End Of The Magic Era Chapter 707

Chapter 707 Dodge


Lin Yun calmly opened the Book of Death and poured a large amount of mana into the Element Chapter. Ice particles suddenly appeared in the air and quickly revolved, turning into a large ice vortex from which a serpentine Frost Elemental Dragon flew out.

The Frost Elemental Dragon roared as it flew up, before spraying an Ice Breath towards the distant Destruction Guard. The icy blue breath stretched over a few hundred meters and covered a large area around the Destruction Guard.

The lava spreading on the floor started condensing as the temperature in the air quickly dropped, as for the rain of meteors, it quickly stopped.

The Destruction Guard roared, apparently very displeased with the icy aura in his surroundings. It raised the bident in his right-hand and a dark green vortex condensed at the tip of the two blades. After a few seconds, the dark aura converged together into a dark green sphere.

The sphere, over a meter in diameter, emitted such a terrifying power that even Lin Yun had a change of expression and immediately had the Frost Elemental Dragon dodge.

But then, that dark green ball was stabbed by the bident and instantly fused with it. A two-meter-thick dark green light pillar rushed out of it and extended at an unimaginable speed towards the Frost Elemental Dragon.

In the blink of an eye, the pillar pierced the body of the Frost Elemental Dragon and disappeared into the horizon.

Then, the Frost Elemental Dragon let out a loud roar, a huge hole about two meters in diameter in its abdomen. Its body was over two meters thick, yet a big chunk was missing. Moreover, that wound seemed to be covered in a layer of dark green grease which was continuously bubbling.

Its body was constantly being corroded. The surging ice couldnt stop this corrosion and the hole greatly expanded in a few seconds. In less than a minute, the Frost Elemental Dragons body would be split in two.

Boundless ice power condensed in the air, forming ice particles and turning into a huge ice vortex. The Frost Elemental Dragon fell from the sky and disappeared into that ice vortex.

Everyone was startled as they saw this scene, cold sweat dripping from their foreheads.

One hit!

One hit was all it took to put that level 38 Frost Elemental Dragon on the verge of death!

It actually forced the Frost Elemental Dragon, summoned by the Book of Death, to flee back to the Ice Plane.

Lin Yun turned pale, no one understood more than him what this represented. After the Element Chapter had thoroughly fused with the Book of Death, the summoned Elemental Dragons had directly signed a contract with the Book of Death!

This also meant that before the end of a battle, the summons absolutely couldnt leave, even if they died in battle, they could use the power of the Element Chapter to be reborn in the Elemental Planes and recover to their peak in a short time.

As for the summoned Elemental Dragons, they were Elemental lifeforms who had the support of the Element Chapter, they simply couldnt fear death, and the price of leaving on their own was extremely painful.

After that Frost Elemental Dragon returned, its level would permanently decrease by ten levels!

This was the punishment for breaching the contract!

The Elemental Planes werent a nice place, most Elemental lifeforms there instinctively devoured other Elemental lifeforms to evolve. A Frost Elemental Dragon that lost ten levels would definitely attract the attention of many Frost Elementals.

At that time, he might end up being devoured. But even though the price was so great, that Frost Elemental Dragon still chose to escape.

What did that mean?

This could only mean one thing, the attack from the Destruction Guard might have been destroying the consciousness, soul and body of the Frost Elemental Dragon!

That was death, the most miserable death, the death that most lifeforms were afraid of.

Even the Element Chapter couldnt make consciousness undergo rebirth in the Elemental Planes!

Thus, that Frost Elemental Dragon escaped

It was scared away

Lin Yun had a terrible expression, he glanced at the others who also had terrible expressions and roared in a deep voice, "Everyone, be careful, this guy might be very troublesome, it might even be able to use some of the rare abilities of the ruling bloodlines of Destruction Guards"

After that attack, the Destruction Guard took a huge step toward their group. The earth shook under its footsteps and a large amount of black aura rushed forth from its body. That black aura turned into strange distorted ghosts revolving around its body.

Lin Yuns left-hand held onto the Book of Death while he raised the Draconic Staff with his right-hand, chanting at a rapid pace.

In an instant, countless thick Frost Spikes fell down, letting out whistling sounds as they flew. The meter-thick Frost Spikes revolved at an extremely fast speed as they charged into the body of the Destruction Guard.

The others watched Lin Yun standing tall and making their first move before gritting their teeth and casting one after another.

A large amount of spells exploded towards the Destruction Guards, countless spells converged together and formed a hailstorm, the snowflakes and hail fell down as if they were leaking from the sky.

But the flaming green eyes of the Destruction Guard were icy cold, apparently not caring as it kept walking forward, the earth melted under its foot, turning red at a rapid pace before cracks started appearing with lava erupting from within.

In an instant, that lava turned into a protection covering the Destruction Guard in the center. The ice spells fell onto that protection and quickly melted, creating a large amount of steam which spread over a hundred meters.

Within that large amount of steam, the Destruction Guards loudly roared and swung its bident, its black aura converging into distorted skulls that frantically charged towards the group.

Lin Yuns expression suddenly changed and he immediately shouted, "Dodge!"

They all used various techniques to quickly dodge, Reina flew in the sky in her Dragon Shape, Lin Yun used his Ice Elemental Incarnation and cast two consecutive Frost Flashes in the area rich in ice elements.

The puppet instant-cast two 6th Tier Spells towards the ground and sent itself flying away.

Even Xiuban jumped away, landing a dozen meters away in a second. Only Enderfas reaction was a bit slower while controlling the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel.

He barely flew less than ten meters away and ended up grazed by those skulls made of black smoke.

In an instant, they could see the black smoke turning into a dozen distorted skull shadows frantically tearing at Enderfas body.

Enderfas three faces made of smoke seemed to be tangible at this moment, with each bite, a part of his body was missing and his connection with the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel was temporarily severed.

"Damnit, Evil Spirit Possession, Merlin, Im screwed if you dont save me" Enderfa let out in a mournful scream.

The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel fell to the ground, several dozen small ghastly phantom skulls crazily tearing at it. Lin Yuns expression changed and a light flashed from his Draconic Staff. A subtle lightning fell down and rushed towards the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel like a snake.

As the lightning flickered, that group of ghastly phantoms were forcibly scattered and disappeared in an instant.

This restored the connection between Enderfa and the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel. How could Enderfa delay at such a time, he instantly turned into smoke and rushed into the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel. As for those ghastly skulls biting Enderfa, they followed and started biting the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel.

Another lightning flashed, and these ghastly phantoms disappeared.

After another four seconds, Enderfa slowly came out of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, his three faces looking seriously ill.

"Damn, thatb*stard. I must get rid of this guy today!" Endefa had a really pained expression.

It was very difficult for a Magic Tools Incarnation to increase its power, but in those few seconds, he had lost a lot of power and it would take a long time to recover. If he hadnt been saved, he might have even been torn apart by those ghastly phantoms

Lin Yun was calm and collected, but shouted with vigilance, "Everyone, be careful. Thats Evil Spirit Possession, its a power coming from the Destruction Guards bloodline, It can summon the power of Evil Spirits to surround its target and sever its connection to the outside world, making it unable to cast spells and exhaust its strength, even souls will be torn apart"

They all exerted themselves to dodge and used many fire spells to get rid of that group of Evil Spirit Skulls.

And at that time, the Destruction Guard, covered in flowing lava, was already fifty meters away.

With another swing of its bident, a dark green light flashed once again on that bident and a thick dark green pillar rushed out of it.

They could only interrupt their casts and start dodging that pillar before it reached them.

That thick light beam arrived in a flash, and left a thirty-meters-long scaron the ground, which kept exploding, as if highly volatile materials were hidden under the earth.

Countless rock fragments flew out like arrows, causing large ripples on Lin Yuns shield.

Runic Shields defensive power depended on the amount of runes of the caster, the more runes the caster possessed, the stronger the Runic Shield was, and the amount of runes Lin Yun had accumulated even exceeded most Archmages, but just these rock fragments were enough to cause ripples on his Runic Shield.