End Of The Magic Era Chapter 689

Chapter 689 What To Do


Continuously storing the power and sound from the wind to turn it into the nightmare of an invader

When the Silent Mage Tower was at its peak, no enemy under the Heaven Rank could survive more than three steps in the silent area, and even four Heaven Rank powerhouses had been killed by it!

The Silent Trap was similar to other traps in the fact that it couldnt be moved and it even needed time to slowly strengthen. When Chriss relied on Wind Vossay, he had him remain by his side at all times

And besides his formidable trademark spell, Wind Vossays comprehension and usage of wind-attributed spells had already reached the pinnacle. Even Storm Elementals couldnt compare. He could use Wind Magic to develop several powerful variant spells.

Later, although Wind Vossays Soul was only at level 38, together with Chris, they killed a 9th Rank Archmage.

Lin Yun was sweating. No wonder he felt strange, they had actually entered the Silent Trap

Fortunately, this forest was very quiet, even devoid of animals. Otherwise, he wouldnt have had the opportunity to use a Silence Barrier.

In a noisy environment, they wouldnt have needed to make a sound to activate the Silent Trap. A heartbeat would have been enough to activate it and instantly liquefy their brains.

Now that the Silent Trap had been activated, Wind Vossay was almost certainly in the surroundings already, and wanting to escape would be very arduous. They had to be on guard.

Lin Yun quickly told everyone about Wind Vossay, and they all started sweating, even the expressionless Reina.

Even Dragons wouldnt be able to resist this kind of power.

Everyone was glad that the environment had been so peaceful.

Enderfas three faces had strange and fearful expressions, and he quickly cast a dozen Silence Barriers on himself. Xiuban paled and asked Lin Yun to add a few more on him, too.

Even Elsa hadnt known that Wind Vossays Silent Trap was so powerful because he had died a few years after creating that spell.

Lin Yun didnt even finish his words before a few ripples appeared in the surroundings. These ripples were extremely small, similar to the invisible movements of the air.

Lin Yun summoned a Flame Elemental, but it couldnt even resist that ripple and was instantly cut into pieces.

Lin Yuns expression faintly changed, and he instantly flashed a dozen meters away. His original location was seemingly cut down by a sharp weapon, leaving a four-meter-long rift behind

The most frightening part was the silence. The attack simply couldnt be heard!

Reina cast an Ice Wall, but a thin and invisible thread touched the Ice Wall, leaving a long mark on it, and in less than a second, the Ice Wall was cut in two.

Zeuss Runic Shield didnt even have the most basic resistance, and it was instantly cut in two by that thread. If he hadnt rolled on the ground, he would have been sliced in two along with it

Even the puppets body emitted a large number of sparks, barely managing to block.

Enderfas three faces were filled with a strange expression, shaking from fright.

"Damnit, its actually a Sound Edge And an Ultimate Sound Edge! Doesnt that spell require special innate talent? Isnt it something only the Wind Emperor could do?"

The variant of the wind system had a spell comparable to Dimensional Edge in terms of cutting ability, and it wasnt visible. There was only a faint mana fluctuation and an ear-piercing sound. But in this environment, Sound Edge was noiseless.

After these Sound Edges appeared, more of them started appearing in all directions. A stream of Sound Edges fell down, slicing the surrounding trees into pieces.

All the trees silently exploded, making everyone feel numb

Lin Yuns forehead was covered in sweat as he brandished his Draconic Staff, using a large-scale Sea of Fire three times in a row. That spell wasnt very lethal, but it could transform a large area into an ocean of flames.

But that weak spell was critically important at this moment.

The few hundred meters around them had turned into an ocean of flames, and the invisible Sound Edges were trackable within that ocean of flames.

Everyone could see the huge, transparent Sound Edges passing through the flames as they rushed towards them, making the originally terrifying fight a bit more tolerable.

But that was all

As time passed, the number of Sound Edges didnt decrease Instead, it increased, and there was still no trace of Wind Vossay.

Even Lin Yuns Magic Array couldnt find any trails. All fluctuations were be absorbed by the SIlent Trap, and as long as they werent very close, the Mage Array would be simply unable to catch these fluctuations.

Everyone managed to dodge the Sound Edges, but they had no way to counterattack.

"Merlin, dont you feel that the sounds are getting a bit louder?"

Enderfa floated in front of Lin Yun, his voice sounding as if it was coming from very far away, carrying a strange worry.

Lin Yuns expression sank as he reacted. This really was the case.

With the protection of the Silence Barrier, he could still hear the others, and the sound was increasing in volume.

This showed that during the battle, the Silent Traps power had substantially increased

They hadnt been able to hear anything during the fight, as all these sounds had been absorbed by the Silent Trap.

If this went on, even if Wind Vossays Sound Edges couldnt kill everyone, they would keep strengthening the Silent Trap, up until the Silence Barriers could no longer protect them and they all died from the trap.

"Merlin, we have to rush out, we will die if we stay in the Silent Trap"

Enderfas voice was shaky, as was his body. This showed that the sound from the outside was already exceeding the power of the Silence Barriers. If his Silence Barriers collapsed, he would definitely dissipate and die. This kind of power was the bane of Incarnations

Lin Yun remained calm. He couldnt find the trail of Wind Vossay, so he started focusing on the trajectory of the Sound Edges. Lin Yun captured the trajectory of every Sound Edge, before performing frantic calculations

As time passed, they all started getting wounded. Xiubans powerful body was grazed by a few Sound Edges and had five terrifying wounds.

Zeuss clothes had become dilapidated from barely being able to dodge, and he was now relying on the Crystal Scales, relying on that abnormal defensive spell to barely block the Sound Edges.

Elsa also cast her Wood Barrier. She had been a bit slow a moment ago and almost lost her head

"Merlin, have you come up with anything?" Enderfa sounded hurried.

"Sir Merlin, what do we do? I wont be able to hold on" Xiuban was covered in blood as he complained. With those omnipresent Sound Edges, he couldnt rush out.

Lin Yun remained calm and silent because whatever he said, it might be heard by Wind Vossay.

How could it be so easy to escape the Silent Trap? The only way to do so wasnt to rush out, but to find Wind Vossay himself. Only then would they be able to get out!

Only by finding Wind Vossay and disrupting his attacking rhythm would they have the opportunity to escape. Otherwise, they would have to dodge countless Sound Edges as they forced their way out.

But for at least a kilometer, they would have to face several dozen Sound Edges every second. No one would be able to cross that distance.

"You can only be saved by reaching the limit of the Silent Trap, you must follow me! You must follow me! You must follow me!"

As they were all getting flooded by Sound Edges, Lin Yun suddenly exclaimed, even say the last part three times.

At that time, even Xiuban, the most foolish one, focused on the last part of the sentence.

Lin Yun glanced at Enderfa, and then Reina. The two instantly understood Lin Yuns meaning.

Enderfa started frantically spraying flames, turning the whole area within a kilometer into a sea of fire.

Lin Yun raised his Draconic Staff and released a few dozen Flame Spears towards the back. One red spear after another fell towards the back, like a rain of arrows.

And after releasing these spells, the number of Sound Edges appearing in the back doubled. All these Sound Edges blocked the back like a wall of blades.

Lin Yun sneered, using Fire Elemental Incarnation to flash towards the left. In a split second, the number of Sound Edges on the left increased.

But the next moment, Lin Yun flashed back to his original spot, and then flashed further towards the right. The number of Sound Edges in the other three directions were reduced by half instantly, while the number of Sound Edges to the right doubled.

He then returned to his original spot, his eyes shining.

"Follow me, we can leave!" Lin Yun said solemnly while facing the rear.

He then used Flame Flash once more, but towards the front this time. As he went, Lin Yun raised his Draconic Staff, quickly chanting a word.