End Of The Magic Era Chapter 685

Chapter 685 No One Can Save You


"Moreover, the bad luck is getting worse. The Great Elder speculated that in twenty years, an unprecedented catastrophe will happen" The 2nd Elder had a pained expression as he explained all this, while the others faces didnt look good.

Based on the current progress, in twenty years, the entire Dark Elven Race would lose the ability to reproduce, and eventually, only adults would remain. They would be the last Dark Elves, and once they died, the Dark Elven Race would be extinct.

Hearing the 2nd Elders words, Lin Yun inwardly nodded. Sure enough, it was that!

There would be an Archmage called Chris Queen in the future. He once went to the Raging Flame Plane and ended up leaving it with a strange True Spirit Magic Tool.

In those days, Chris was only an ordinary mage without background, not even possessing a True Spirit Magic Tool. He was only a 5th Rank Archmage when he entered the Raging Flame Plane, and the most powerful Magic Tool in his hands was a Spiritual level Staff, which wasnt particularly powerful.

Without a background, he had no resources, and his path was bumpy. And it could be said that hed reached the end of his path after becoming a 5th rank Archmage, because even if his talent wasnt bad, he had no means to fight over resources.

When ruins were discovered, he could only fight over items with Archmages of the same rank, but he ended up wasting over a hundred years stuck at the 5th Rank.

He didnt have enough money to pay for the fees to gain access to the magic books of the major forces, and he didnt have anything valuable enough to trade.

Nothing changed until Chris turned his sights to the Raging Flame Plane.

After returning to Noscent, Chris immediately joined a ruins excavation. There were several 8th Rank Archmages in that excavation, which was naturally very dangerous for a 5th Rank Archmage without background, and he might not get any valuable rewards. It might have been better for him to search on his own.

After the start of the exploration, Chris kept doing the most dangerous exploration assignments and gained considerable rewards, which ended up with him being pressured by the leader of the three 8th Rank Archmages and losing any rights to the rewards he had gotten. The leader even wanted to kill him after Chris argued back.

At that time, Chris took out a strange Magic Tool. What was so strange about it was the Incarnation It could actually summon the ghosts of the Dark Elves.

It had been countless years since the Dark Elves disappeared from the face of Noscent. After having disappeared for so many years, few people actually knew how to fight the Dark Elves, so the result of the fight went without saying. The three 8th Rank Archmages were quickly dispatched by the souls of three 7th Rank Dark Elves.

In an instant, a dozen instant High Tier Spells overwhelmed the three 8th Rank Archmages, not giving them any time to react.

Chris ended up hogging the rewards from the entire trip. After that, he relied on this strange Magic Tool to explore countless ruins and amass more benefits and loot.

He relied on those Dark Elf Souls to deal with all kinds of danger, and after getting enough resources, Chris started advancing at a rapid pace, successfully reaching the Heaven Rank after over a hundred years.

Even after reaching the Heaven Rank, Chris still used that monstrous Magic Tool to keep excavating all kinds of ruins to continue to grow in power.

It was recorded that Chris got his hands on many True Spirit Magic Tools, but the most important one was always that strange True Spirit Magic Tool that could summon Dark Elves. This was something rare in Noscents history.

But when Lin Yun was studying the Dark Elven Race, he found something wrong about this Magic Tool Incarnation. It was safe to say that this strange and powerful Magic Tool Incarnation should be recorded in history, but there was no record of it.

Up until Chris appearance.

It seemed that this Magic Tool had suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

The only thing that Magic Tool Incarnation could summon were the souls of Dark Elves.

Thus, Lin Yun guessed that this Magic Tool Incarnation was the Incarnation of the Life Pattern Crystal!

Because of the Dark Elves nature, their life and power came from the Life Pattern Crystal and their souls simply couldnt be summoned by a Necromancer.

Only the Life Pattern Crystal could do so, as its Incarnation was the only thing capable of this feat.

And he had guessed correctly. The Dark Elven Clan had lost the Life Pattern Crystals Incarnation!

If history developed normally, this Dark Elven Clan would slowly fade away, and Elsa, this Dark Elf with the Sky Bloodline, could only wither, not being given the opportunity to bloom.

Lin Yun started pondering after hearing the 2nd Elders words. If that really was the case, he could only think of one method.

After contemplating for a bit, Lin Yun looked at the 2nd Elder.

"I can try to help you retrieve the Life Pattern Crystals Incarnation, but I have one condition."

"You are delusional!" Hearing Lin Yuns words, the 3rd Elder flew into a rage, clenching his fists as he resolutely glared at Lin Yun. "Damned Outsider! Its your scheme, isnt it? Its definitely your plot! I dont know where you got that information, but since you refuse to talk, Ill capture you first and get the truth out of you!

"A scheme! This is definitely a scheme! You must be the one behind those matters, and now you want to find a way out? How could it be so easy! Hell, no one can save you today"

The 3rd Elder could no longer maintain his veneer of righteousness, because Lin Yuns words showed that he understood every detail, making it doubtful that he would be the culprit of the recent actions.

Let alone the fact that there was no proof, even if there was proof that Lin Yun was targeting the Dark Elven Clan, they wouldnt be able to act against him.

The fate of their entire Race was most important. Anything that couldnt compare to the destruction of the Dark Elves had to be put aside.

The 3rd Elder shouted hysterically as he was about to kill Lin Yun to silence him.

The 4th Elder silently stood near him, mana fluctuations rising from her body as she got into a stance. If the 3rd Elder dared to make a move, the 4th Elder would unhesitantly attack.

Lin Yun stood there, sneering at the 3rd Elder. He didnt even rouse his mana, as he wasnt afraid of the 3rd Elder attacking him.

Sure enough, just as the 3rd Elder was about to run amok, the 2nd Elder berated him. "3rd Elder, do you understand what you are trying to do?"

At this time, the 3rd Elder seemed to suddenly wake up. He looked at his surroundings and noticed that it wasnt just the 2nd Elder. The 4th Elder was also coldly looking at him. Even the 5th Elder was frowning. The Deacons expressions werent good either.

The 3rd Elders mind froze, unwillingness flashing in his eyes.

Its over, I cant deal with that outsider anymore. These damned guys are opposing me for the sake of that outsider. With the Great Elder missing, even the 2nd Elder, that guy who is always neutral and is only good at smoothing things over, is unyieldingly supporting that outsider

"The background of that outsider is unknown. Only after his appearance did our tribe suffer such great losses. He knows so many of our secrets, so he must be scheming against us! He even knows the location of the Life Pattern Crystals Incarnation! We will definitely be able to find the Incarnation as long as we interrogate him and lash his soul"

The 3rd Elder gritted his teeth and struggled one more time, but Lin Yun only sneered and remained silent.

The 4th Elder took the initiative and said, "3rd Elder, you have been trying hard to eliminate these outsiders recently, havent you? Everyone clearly understands that you want to capture Mafa Merlin because of your sons conflict with him. Cant you see the current situation? The clan has no future, yet you still care about your sons grudge?"

The 3rd Elders face turned red as he glared at the 4th Elder. But before he could say anything, the 2nd Elder interrupted, "3rd Elder, you must understand. The Empress has left for so many years, searching tirelessly without having found the Incarnation. In just a short while, the clans future will be completely ruined. Mafa Merlin is our greatest hope. I dont care how he knows about this, but he might understand more than us and might have a bigger chance at finding the Incarnation. Your sons personal grievances have to be put aside!"

No one could refute the 2nd Elders words. He had the greatest authority with the Great Elder being unable to participate. Even the 5th Elder remained silent at this moment, agreeing with the 2nd Elder.

Even the Deacons supporting the 3rd Elder remained silent, as no one dared to speak. Even if they were dissatisfied, they all understood the seriousness of the matter. They had suffered for so many years, even their offspring were suffering.

The face of the previously jubilant Jers was completely red, but he didnt dare to say anything. Even if he didnt say anything, the people in his surroundings slowly moved away, acting as if they didnt know him.

The 3rd Elder had a gloomy expression as he fiercely glared at Lin Yun.