End Of The Magic Era Chapter 695

Chapter 695 Gravity

Chapter 695: Gravity
Translator: Shiraishi Editor: TheAlliance

In an instant, another four Wyverns crashed to the ground with extreme speed.

They suffered terrible deaths The huge impact made the ground shake and even hit many Beastman slaves.

The sudden change alarmed the other Flying Riders. They tried to control the Wyverns to fly up, but the Wyverns didnt seem to listen to them. They went up and down in the air, unable to control their own bodies.

A large number of poisoned javelins fell, but none of them landed near Lin Yuns group. They deviated from their direction.

But they didnt miss, they just hit the wrong targets. Several dozen Beastman slaves were hit by those poisoned javelins, as were three Demon Warlocks that were too late to block them

The Beastman army turned into a mess and the ground troops became chaotic while the Wyverns in the air were also losing their heads out of fear as they crashed into the ground.

Chaos broke out, as they lost control of the summoned lifeforms. The Reapers started killing the confused slaves, and a Crypt Fiend even bit the head of a summoner.

The sudden change startled Lin Yuns group out of their casting.

Enderfa froze as he looked at the chaotic Beastman army.

"Damnit, Chaos Gravity Array? When did it appear?" Enderfa mumbled.

Then, he suddenly realized something and looked at Lin Yun.

"Merlin, you discovered these Beastmen early on?"

Lin Yun didnt say anything, both hands pressed against the ground. With Lin Yuns hands as the starting point, a large number of the arrays patterns and runes shone, and the array on the ground started revolving.

"Get rid of these guys," Lin Yun said in a low voice before fully activating the array. In an instant, an orange column of flame rushed out of the ground, covering several hundred meters. At that time, all the Beastmen staggered, and many of the wounded ones were even laying on their stomachs.

Even the flying headless chickens in the sky seemed to be suddenly suffering from the attraction of the ground as they fell one after the other. Some Wyverns flapped their wings very hard, but their bodies still fell towards the ground.

All Beastmen and Abyssal lifeforms had trouble moving forward, and lifting a foot seemed to take all their energy.

At that moment, all the Beastmen were moving as if they were carrying half a ton, not even able to dodge the columns of flames appearing here and there, each of them emitting a hellish aura.

Mournful screams kept echoing as flames rose. Those Kodos were frantic. They originally had huge bodies, but they couldnt even move at that moment. They could only remain lying on the ground, awaiting their fates. Whenever a Beastman approached, the violent Kodos would immediately swallow him to regain their vitality.

"Gravity Array Formation!" Enderfa let out in surprise, before gnashing his teeth and controlling the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel to cast spells.

In an instant, he cast several dozen Rock Falls, making large rocks fall onto the Beastmen. These huge rocks weighed over a ton, and with the momentum of gravity, they ruthlessly crashed against the ground.

In an instant, all Beastmen lacking the strength to dodge met violent deaths, crushed or burnt.

At this time, the other injured members of Lin Yuns group disregarded their mana consumption and started casting all kinds of attacking spells.

After completely activating the Array Formation, Lin Yun quickly raised his Draconic Staff and chanted out a stream of words. Meteors, leaving long black trails in their wake, fell down from the sky.

When they were ten meters above the Beastmen, these meteors were affected by the extra gravity, and their falling speed suddenly increased several times.

Boom, boom, boom!

Deafening explosions echoed for several hundred meters, and the largest Kodo, which was level 35 and had a hide so thick that it could resist even level 37 magic beasts, had its head crushed by the falling meteors. The hide wasnt damaged, but it had already died, bleeding from its orifices.

A dozen minutes later, the miserable yells had thoroughly disappeared.

Only the loud explosions caused by the falling spells could be heard. The shockwaves of the falling meteors ravaged the area, sending limbs and pieces of flesh flying.

Lin Yun stopped casting, and everyone else also followed suit. The surroundings instantly became peaceful.

The ground was filled with blood, pieces of flesh, and Beastmen turned into paste. Even the thick-skinned Kodos were crushed to death by all the spells.

Lin Yun emotionlessly cast a Sea of Fire, igniting everything.

Lin Yun had felt something was wrong when they encountered that Dark Elven Soul with swordsmanship magic patterns, because there were remnants of a battles mana fluctuations in the surroundings, and they had thick Abyssal aura.

He didnt need to think about it to know that Beastman Warlocks had fought here.

But the fight was finished quickly after it started. Those Ash Beastmen seemed to have escaped after discovering that Dark Elven Soul. They might have still been running when Lin Yuns group entered the Dark Elven Souls territory.

And sure enough, Lin Yun used the Magic Array and caught the scent of many Ash Beastmen. They were hiding not far from them and there were quite a few of them.

There was no need to think because Lin Yun knew what these Ash Beastmen were planning. They were waiting for Lin Yuns group to get rid of the Dark Elven Soul before they could take advantage of them and ambush them.

While Enderfa and the others fought Lenon, Lin Yun secretly investigated the power of this army. But he was quickly startled because he discovered many Beastman slaves, as well as Kodos and Beastman Flying Riders.

Kodos were the war weapons of Beastmen. Not only did they have outstanding power, but the war drums they carried could also greatly increase the power of an army. As for those Flying Riders, they had amazing mobility, and the power of their poisoned javelins was comparable to that of 1st Rank Sword Saints.

If there were enough Flying Riders, they could destroy their opponents army on their own! Especially when facing a mage army!

It would be hard for Mages Runic Shields to block these thrown poisoned javelins. The poison coating the javelin tips even had a bit of magic penetration effect.

Coupled with the huge number of Beastman slaves How could Lin Yun not know the tactics of these Beastmen?

They would use the slaves as cannon fodder, using their lives to restrict the range of movement of Lin Yuns groups. Then, the Warlocks and Flying Riders would make their move, using powerful attacks to destroy their opponent. It would be terrible if this tactic was successful.

The Beastman slaves had formidable reproductive abilities. Their lives in the Beastman Tribes might be even inferior to magic beasts. It was hard to deal with a surprise fodder rush tactic.

After a detailed investigation, Lin Yun began secretly drawing an array. To handle that Beastman army, it was best to use a Gravity Array Formation. He thoroughly adjusted the power of every Gravity Array, not greatly affecting the Beastmen on the ground.

However, the flying Wyverns were greatly affected. If they reached the range of the gravity while diving down at their maximum speed, the gravity they felt would instantly increase several times. They couldnt even dream of flying back up, and the only outcome was for them to crash into the ground.

And in the end, the Gravity Arrays were connected together, and the gravity within several hundred meters was instantly increased ten times!

Even if these Beastmen had formidable physiques, even if they couldnt die from it, ten times the gravity was enough to make them unable to move for a short period of time.

Thus, all of the Beastmens tactics were crippled.

And Lin Yun could also set up a counter-trap for these Beastmen, digging a hole for them to fall into.

They thought they could take advantage of the situation to profit from Lin Yun, but they never expected to end up in a trap and have their entire army crushed or burnt to death.

A burnt smell spread from the raging flames as the sea of corpses was turned to ashes.

But the body of the biggest Kodo couldnt be quickly burnt.

Suddenly, a scream came from under the Kodo.

Lin Yun raised his hand and cast a Fire Dragon Spell. The red flames turned into a long, serpentine Dragon that submerged that biggest Kodo. The scream coming from under the Kodo became even louder.

Lin Yuns mind shook. He hadnt expected that, under such circumstances, there would still be a living Beastman. And it was digging its way out from under the biggest Kodos body, having used its body as a shield to avoid most spells.

Moreover, it was standing in the gravity, yet it was still trying to dig its way out. It was impossible for other Beastmen, as they were too weak. Under the suppression of spells and the Gravity Array Formation, they couldnt even lift a foot, not to mention forcing their way out from under a Kodo.

Only those two leading Beastmen could drill their way out from under a Kodo.

As he thought about it, Lin Yun controlled the flames to not burn the Beastman under the Kodo and instead yelled, "Xiuban, go and grab the Beastman under that Kodo. If he dares to resist, just kill him."