells.

Jers walked towards Lin Yun with large strides, looking down at him as he coldly asked, "Human, who let you in this place? Is this a place your inferior species can enter? F*ck off."

Lin Yun frowned, looking at that ice-cold proud face that carried the Dark Elves trademark arrogance, his chin raised and his two hands behind his back, this was the way Dark Elves showed disrespect.

But Lin Yun didnt think too much about it, he thought that it was the original owner of the house, thus he closed the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras when he saw that newcomer and walked out of this treehouse.

After Lin Yun left the treehouse, Jers sneered and followed him out. Lin Yun frowned and asked, "You are?"

But just as he opened his mouth, Jers sneered, "Blind fool, you dont even know me yet you want to infiltrate the Dark Elven Clan? I dont know which idiot got tricked by such an inferior species to let you live in that treehouse. You didnt even do proper research before infiltrating the Dark Elven Clan? What kind of swindler are you?"

Lamentable Human, only a 9th Rank High Mage, yet he dared to infiltrate the Dark Elven Clan. I only need one hand to crush that trash to death.

Moreover, this trash awareness is so bad, I rushed in and he was still staring blankly, without an ounce of awareness, still looking at a 1st Tier Spells incantation. He is so trashy. I heard that humans were a base and despicable race, sure enough.

How could this kind of trash even compare to me? I am the 2nd genius of the younger generation of the God Nations three great races, how could this kind of trash compare?

As a 9th Rank High Mage, I already killed a level 30 Soul Exploding Ape on my own! That was the most troublesome level 30 magic beast! If this trash was ambushed by a Soul Exploding Ape, he would definitely die in an instant. No, even a level 29 magic beast might easily kill that trash.

Such a weakling, how could this trash trick anyone? Could there be someone more stupid than him in the Dark Elven Clan?

How could that kind of trash injure Jeremy

As he thought about this, Jers raised his chin, overlooking Lin Yun as he interrogated him, "Human Outsider, tell the truth, did you put Jeremy in that state? Answer my question and I can mercifully spare your life!"

Lin Yun frowned a bit before relaxing, his face becoming dull and expressionless, "Haha"

Jers face turned icy, "Despicable Human, I shall have you answer my question. Standing in front of you is the son of the Great Elder, the most outstanding genius of the Dark Elven Race, the strongest Dark Elf of the younger generation. Im ordering you to answer my question. I give you three seconds. Think carefully, the consequences depends on your actions."

Saying that, Jers secretly roused a magic pattern, a 4th Tier ultimate magic pattern shone and powerful mana fluctuations started appearing.

Damn Outsider, I know you dont want to admit your mistakes, but the most talented genius of the Dark Elven Race is standing in front of you, Im the 2nd young genius of the entire God Nation. Such a weakling isnt qualified for me to make a move. My name alone should be enough to make him tremble in fear.

In the Dark Elven Clan, which young Dark Elf wouldnt have admiration when my name is mentioned? Even the powerhouses of the older generation would be afraid when Im angry. As long as I stand there, those Ash Beastmen wouldnt dare looking up.

A damned human, and a 9th Rank High Mage looking at 1st Tier Spells Such a trash would never know how powerful an Archmage was in his entire life, let alone understand how formidable a Dark Elf Archmage was.

Hmpf, this damned Outsider would never become an Archmage during this lifetime. He cant even talk from fright, truly disgusting. If not to avenge Jeremy, I would have never talked to such a trash and would have cut the throat of that damned outsider right away.

As long as that trash tells me which outsider hurt Jeremy, Ill mercifully let him keep his life. Yes, this kind of trash isnt worth me making a move. If others learnt about it, Ill definitely be known as a joke for decades.

I must lock up the bastard that injured Jeremy in the prison, ruthlessly torture him for a hundred years and trap his soul!

Yes, if this weakling doesnt dare to speak, I shall cripple his magic conducting rune. In any case, that trash would never be able to feel my power in his life.

Jers glanced at Lin Yun and sneered, "Hmpf, such a gutless human, what happened? You have never seen so much power? Ill let you know, if I want to kill you, you wont be able to move a finger at all. With a single thought, you would die ten times!"

Lin Yun was baffled, Where did this guy come from?

"What do you want?"

Jers raised his chin, both hands behind his back, disdain on his face.

"You, Trash, dont even have the qualifications to be killed by me. As long as you tell me who injured Jeremy and where that scoundrel is, I shall be merciful and let you keep you life with only your mana crippled."

Hmpf, that guy might have been sent by one of our enemies, they harmed Jeremy and sent that weakling here in order to ridicule me and have me, the genius of the Dark Elven Tribe, handle that 9th Rank High Mage human myself.

I was almost fooled by that guy!

Jers was angrily staring at Lin Yun.

Lin Yun casually answered, "Oh? Really?"