End Of The Magic Era Chapter 682

Chapter 682 Giving You A Chance


The 5th Elder gloomily said, "Thats right, the clans interests are more important than anything else. There is clear evidence right now that everything was caused by these outsiders. Our hunting teams composition is kept very secret. Besides the people of the clan, no one knows the strength and the destination of the hunting team. The only ones that could leak those are those outsiders!"

The 3rd Elder coldly looked around, "For the sake of the Clan, we have to nip the danger in the bud. These outsiders must be dealt with! They are definitely plotting to overthrow the clan. We have to torture them until they reveal their origins and what theyre plotting, or everyone within the clan will be in danger."

As soon as the 3rd Elders words came out, over half of the Deacons showed that they agreed with him. Some extreme ones even loudly shouted that they should immediately kill them.

Elsa was worrying, but not for Lin Yun She was worrying about the clan.

She looked around and saw everyones attitude Even the 2nd Elders face didnt look good. These people had already lost their minds. Mafa Merlin had never left his living area ever since he came to the clan. How could he have leaked classified information that he couldnt even know?

These people hadnt seen how terrifying Mafa Merlin was, and they surely wouldnt believe without seeing it. Although Mafa Merlin only looked like a 9th Rank High Mage, even she couldnt estimate how powerful he was. She had never seen Mafa Merlin at a loss, he always had a solution for everything.

Although the Clan isnt weak, the Great Elder has entered the Lightless Dreamland, and most of the remaining people wouldnt even have the ability to escape from the Orachiss, yet Merlin escaped from the Orachiss Ash Cage.

Even if the Great Elder hadnt sunk into a slumber, he would also be unable to force Mafa Merlin to stay. These people know that Duncan was powerful, but they dont know that Duncan is already on par with the Great Elder No, he is even more powerful. But even then, Mafa Merlin was still able to escape. Those that could resist Curios pressure in the clan could be counted on one hand, yet Curio was killed by Mafa Merlin.

These people clearly dont understand how terrifying he is They still dont know he is a formidable Artisan that even comprehended the Dark Elven Inheritance, the Elven Elegy, and his version was even more powerful than our Clans inherited Elven Elegy. He can even forcibly sacrifice a Dark Elf to trigger nature power.

The rest of them certainly wouldnt believe it. Even the 4th Elder, who was the one she was closest to, thought it was a joke when Elsa told her what happened

Furthermore, Merlin had several powerful companions.

There was a level 38 Frost Dragon, everyone in the clan knew of the power of Dragons.

There was also a monstrous puppet with casting ability far greater than that of Dark Elves, capable of creating a flood of spells in an instant, a formidable True Spirit Magic Tool with a freakish Incarnation, and that strange Beastman that could resist spells.

But none of them were as strong as Mafa Merlin. She even felt his aura further stabilizing yesterday. His mana fluctuations gave a feeling similar to that of the Wisdom Tree, boundless and endless.

Standing in front of Mafa Merlin made her feel helpless, as if she was standing in front of a wise God.

They havent seen his eyes containing boundless wisdom. He has yet to break through to the Archmage realm, but it feels as if Im facing an Elder They wont believe it. I cant let them do something so stupid, we absolutely cant clash with Mafa Merlin. They dont understand, doing as the 3rd Elder says is no different from welcoming the annihilation of the Dark Elven Clan!

Elsa looked at these angry Elders and Deacons, but only felt a sense of helplessness. She simply couldnt persuade these people.

After looking around for a while, apart from the 4th Elder, that had yet to take any side, and the worrying 2nd Elder, everyone else had already approved of the 3rd Elders idea.

She had heard the 4th Elder say that the 3rd Elder had huge influence in the Elder Council, and his relationship with the Great Elder was very good, but she hadnt expected it to be to that degree

The 2nd Elder was someone that tried to never offend anyone. He could deal with the tribes trivial matters, but he wouldnt have his own opinion when making an important decision. Persuading the 2nd Elder was impossible. The 2nd Elder also wouldnt believe how powerful Mafa Merlin was.

The 4th Elder stood up and kept arguing with the 3rd Elder, disapproving of his idea. But she was surrounded by all those people and could hardly resist.

Elsa clenched her teeth and suddenly stood up, looking at everyone. "Im completely against you using force against Mafa Merlin. Let me tell you! Mafa Merlin is the person mentioned in the clans prophecy, he is the one that can remove our curse!"

Elsas words instantly silenced the noisy clansmen, but after a few seconds, some of them started questioning Elsas words, asking her to explain herself and asking for proof.

Elsa was 100% sure of herself, but she had predicted this. After so many years, not many people dared to believe her words were true.

Or it might be simpler to say that they didnt believe that Mafa Merlin was the person in that prophecy

Soon, the 2nd Elder, who had already started leaning towards the 3rd Elder, seemed to want to agree with his opinion. The 4th Elder suddenly sneered and sat down, glancing at everyone before looking at the 2nd Elder.

"2nd Elder, this is all because of the 3rd Elders grudge. Moreover, we have no proof that Mafa Merlin did anything to our clan. And if Mafa Merlin really is the person from the prophecy, then you would have sinned and forced us Dark Elves to live with the curse for all eternity, unable to remove it. Who can take responsibility for that sin?"

The 3rd Elder sneered, "I only believe what I can see! The clan is undergoing an unprecedented crisis and these outsiders are the biggest suspects so I have to eliminate them. In order to protect the clan, I can bear all sins!"

The 4th Elder and the 3rd Elder were completely opposing each other, while the 2nd Elder could only force a smile and wave his hand, "Stop quarreling, those outsiders are really our biggest suspects and cannot be ignored, but since Elsa brought up the matter of the prophecy, we cant be too excessive. Send some people to arrest them first. Once weve looked into the crux of the matter, if we find out that these outsiders were innocent, Ill thicken my face and personally apologize"

The 2nd Elder declared his stance, but he was trying to smooth things over and make both sides take a step back. The 3rd Elder expressionlessly sat down, while the Deacons all approved.

The 5th Elder, who was a staunch follower of the 3rd Elder, crossed his arms and sneered at Elsa, clearly still planning something.

This time, Elsa was extremely pale.

Of the four seated Elders, three had approved, as well as more than 70% of the Deacons. There was no way to change this decision, unless the Great Elder appeared and changed it himself. But the Great Leader couldnt appear.

Its over We are finished, we are going to offend Mafa Merlin. Trying to capture Mafa Merlin is definitely going to cause a storm If it leads to a large clash, Im afraid the danger from the outside will follow and the clan will suffer heavy losses

After the meeting was finished, Elsa took the initiative to leave first, using her fastest speed to rush to Lin Yuns treehouse.

"Mafa Merlin, hurry, follow me and leave! Elsa even forgot the most basic etiquette as she rushed into Lin Yuns room in a panic, incoherently telling him that he had to get away.

Lin Yun frowned and calmly closed the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras before raising his head to face the anxious Elsa.

"What happened?"

Elsa was hopping about in a rush.

"Hurry up and follow me, three Elders are coming to capture you, they are saying that you have a big plot against the Dark Elves. Even the 2nd Elder gave his consent. I saw the attitude of the 3rd Elder and it wont be as simple as capturing you. Hurry up and go, they are on their way!"

Lin Yun waved his hand, indifferently appeasing the fretful Elsa.

"Its okay, dont worry, the sky has yet to collapse."

Elsas eyes opened wide, continuously moving.

"You should hurry, Mafa Merlin! Escape quick! They are coming! I dont have time to give you a detailed explanation"

Over, its over, Mafa Merlin isnt anxious at all. By the time the 3rd Elder comes, he will definitely act. If he does, we will be in huge trouble

As Elsa was getting angry about failing to persuade him, a loud sound echoed from outside the treehouse.

"Surround them! Dont let these conspiring outsiders run!"

Elsas expression greatly changed. Despair could already be seen on her face

Lin Yun calmly left the treehouse. Several hundred elite Dark Elves had appeared outside the treehouse, surrounding it. And at the head was the 3rd Elder.

Seeing Lin Yun, the 3rd Elder immediately shouted in a loud voice.

"Outsider! Since your appearance, our clan has had a large number of casualties. An entire hunting team disappeared on a hunt! It must all be related to you. According to our regulations, you should be executed. Ill give you a chance now! Tell me what your scheme is, and I can make the decision to only cripple your mana and let you keep your life."

In the back, Jers was maliciously looking at Lin Yun.

"Outsider, I already saw through your schemes. You mounted a despicable ambush last time! This time, I shall see how you plan on ambushing us. If you dont explain what your scheme is today, then the only outcome awaiting you is being burnt alive!"

Lin Yun glanced at the 3rd Elder and Jers and chuckled.