End Of The Magic Era Chapter 701

Chapter 701 Beastmen And Dwarves


Enderfa frowned after the Firerock Dwarves were dealt with.

"Merlin, are we not going to enter the ruins? Is there still danger inside?"

But Lin Yun suddenly raised his head and sent two Mage Eyes into the sky.

From the Mage Eyes, he could see over a hundred Wyverns flying over, and he could also faintly hear their cries.

After a few seconds, they heard the sounds of a large army marching forward, the Kodos making the earth shake in their wake.

"The Ash Beastmens army is on their way, we should rush into the ruins first." After saying that, Lin Yun waved his hand and a few flames completely destroyed the bodies of the Dwarves.

Lin Yun led the group into the ruins, while in the distance, the army continued drawing closer.

On the side of the army, there was a group of Flame Wolves fighting with the Beastman slaves, while the Wolf Riders and the Demon Warlocks were only watching.

At the center, a six-meter-tall and eight-meter-long Kodo was carrying a huge throne on its back, on which Lodney was sitting, his cold eyes looking at the battle.

Lodney looked awe-inspiring with a silver nose-ring hanging from his nose and skulls from all kinds of lifeforms strung together in a necklace hanging around his neck. These skulls werent big, as they had been shrunk through a special method, and each one of them belonged to a formidable opponent that Lodney had defeated.

If Beta was here, he wouldnt be able to stand in front of him.

Lodney was one of the three Warlords of the Ash Beastman Tribe, the Flame Dragon Warlord. Not only was he powerful, but his subordinates were also the elites of the Ash Beastman Tribe.

Over a hundred Wyverns with elite Flying Riders, over three hundred elite Wolf Riders, and over two hundred Demon Arch-Warlocks, as well as several thousand Beastman slaves This lineup could only be considered outstanding.

Lodneys troops never made a detour on their way. They would force their way forward no matter what they encountered. Even the many magic beasts they encountered on the way would take the initiative to avoid them when they felt the momentum of that army.

Ash Beastmen were very cruel. The most powerful one was the Tribal Chief, and under him were the three Warlords.

After a Tribal Chief died, his successor would be chosen from one of the three Warlords. That choice was very cruel, and only the strongest and most skillful Warlord could inherit the position.

The Ash Beastman Elders had far less power than the Dark Elven Elders, so they could only choose one of the three Warlords to support.

As one of the three Warlords, Lodneys strength was undoubtedly powerful, and furthermore, he had once been praised highly by the tribes Prophet, who even ambiguously mentioned that he was very much in support of Lodney becoming the next Tribal Chief.

And that Prophet was the most respected person in the Ash Beastman Tribe. His status was transcendent, and even the past generations of Tribal Chiefs were very respectful of that Prophet. No matter what, as long as the Prophet started talking, no voice of opposition could be heard.

But the Prophet hardly got involved in the tribes administration. Only when the tribe had to face some important decisions would he point out a direction.

And Lodney was praised by that Prophet. This undoubtedly made the call to have Lodney as their chief even louder.

After all, in the Ash Beastman Tribe, everyone had to rely on themselves to struggle forward, they had to rely on themselves to build their army. Lodney had gone from being a weak Ash Beastman to becoming a Warlord. He had gone through countless hardships and walked on the thin path between life and death many times.

This was also the attitude of a Beastman powerhouse.

This time, he came to the ruins because of the competition between the three Warlords. Because he didnt want anything going wrong, Lodney came here in person.

The fight on the side was quickly finished, but Lodney faintly frowned, seemingly recalling something.

At this time, the majority of the army had already rushed to the front of the ruins and was met by charging Firerock Dwarves that were already waiting there.

These Firerock Dwarves threw one look at the army of Ash Beastmen and attacked.

"Damned Ash Beastmen, go to hell!"

"Kill these filthy Ash Beastmen!"

Blue flames seemed to be burning in their eyes, as they appeared one by one and went crazy before charging at the Ash Beastmen.

It turned out that the fight against the guarding Firerock Dwarves had alarmed the others, but after their deaths, Lin Yuns group had already entered the ruins, leaving the Ash Beastmen to deal with the rest.

How could the controlled, muddle-headed Firerock Dwarves think this through? They instantly started fighting.

The large group of Firerock Dwarves raised warhammers and rushed forward, the ground faintly shaking. There were only a few hundred of the Dwarves, but the impact made it seem more like a group of giant creatures as everything blocking their way was smashed to pieces.

At the front of the Ash Beastmens army, the Beastman slaves raised their shields to guard the front. The Wolf Riders behind them were tightly holding onto their reins, their scimitars already unsheathed, and as for the Demon Warlocks, their bodies were already emitting a thick Abyssal aura.

In the sky, the Wyverns were already preparing to dive down and attack the Dwarves.

Those Firerock Dwarves had already lost their reason and only instinctively wanted to tear anything before their eyes to shreds, and the Ash Beastmen had no plans to try to avoid direct confrontation.

From his throne, Lodney was impassively looking at the Firerock Dwarves charging with fierce momentum and his voice icily boomed, "Kill them."

Lodney barely gave his order when a 5th Rank Arch-Warlock on the back of a smaller Kodo sharply yelled, "Lodney, what are you doing? Do you plan on angering the Firerock Dwarves? Are you trying to start a war with their clan? Dont move! No one is allowed to move!"

That guy, who didnt look like an Ash Beastman, sharply shouted, but it didnt seem like many in the army were listening to him.

The battle had already started at the front, as the first line of Beastman slaves was about to collide with the crazy Firerock Dwarves.

The Firerock Dwarves threw their hammers when they were still a dozen meters away. The several hundred hammers had incredible momentum as they flew through the air. Countless white auras converged together like dozen-meter-wide sea waves washing over the Ash Beastmen.

The Beastman slaves snarled and raised their shields high up, but countless shields were crushed in an instant. Several dozen slaves were crushed to death by the first wave.

The white air waves rushed forward, and within them were the hammers wrapped in lightning. The front of the defensive formation was instantly split open, and like hungry wolves pouncing on a group of sheep, the Firerock Dwarves ruthlessly tore a hole into the army.

The Wolf Riders in the back started getting restless, but they were still not moving. The Demon Warlocks didnt do anything either, and although the Flying Riders kept diving down, they werent tossing any of their poisoned javelins.

Lodney had an ashen expression as he fiercely glanced at the person on the Kodo.

"Army Overseer Cohen, Im not starting a war, those red-skinned midgets are! If you can persuade them to retreat, then youd better go now!"

Beside Lodney were a few of his officers glaring at Cohen, many of whom had killing intent. It seemed like if they ever had the opportunity, they would get rid of Cohen.

The Firerock Dwarves were already attacking, yet Cohen was forbidding retaliation. It didnt matter much to the Beastman slaves, but those of the main armies, despite being extremely angry, didnt dare to ignore Cohens words.

In the Flame Dragon Warlords army, who among the officers didnt know that Cohen wasnt a member of the Flame Dragon Army, but rather an Army Overseer dispatched by the tribe?

Every Warlords army had an Army Overseer who had been dispatched by the tribe. Although the tribe adhered to the concept of the strong ruling, they were also afraid that the influence of the three Warlords would grow too much, causing them to go out of control and be detrimental to the tribes development instead. They had to control the tribes internal strife to a certain degree to keep the tribe growing without trouble.

Cohen was an Army Overseer dispatched by an Elder supporting another Warlord. At the time, Lodney was forced into it and could only compromise, but the outcome made him wish he could just kill Cohen.

Even under such circumstances, right after Lodney ordered the attack, Cohen immediately ordered them not to attack and was trying to blame him for starting a war between the races. Even Lodney wasnt willing to carry that sin on his own.

"Cohen, Ill give you three minutes, go and persuade these red-skinned midgets!" Lodney sneered as he looked at Cohen.

Cohen awkwardly chuckled. He was only at level 35, so when facing these crazy Firerock Dwarves, going forward would only be throwing away his life.

"Lodney, Im just saying that we should do our best to avoid becoming hostile with the Firerock Dwarves After all, they are stronger than our tribe."

Lodney sneered, hardly hiding his loathing expression as he glanced at Cohen. Because of Cohens delay, several hundred Beastman slaves had been killed by those Firerock Dwarves.

Lodney suddenly waved his hand and loudly shouted, "Kill."

At that moment, the Firerock Dwarves that had been charging practically unhindered finally encountered a wall and were forced to stop.

The Flying Riders in the sky ruthlessly dove down while tossing poisoned javelins. One after another, the javelins tore through the air at a frightening speed with an ear-piercing sound. When a Firerock Dwarf heard that sound, he was already impaled.

In an instant, several dozen javelins rained down from the sky, making the air crack under the pressure.

The short Firerock Dwarves had formidable physical strength, but in an instant, several dozen of them were impaled by the poisoned javelins.