End Of The Magic Era Chapter 704

Chapter 704 Horned Six Tailed Fox


Its horn could fuse with its natural casting abilities to release an extremely powerful attack. In the legends, during the era of Gods, a Horned Nine-Tailed Fox on its own used its horn to injure a God!

Although that Horned Nine-Tailed Fox ended up being squeezed to death by that God, it was enough to show how powerful it was. Apart from Gods, other things could also injure Gods This seemed unfathomable. Even just a graze was inconceivable.

The Rock Giant could be described as the most disgusting one because that guy was practically immortal. Its body was completely made out of rocks, and it had to devour all kinds of rock to increase its rank. It had no weak points, and even if its body was shattered, as long as there was a fragment of rock, it would be able to quickly recover.

These three races that had been annihilated in the river of time had reappeared, clearly letting everyone know that this was the King Arena!

And according to the judgement of the King Arena, the first battle this group of people had to fight was against those three level 38 magic beasts, and the ruling bloodlines of their entire races!

The three magic beasts immediately let out some roars after appearing and stared at Lin Yuns group.

The Golden Behemoth stood up and fiercely hammered its own chest for a while, before baring its fangs and charging at Lin Yun.

Deafening rumbles echoed as the huge colossus rushed over, making it sound like a mountain was collapsing.

Lin Yun raised his Draconic Staff and chanted a few words, making three blue flames with long trails appear in the sky.

The large flames fell onto the Golden Behemoths body and a fierce explosion echoed, but the Golden Behemoth only waved its hand. Its speed slightly slowed down, but it had no injuries on its body. The golden fur softly shook, but that was it.

Zeuss exclaimed in surprise, "Such strong magic resistance!"

Lin Yun had a calm expression as he shouted in a low voice, "Magic suppression, high power, single target. We need to increase our distance, our defensive shields are useless against that guy."

Enderfa and the puppet let out a powerful wave of spells, the four elements coming together to form a golden tide.

The powerful force made the Golden Behemoth roar repeatedly, but it couldnt get closer for the moment.

The Golden Behemoth was unrivalled in melee, as the sharp claws over a meter long could even tear Dragons apart, but its weakness was very clear. It didnt have spells, so unless it got close, no one was in great danger.

But at the same time, it had outstanding magic resistance, even stronger than that of Dragons. Low Tier Spells couldnt even damage its hair.

The Golden Behemoth was suppressed for the time being, but the other two also got on the move.

The Horned Six-Tailed Fox had a smaller body and was terrifyingly fast. It could cross over ten meters in an instant as if it was using Flame Flash continuously.

Its six tails gently swayed, and in an instant, countless spells of all elements fell down like rain.

Flames, frost, poisonfire, gales, rocks, lightning

Countless spells converged together, continuously colliding and transforming into a terrifying spell storm that expanded to engulf everything. Waves of destruction travelled through the air, expanding towards Lin Yuns group.

Reina, Elsa, and Zeuss frantically cast spells to withstand the magic storm.

Countless spells collided against each other in the air as the Horned Six-Tailed Fox circled around them, continuously flashing and sending spell storms in all directions. It was as if they were surrounded by an army of mages.

The Rock Giant walked over with large strides, not caring about the spells, looking like it was too lazy to even dodge. Large pieces of its body shattered, but the fragments just floated back to the Rock Giant as if attracted by some power.

Then, the floating fragments turned back and returned to their original places, as if it had been the effect of a spell, leaving behind no damage at all.

"Xiuban, Beta, go stall that Rock Giant."

Xiuban fiercely spat before lifting Carnage and charging towards the Rock Giant.

"Damned b*stard, die for Lord Xiuban!" Xiuban bellowed. He swung Carnage to meet the Rock Giant with great force, and the Rock Giants fist ended up being shattered, sending a large shower of fragments shooting away.

But Xiuban didnt have time to be happy because those fragments immediately flew back, turning into a stone sledgehammer that ruthlessly smashed against Xiuban.

Xiuban was sent flying, and when Beta saw that scene, he was scared and almost pissed his pants. He wanted to turn and run.

Lin Yun flipped the Book of Death open and a light flashed as Barton and Lagulin were summoned to help Xiuban deal with the Rock Giant.

The undying would deal with the immortal Rock Giant.

Lagulin was holding onto Heavens Wrath, sending out one Death Aura Slash after another, sundering a large amount of stone from the Rock Giants body. Barton also summoned a group of Undead lifeforms to assault the Rock Giant before following up with a large number of Undead Spells.

Xiuban was also swinging Carnage, frantically battling the Rock Giant in close range.

But this Rock Giants body could transform at will, and even those broken fragments could be transformed into terrifying weapons to surprise its opponents as long as they were within a certain distance of its body.

Barton kept summoning more of the Undead, slowly suppressing the Rock Giants range of movement, but the Rock Giants body suddenly burst with Earth Spikes. As it rotated, all Undead within ten meters seemed to have gone through a meat grinder, turning into a huge pile of bone fragments in an instant.

To suppress the Rock Giant, they could only rely on Bartons continuous supply of Undead cannon fodder.

It looked like they were holding up, but no one dared to relax.

The Golden Behemoth was held back by the flood of spells, and they didnt even dare to pause for a second. As for the Horned Six-Tailed Fox, it was incessantly flashing around. So far, none of Lin Yuns spells had landed on it.

Instead, they were the ones being hammered by the spell storms.

They were at an uneasy standstill, but they all knew that if this dragged on, they would die

"Merlin, hurry up and think of something! These three guys are too troublesome, what should we do?"

Enderfa was controlling the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel to throw out waves of spells, but he could already feel the mana of the Spell Wheel being drained at a rapid pace. They would die if the deadlock continued

Lin Yun had a calm expression, and the Magic Array within his body frantically revolved, helping him analyze and calculate.

These rare magic beasts all existed in the God Era and went extinct, so there werent many records about them. To kill them, they had to find some sort of exploitable weaknesses, and he had no choice but to figure them out on the spot!

As time passed, the crisis was slowly closing in.

Golden light flew out of the 3rd eye of the Golden Behemoth, radiating and slowly covering its body.

The golden fur shone glaringly with a golden radiance, and the spells from Enderfa and the puppet could no longer suppress the Golden Behemoth where it stood.

The Golden Behemoth raised its four arms, and despite being hit by several dozen spells every second, it was still slowly moving forward, one step at a time towards Lin Yuns group.

There were fifty meters to cross, and the Golden Behemoth would only need ten steps to be within attack range!

Meanwhile, the Horned Six-Tailed Fox kept circling around everyone, continuously flashing and releasing more spells. The chaotic spell storms became stronger as they accumulated, covering even more area, and the magic defenses of Lin Yuns group were getting pushed back.

And the continuously transforming immortal Rock Giant was confronting Lagulin and Barton. Bartons spells and cannon fodder could no longer keep it from advancing. If that Rock Giant was able to get close enough, they would die.

Cold sweat dripped down Lin Yuns forehead, his Magic Array already operating at maximum performance, and he had even stopped casting.

Because of this, the pressure on the others had greatly increased. Each second felt like they were being pushed closer to a precipice. Everyone would instantly die if they were careless enough to be distracted for a moment.

Time slowly passed while Xiubans shouts kept echoing.

Xiuban was blasted away again and again by the Rock Giant. He spat blood as he roared to Lin Yun, "Sir Merlin, think of something! Quick! This guy wont die, no matter how much I shatter him, he just recovers instantly"

Lin Yun frowned, feeling very anxious.

Not enough time, too confusing, there is no time to infer everything Weakness, weakness

No good, its impossible to plan against all three of them together, lets focus on that Horned Six-Tailed Fox first!

It is the biggest threat. No matter how we suppress the Golden Behemoth and Rock Giant, if the Horned Six-Tail Fox accumulates enough spell storms and guides them along with its horn, we will all die

The weakness of the Horned Six-Tailed Fox is the clearest. Its body is the weakest of the three, and a 6th Tier Spell is enough to injure it. But it is very fast, it can dodge all the spells were throwing at it.

Moreover, if we cant kill it in one hit, itll inevitably use its horn to form a complicated six-attributed compound spell that could compare to an 8th Tier Spell. At that time, everyone would die!

Lin Yuns brain was working quickly and countless pieces of data were flowing in his mind as he kept computing, only to find that this was an extremely complicated problem.