End Of The Magic Era Chapter 688

Chapter 688 Silent Trap


Zeuss was the first one who couldnt bear with it. Xiubans powerful voice made him feel as if a few dozen Dragons were angrily roaring in his head. It made him feel dizzy, with blood already seeping out of his ears and flashes of light filling his sight.

In less than two seconds, Zeuss was twitching on the ground while covering his ears, letting out a miserable scream.

The others were also suffering. Elsas pale skin had turned red, like a cooked prawn. She was crouching while blocking her ears, pain visible on her face.

Even a Frost Dragon like Reina was frowning, shivering as she covered her ears.

After Zeuss let out that scream, Xiuban also fell down, hammering his head with his hands. Blood flowed from his ears and his eyes were almost bursting

"Dont shout, dont shout, I cant stand it, my head is about to explode"

Xiuban was madly rolling on the ground.

Lin Yuns eyes were devoid of emotion, but his face was filled with pain as he also heard these thunderous explosions going off in his mind. He already couldnt actually hear any sound. All the sounds had been replaced by thunder, and his vision was blurry, with flashes of light and darkness.

He couldnt control the mana within his body due to the flaring noise. He painfully covered his ears and tried his best to control the berserk mana. He painfully chanted an incantation, spending no less than three seconds to successfully use Silence Barrier.

A two-meter-wide transparent barrier appeared around Lin Yuns body, instantly dissipating the echoing thunder.

Zeuss painful groans, Xiuban mad shouts, Reina muffled roars

Every sound had become extremely faint, reaching his ears like mumbles.

Lin Yuns complexion was extremely pale. He quickly brandished his Draconic Staff and cast Silence Barriers on everyone.

One transparent membrane after another covered everyone, and they all gradually calmed down.

Strands of smoke floated out of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, and Enderfas shape could be seen once more, looking at the surroundings while floating towards Lin Yun.

"Hell, how could the voices become so loud? I was even unable to maintain my physical form, it felt like I was getting shaken to death!"

Enderfas three faces had a hint of alarm. The sounds had been so intense that they almost dispersed his consciousness. It was obviously only sound, but it was unexpectedly powerful. Enderfa couldnt understand.

Lin Yuns face remained calm as he softly said, "Careful, Silence Barriers have to be constantly on. This place is too strange."

But after saying those words, Lin Yuns expression suddenly changed as he noticed something. After using Silence Barrier, he could hear everyones voices, but a voice seemed to be emitted from the edge of the area.

Although Silence Barrier was a Low Tier Spell that was usually only put to use during a mages meditation to block all noise, in Lin Yuns hands, as long as it wasnt a large-scale taboo spell, no sound should be heard from outside the Silence Barrier!

The world outside the Silence Barrier should be completely silent to them. But now, it only seemed to be counteracting that strange effect!

It didnt seem to be an illusion There really had been a loud sound pouring into everyones ears.

Everyone scattered, maintaining a battle formation, but they didnt discover any enemies. After recovering, Elsa seemed to recall something and she became deathly pale.

"Its over We met him I didnt expect his Soul to actually be here"

The pale Elsa was shivering.

"Is it a spell cast by someone? Do you know who?" Lin Yun quickly asked with a serious expression.

It would be fine if it was just a special trait of that location, but it would be troublesome if someone deliberately arranged a trap.

Elsa bitterly smiled, despair on her face. "A few hundred years ago, he had advanced to the 9th Rank of the Archmage realm before being 600 years old, but he was publicly considered to be our most talented Dark Elf. After advancing to the 9th Rank, the hostile Ash Beastman Tribe became less conspicuous and even gave us a lot of the hunting territory.

"When he was at the 8th rank, he fell into a trap arranged by the Ash Beastmen. A team of Ash Beastmen that consisted of eight 8th Rank Warlocks and a few dozen Demonic Warriors pursued him. However, he managed to turn the tables by leading the pursuers into a trap and getting out unharmed.

"And although his advancing speed wasnt fast, it was scarily stable. He advanced to the Archmage realm when he was 300, and he advanced another rank every 30 years after that, even advancing to the 9th Rank in this fashion. This terrified the other two clans of the God Nation. They were afraid that he would advance once more in thirty years and reach the Heaven realm. That was the most stable period for the Dark Elves. Even the powerful lifeforms within the God Nation didnt dare to approach the tribe

"Up till now, the other two races still remember his title, the Elven Silent Wind, Wind Vossay Unfortunately, ten years after advancing to the 9th Rank, he unexpectedly entered a taboo area full of hidden spatial cracks and was torn to pieces by those spatial cracks. But I hadnt expected his Soul to be here. This is a spell he created, Silent Trap. He should be appearing soon"

Lin Yun didnt feel much when he heard the first part. No matter how powerful that person was, he couldnt be more powerful than the Dark Elves that could release 8th Rank Ultimate Spells from ten thousand years ago.

But when he heard that title and the name Silent Trap, Lin Yun reacted a bit.

Because he had heard that name

In Chris notes, he emphasized the name of one Soul in particular, and that was Wind Vossay!

That level 38 Soul was the most powerful helper Chris had before he reached the Heaven Rank!

The Silent Trap already represented Chris during his time!

The Silent Trap was a variant of the Wind system. It was like a huge spider network, able to cover several kilometers. There was no wind there, because all the wind was used to absorb sound, and all sounds within several kilometers were absorbed.

The Silent Traps characteristic was that death-like silence and the absence of mana fluctuations!

The essence of sound was a fluctuation, and even the silent mana fluctuations were being absorbed by the Silent Trap.

Thus, after entering the Silent Trap, one wouldnt notice that they had already entered a spiderweb

To any creature that could detect sound, entering the Silent Trap was like being in a cave at the bottom of a pond. As the Silent Trap stored sounds, it would increase the sounds that they detected, making them thunderous and causing them to echo within their heads.

Becoming deaf was the most fortunate outcome, as the loud sound could exceed the limits and turn the victims brain into paste.

After obtaining the Magic Tool Incarnation, Chris, with his frail strength, was eyed by malicious people. At that time, he was chased by a dozen 7th Rank Archmages and a few 8th Rank Archmages for his Magic Tool.

But Chris had some experience, allowing him to notice ahead of time. He fled to a waterfall and summoned the Dark Elven Soul. That was the first time he summoned Wind Vossay.

He originally prepared for an all-out battle, but something he never expected happened. Wind Vossay released a spell, and then, the sounds within a few kilometers disappeared.

Even the waterfalls deafening roars disappeared.

Chris, who had been panicking, hadnt noticed what it would do, up until a day later, when the chasing Archmages reached the waterfall.

In Chris eyes, those Archmages were extremely powerful and had great backgrounds. They were stronger than him in any field. He was despairing when they arrived in front of the waterfall. He was preparing for an all-out battle, ready to suffer.

But before Chris could order the Dark Elf Soul he had summoned to attack, these Archmages started screaming while covering their ears.

In just moments, a 7th Rank Archmage started bleeding from his orifices, his body exploding like a balloon that had suddenly been pierced.

In less than ten seconds, a dozen Archmages were turned into corpses, all with painful expressions.

These mages brains were turned to paste from the vibrations

The deafening sound of the waterfall had accumulated for an entire day before converging together, instantly exploding in their minds. Unless it was a monster whose mind was made of stone, no one could resist

As for those Archmages, without precautious, they couldnt block such a sneaky attack.

Later, Chris discovered Wind Vossays formidable power and had him act as his left and right arms. From that point on, he was always with him, and even the Mage Tower that Chris later established was called the Silent Mage Tower.

The defenses of the Magic Tower were in the hands of Wind Vossay. After researching the variant wind spell, the Silent Trap became the perfect defensive array, and several kilometers around the Silent Mage Tower remained in perpetual silence, where even the cries of birds couldnt be heard.