End Of The Magic Era Chapter 705

Chapter 705 Weakness


In this inescapable arena, the Horned Six-Tailed Fox was the biggest threat!

It could keep dodging and flashing without limits

Right! If we cant attack it, then I can just calculate the pattern of its movements and attack its new position ahead of time!

The pattern!

Lin Yuns eyes suddenly shone as he completely gave up his calculations on the Rock Giant and the Golden Behemoth and started focusing on the Horned Six-Tailed Fox.

In an instant, Lin Yuns eyes changed and looked like a vortex of data, symbols, and formulas. The Magic Array was capturing every trace of the Horned Six-Tailed Foxs spells and movement.

After a dozen seconds, Lin Yuns computations were already keeping pace with the Horned Six-Tailed Foxs movements, every flash happening to fall in with the outcome of the computing.

But this still wasnt enough. A short while later, Lin Yuns computing speed even exceeded the Horned Six-Tailed Foxs speed!

Every time it disappeared, Lin Yun could predict where it would appear one second in advance!

One second was enough for a lot of things!

Lin Yun slowly raised his Draconic Staff, holding the opened Book of Death in his left hand as he was using the power of the Element Chapter to increase the power of his spells. With the Book of Death as a medium, he pushed his casting speed to its pinnacle.

In an instant, Lin Yun quickly chanted three words and three Space Rending Blades appeared.

The three blades were slashing from different directions, and as he cast them, the Horned Six-Tailed Fox flashed right in the middle of them!

The faint spatial fluctuations stopped the Horned Six-Tailed Fox from disappearing again, and this was all that was needed at this moment!

The three Space Rending Blades formed a dead end, and nothing could escape from the gaps.

But the Horned Six-Tailed Fox didnt panic. Its body twisted in an odd posture. The first Space Rending Blade sliced just above its head, and the second one passed just below its abdomen, only slicing a bit of fur. The third one was slicing from behind the Horned Six-Tailed Fox, but it was also going to only cut off a bit of fur.

The Horned Six-Tailed Fox sneered, while Lin Yun also smiled.

Suddenly, the Space Rending Blade grazing the Horned Six-Tailed Foxs back split in two!

When that second Space Rending Blade appeared, it was close to the body of the Horned Six-Tailed Fox. No matter how fast it was, it couldnt dodge this one!

A black light flashed, and the Horned Six-Tailed Fox disappeared. It reappeared a dozen meters away, but without its head, which appeared someone else.

Instant kill!

Lin Yun had released four Space Rending Blades, but he had merged two of them together! Let alone the Horned Six-Tailed Fox, anyone would have been fooled by it.

Three words, three casts, it was all in order to hide the extra instant-cast spell!

If it werent for the fact that he wanted to instant-cast that splitting Space Rending Blade without reducing its power, Lin Yun wouldnt have taken out the Element Chapter!

Because instant spells were a bit inferior compared to normally incanted spells, the clear difference in mana would have been discovered very easily.

The Horned Six-Tailed Fox ended up being dispatched by Lin Yuns first move.

Enderfa sighed in relief. No one here knew better than him how threatening a Horned Six-Tailed Fox could be, especially when it was sending spell storms to converge from all directions.

If it wasnt killed immediately, the powerful six-element compound spell would loudly fall

With the Horned Six-Tailed Fox dead, there were only two left and they werent in as much of a tight spot anymore.

Lin Yun had more time to make calculations, and after a short period of time, he opened the Element Chapter and brandished his Draconic Staff, three flame vortexes appearing above his head.

The large amount of elemental flames suddenly appeared and covered the Rock Giant. Every time the Rock Giant wanted to escape, Lin Yun would release a Bursting Flames spell to explode on it again.

"Merlin, what the hell are you doing? This is a Rock Giant, it cant be burnt to death"

Enderfa was doing his best to resist the Golden Behemoth when he saw that Lin Yun seemed to be messing around, and he couldnt help complaining.

Lin Yun didnt say anything and was still continuously casting, using some impact spells that wouldnt do much damage to the Rock Giant.

Slowly, the Rock Giants body was heated until it was deep red, but it hadnt weakened in the slightest. Flames of this level definitely couldnt harm the Rock Giant. They would even increase its power.

Seeing that it couldnt rush out, the Rock Giant unexpectedly stopped struggling and just stood in the flames and let them burn.

At this time, Lin Yun quickly chanted a few words and a golden pattern appeared under the Rock Giant, covering ten meters in an instant.

Then, a golden-red pillar of fire rushed out of the pattern and wrapped around the Rock Giant.

The Rock Giant let out a roar but didnt feel any pain. It was delighted to be getting stronger.

After ten seconds, the Hellfire dissipated and the Rock Giant fiercely swung its hand, forcibly scattering the elemental flames in the surroundings. The Rock Giant now looked like a heated gemstone.

A terrifying heat spread from its body, which made the cannon fodder that Barton was still summoning turn to ashes on contact.

The Rock Giant waved both arms and loudly shouted, apparently pleased with the fiery, crystalline body.

Lin Yun had an icy expression as he hurriedly told Reina, "That guy is hot, help it cool down."

Reina didnt even think as she transformed into a Dragon and flew into the air with countless blue rays of light appearing in her mouth.


Countless ice fragments poured out of Reinas mouth. As the Frost Breath fell, snowflakes started condensing in the air.

The Frost Breath engulfed the Rock Giant, and the originally excited Rock Giant suddenly stopped, its body starting to dim.

As the seconds passed, its body returned to its original cyan color, before immediately becoming darker and stiffening. Its body seemed to turn into a stone statue standing there motionlessly.


A small crack was heard, and like a chain reaction, numerous cracks appeared on the surface of the Rock Giant. Then, a few more snowflakes fell on its body and the Rock Giant shattered to pieces.

Stone had weaknesses, after all. The sudden change between extreme heat to extreme cold could cause any stone to meet its end.

This time, Lin Yun suddenly rushed into the pile of shattered stone and grabbed a seemingly ordinary fragment before he quickly returned.

At this time, those fragments of rock squirmed and quickly converged together to reform the head of the Rock Giant. It no longer seemed so carefree It was extremely frightened as it looked at Lin Yuns retreating figure, its mouth letting out an angry roar.

And when it saw Lin Yun taking out a box made out of Eternal Gold Essence and putting that rock fragment inside, only despair remained in its voice.

As the box was closed, the Rock Giants recently reformed head shattered once more.

Lin Yun sneered as he put the Eternal Gold Essence box away.

Rock Giants were troublesome, but they werent completely invincible. Since they were lifeforms, they definitely had a source of power and life. That seemingly ordinary stone was its heart, its source of power.

But Rock Giants had a special innate ability, able to move their heart anywhere within their body. Thus, even if a Rock giant was shattered, unless one could find the heart, it would be effectively immortal.

After a lot of effort and lengthy observation, Lin Yun used Hellfire to thoroughly heat it, turning its body translucent in order to find its heart. After its body shattered, he could deal with the heart, and the Rock Giant would truly die.

Two were dealt with, and only one was left: The Golden Behemoth.

This guy was the most powerful one, but also the easiest to suppress. Its body was extremely strong, and as long as it wasnt killed, that guy would just keep rushing forward like a mad dog, not stopping until it tore its opponents to shreds.

Moreover, this Three-Eyed Golden Behemoth was the ruler of Golden Behemoths. Causing it to die from exhaustion wasnt possible, as such a lifeform was able to fight against a Three-Headed Golden Dragon for three months. How could they possibly exhaust it?

Everyone was casting spells at the Golden Behemoth, but it yielded very little result. So far, the only achievements had been a few black marks on its body.

After its fur had been strengthened by the 3rd Eye, it could already be said that no power under the Heaven Rank could break its defenses!

Lin Yun pondered for a bit and suddenly lifted the huge Draconic Staff once more and started casting.

But he didnt use an offensive spell this time. Instead, he created phantoms that wandered around the Golden Behemoth.

It naturally understood that it shouldnt get surrounded by these phantoms, so it unhesitantly clawed one of them, tearing it to shreds.

As more and more phantoms appeared, the Golden Behemoth became more and more rash, striking out at the phantoms.

But as the number of phantoms just kept increasing, the Golden Behemoth involuntarily started using all of its arms to attack.

In the end, its four arms were fiercely swinging all around, not even caring about resisting spells.

After a dozen seconds, a Rock Puppet suddenly appeared in front of it, but the Golden Behemoth didnt think much and opened its mouth to bite the Rock Puppet.