End Of The Magic Era Chapter 693

Chapter 693 Sword Aura


Elsa felt her heart being stuck in her throat as she thought of when she saw Lenon at his peak.

Back then, she had followed her mother on a hunt, but unexpectedly encountered a group of level 33 Fiery Monkeys. These guys would easily become enraged, and if more than a hundred of them were gathered, they would even dare to assault a Dragon.

But they had encountered three hundred of them

300 Fiery Monkeys And at that time, Elsa only had the power of a Great Mage, she would have been instantly taken out if she was careless. Elsas mother couldnt attack, she was protecting Elsa with all her might. The only one able to attack was Lenon.

Back then, Elsa was still wondering why Lenon didnt cast spells, he didnt give the feeling of someone powerful. But after he made his move, she completely lost track of him.

In an instant, Lenon rushed out with his long sword, his body turning into a shadow that could barely be seen.

That gray shadow kept moving between the Fiery Monkeys. Only three seconds passed before Lenon returned to his position, slowly sheathing his longsword.

Those bad-tempered Fiery Monkeys had been dealt with. After no less than three seconds, those 300 Fiery Monkey all made the same movement and had the same expression.

Every single one of them covered its neck in alarm as a bloody line slowly appeared on it, followed by a large amount of blood spraying out. The others didnt even have the opportunity to attack as the 300 Fiery Monkey all died tragically

Elsa remembered that after seeing that formidable power stronger than spellcasting, she even begged Lenon for a few months to teach her swordsmanship.

But Lenon had died and had turned into a level 38 Soul. Elsa felt her limbs freezing, her body instinctively afraid.

She could only keep casting to suppress him so that he wouldnt get close.

As for the non-mage Xiuban, he had an unsightly expression as he frantically waved Carnage around.

The shadow reached Xiubans side, his viper-like longsword craftily stabbing towards Xiuban. If it hits, it would pierce through Xiubans right kidney and stab his heart.

As a Draconic Beastman, and one that had fused with a drop of blood of a Three-Headed Golden Dragon and bathed in Ancient God Blood, Xiubans instincts had reached a terrifyingly high level.

Just as he sensed the cold feeling on his right side, he unhesitantly swung Carnage over.


The sharp sound of iron echoed, making Xiubans arm feel numb, while Lenon was sent flying back. He wasnt Xiubans match in a contest of power, yet he had the power to kill him.

Xiuban didnt chase after him

He let out a relieved sigh after sending Lenon flying back, but he then saw Lenon flying eight meters back, rotating twice in midair, before taking advantage of a branch to instantly reverse his momentum and charge once again towards Xiuban.

Three afterimages, using different sword stances, appeared around Xiuban.

At that time, Lin Yuns voice echoed from the forest, "Jump! Thats a combo of afterimage slashes!"

Xiuban felt cold, but hearing Lin Yuns voice, he unhesitantly jumped up, using all his strength. He looked down and saw three sword slashes flashing below. The three slashes had been aimed from three different directions, and if he hadnt jumped, his body would have been sliced into four parts. Dodging in any other direction wouldnt have been safe, the sky was the only option. Those three slashes were converging in the same location.

"Idiot, why arent you using your power? What are you afraid of?" Lin Yuns voice echoed once again, reminding Xiuban of his greatest advantage.

Still in the air, Xiubans skin turned deep red, both hands holding Carnage as Aura started leaking from his entire body.

Below him, Lenon, who had failed his attack, immediately prepared to chain the next attack, but the airborne Xiuban had already roused the power of the Three-Headed Golden Dragon, Draconic power flickering on his body. The air around him was compressed when he swung Carnage, forming a powerful aura.

It was like a meteor falling from the sky, it simply couldnt be touched.

Lenons sword was slashing towards Xiuban from the side, but it was instantly overpowered by the formidable power and was sent flying out.

Xiuban reached the ground once again, his clothes completely wet, Too dangerous, I was almost stabbed to death

At that time, the other were also sweating, thinking, That thick-skinned musclehead took on that sword! Not one of the others could take on Lenon head on without dying

Everyone converged together, and Lenon turned into a shadow, continuously revolving around them, looking for an opportunity to attack them, or suddenly appearing beside someone to sneak attack.

"Merlin, what the hell are you doing? We are at our limit, if you dont make a move, we will be poked to death by that guy" Enderfas three heads were filled with fright.

He originally thought that Lenon would ignore him since he was a Magic Tool Incarnation, but he was almost impaled a few moments ago.

Although he didnt have a physical body, the shape he was taking could be considered as his body. It would definitely be unpleasant if he was impaled by that sharp sword.

But before he could even relax, the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel was hit by a Sword Aura, which barely missed the Molten Core

Everyone was giving their all, but they couldnt attack Lenon, he was too fast and could attack all of them. This wasnt a battle, but a one-sided suppression.

And no one knew what Lin Yun was doing. He had entered the forest when the battle started and had yet to make a move, only giving a few pointers here and there.

Enderfas worried face turned bigger as he angrily cursed, "Merlin, you b*stard, if you dont act quickly, when will you act? Stop being lazy, this is a level 38 Soul, its a lot different from the others"

Enderfa was really anxious. Lin Yun had barely acted against the previous Souls, acting lazily. This time, Enderfa thought that Lin Yun was still being lazy.

Lin Yuns voice came from another location in the forest, "You fools, although this guy is a Soul, who said that fire spells power was the most suited? Fire spells might be powerful, but they are useless if they cant hit the target! His strongest point is speed, why dont you guys try restricting his speed?"

Reina was the first to react to those words. She switched from using powerful Ice Spells to using Ice Spells that could reduce Lenons speed.

After casting her spell, a large amount of snowflakes fell down from the sky. Each one floating towards the ground and covering it in frost, and as more and more snowflakes fell, the blue layer of frost even covered the trees.

The temperature in the air quickly lowered, as the fire elements, that had been roused due to the fire spells, were now dissipating while the density of ice elements increased at a rapid pace.

Enderfa controlled the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel while gnashing his teeth and mumbling, casting a large amount of speed-reducing spells towards all sides, not caring about mana consumption.

The puppet raised both arms, casting a large amount of Freeze, and speed-reducing spells within a hundred meters area.

Elsa suddenly understood. Everyone had overlooked this, fire spells were indeed the most efficient spells when handling a Soul, while ice spells were less powerful, but it was another matter when it came to handling Lenon. Lenons strongest point was speed, if his speed wasnt restricted, all spells were useless.

At his peak, Lenons speed was so high that he could even dance in a Wind Blade Storm without being hit, his dodging abilities were outstanding.

Elsa raised her hands, her arms folded together. The magic patterns on both arms combining together and turning into a compound spell.

"Slow!" She let out in a low voice. Following that, a pitch-black ripple spread out, with Reina at the center.

Everything within a hundred meters seemed to have slowed, everyones limbs seemed to be weighing a ton and lifting their feet was very difficult.

Not far, the shadowy Lenon could finally be seen. Everyones slowing spells finally made Lenons speed reach the lowest it had ever been.

"Freeze!" Lin Yuns voice echoed once again.

Reina unhesitantly opened her mouth and let out a Frost Breath. A large amount of ice shards flew out, alongside a bright icy blue ray of light.

It hit Lenon, whose speed had reached an all-time low.

Lenon used three Sword Auras, but unfortunately, his Sword Auras were too sharp. They cut through the Frost Breath, but they were unable to block it.


Lenon was instantly frozen into an ice statue.

"Flame Cage!"

Before they could relax, Lin Yun hurriedly gave an instruction.

Zeuss, Enderfa, and the puppet instantly cast Flame Cages. Several layers of Flame Cages surrounded the frozen Lenon.

Fire power rushed forth, causing cracks to appear on the ice statue. The fluctuations of Sword Auras could be felt coming from the statue. A moment later, the layer of ice burst open.

But Enderfa had already flown out at this time.

"Damn b*stard, let me see how you plan to escape!" Enderfa loudly cursed, controlling the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel to summon four flaming vortexes next to the Flame Cages. A large amount of fire power sprayed towards the center of the Flame Cages, and Lenon, who was about to rush out, was suppressed inside the Flame Cages.

A few seconds later, Lenon was burnt to ashes