End Of The Magic Era Chapter 692

Chapter 692 Lenon


Thinking of this, the 3rd Elder gritted his teeth and whispered to Jers, "Alright, we will follow your plan for this matter, youll go and get in contact yourself"

Jers was exulting. He patted his chest and guaranteed that he will do well, before hurriedly leaving the treehouse.

Damn Outsider, you fate has been decided!

Jers was cheerfully hopping about. If it wasnt for the fact that this matter couldnt be made public, he would have definitely shouted loudly

On the other side, Lin Yun and the others had been moving deeper and deeper into the forest, meeting more and more Dark Elven Souls on the way. But they werent particularly powerful, they were eliminated just as they appeared, not even giving an opportunity to feed Barton and Lagulin.

Elsa was in high spirits after confirming that the Incarnation of the Life Pattern Crystal was here, she was the first to rush forward every time they encountered a Dark Elven Soul.

They would soon reach the deepest part of the forest. From the forests treetops, they could already see a huge tree trunk in the horizon. That was the Wisdom Tree, a huge wall obstructing the horizon.

"Careful, there are even more Dark Elven Souls here, and there are some other dangers." Lin Yun frowned as he said in a low voice.

Xiuban raised Carnage with indifference. Beside that Wind Vossay, they hadnt met any particularly powerful Dark Elven Soul, the strongest was level 38, and after being exposed, they had been instantly crushed to death.

"What could be dangerous? Apart from their ambushes, the Dark Elven Souls have no abilities" Xiuban casually mumbled.

A light flashed from the corner of his eyes as he noticed a Dark Elven Soul wearing armor and swinging a three-finger-wide longsword towards his head.

"Ah, wretched Dark Elf, you actually dare to get into a melee with Lord Xiuban?" Xiuban cheerfully said as he unhesitantly swung Carnage.

Not to mention that this Dark Elf was only a Soul, even when he was alive, how could he be relying on that stick-like sword to withstand Xiubans attacks?

Xiuban loudly shouted and rushed over. Not far from him, Elsas expression changed as she shouted, "Dodge!"

Xiuban didnt take her seriously and swung Carnage. But that armored Dark Elven Soul only shook his wrist and three Sword Aura were emitted from his blade.

Thumb-thick Sword Auras shot towards Xiuban, extremely sharp auras bursting forth from the three Sword Auras.

They were still a few meters apart, but Xiuban felt as if countless thin needles were stabbing his skin, followed by a burst of cold.

By reflex, Xiuban swung Carnage in front of his body.

Two sharp sounds echoed as two thin Sword Auras heavily fell on Carnage, as if they weighed several tons. Xiubans arm ached, almost letting go of Carnage, his body staggering backward.

As for the third Sword Aura, it grazed Xiubans shoulder and left a five centimeters long cut on his shoulder, splashing blood, and making Xiubans face turn white.

He was most proud of his powerful body, he could resist Low Tier Spells without being injured in the slightest. Ordinary 3rd and 4th Tier Spells couldnt bring any harm to him. Yet, his skin was like paper in front of a small Sword Aura, a graze was enough to rip a bloody wound.

And that expressionless Dark Elf was swinging that longsword again, rushing eight meters with a single step, reaching Xiuban in an instant. That slender longsword raised again, aiming at Xiubans throat.

At that time, Lin Yun was the first to react. He cast a Flame Burst in front of Xiuban, the explosion slowing the movement of the Dark Elf and sending Xiuban flying back.

"Idiot, youll die if you remain careless!" Lin Yun glared at Xiuban, who was crawling out of the ground while shaking in fear.

He then walked towards the forest.

"This guy is yours, I have some other matters to take care of."

Enderfa glanced at Lin Yun, who had completely ignored the Dark Elven Soul as he walked towards the forest.

"Damn, Merlin, what the hell are you doing? This guy isnt easy to handle"

Enderfa only said that one sentence, he didnt have much time to complain, the Dark Elf holding that longsword was like a ghost, moving terrifyingly quick, covering close to eight meters with every step, and dodging as if he was teleporting.

Enderfa controlled the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, and in an instant, a dozen Flame Spears flew out with a deafening sound.

But when that dozen of Flame Spears flew over, that Dark Elven Soul was already ten meters away, no longer at the same location, making those Flame Spears miss their target.

The magic patterns on Elsas body shone, her eyes firmly looking at that continuously dodging Dark Elven Soul while quickly explaining some details about that Dark Elven Soul, "If I remember right, he should be Lenon, my mothers guard. He is a Dark Elf with rarely seen swordsmanship magic patterns. He had very high understanding of sword skills, and possessed many powerful sword skills. He is also very fast, and the speed of his sword is terrifying. He once used one longsword thrust to stab all the patterns of a large amount of falling leaves, with one move. Moreover, no leaf was sliced. Be careful, especially of his secret Sword Aura, you absolutely cant use a physical shield to block it, you have to dodge!"

Elsa didnt even finish her words before Lenons Sword Aura easily pierced through Zeuss Runic Shield, creating a small hole in the shield. Had Zeuss not reacted fast enough, this Sword Aura could have created another hole in Zeuss head.

Zeuss was extremely pale, some of his hair had been cut off by the Sword Aura. Hearing Elsas words, he promptly used Haste on himself and kept moving.

Lenons speed was terrifying, and his Sword Aura was horrifyingly sharp, it didnt dissipate even after going through a three-meters-thick tree.

Moreover, the Sword Aura didnt make a single sound, even when going through a tree, it felt as if it was slicing through tofu. It didnt need any effort, and the edges of the holes were flat and smooth, moreover, the trees werent even shaking after being pierced, as if they didnt feel anything.

The trees able to grow in the depths of this forest werent ordinary trees, they were comparable to Noscents Iron Trees. They were extremely hard, just like steel.

And they were growing on top of a branch of the Wisdom Tree. The soil was also made from the Wisdom Trees rotten leaves which had turned into soil after an extremely long time.

The longer the trees grew here, the more formidable they became. Outside of the forest, a fire spell could completely burn a tree, but here, in the depths, not even a burnt mark would be left after they suffered from a bombardment of spells.

The trees that had grown over ten thousand years had become extremely solid, and their barks couldnt even be split open by Enderfas Flame Spears. Yet, Lenons Sword Aura could pierce a hole in those same trees.

Everyone started sweating, even Reina. Her Dragons body wouldnt be able to resist such a blow.

They all kept moving and casting. Ice, fire, darkness, it was a huge spell bombardment, and although they were solo target spells, it was no different from large-scale spells.

But Lenon kept walking between that large amount of spells, as if he was dancing on the edge of a blade. Not a single spell reached him, and he didnt even have to use defensive power!

Unconsciously, the group started becoming more and more dispersed. Whenever Lenon moved, only afterimages would be left behind him. He constantly moved while sending some Sword Aura at crafty angles, every single one would appear in the small gap between their casts.

Elsas forehead was full of sweat, her childhoods memories becoming clearer and clearer. She remembered seeing Lenon in action. At that time, he was already a level 39 powerhouse.

The Dark Elves talents lay in their magic patterns, all Dark Elves possessed casting magic patterns, only the types were different, thus, al Dark Elves were natural mages.

But it wasnt absolute. There were a few Dark Elves that received magic patterns that didnt have any casting ability. Those magic patterns were called swordsmanship magic patterns and belonged to the warriors of the Dark Elven Race.

They werent physically powerful like other races warriors since Dark Elves innately couldnt have powerful physical strength, but the Dark Elven Warriors werent weak at all, they were extremely powerful, even stronger than other warriors on the same level!

Without powerful physical strength and Aura power, the power of Dark Elves warriors came from their magic patterns and the sword skills their learnt. Every magic pattern represented a sword skill, and just like the casting magic patterns, their instant use of sword skills became their source of power.

And Lenons life swordsmanship magic pattern was based on speed. He only pursued speed to the extreme and disregarded the rest. His flexible body became like a ghost, able to disappear and reappear ten meters away in an instant.