End Of The Magic Era Chapter 708

Chapter 708 End Of Battle


It had to be known, the Runic Shield was mages most important defensive ability, its casting speed was the fastest, but it couldnt be used for a short time after it fell.

Being unable to use a Runic Shield was equal to giving up on their most powerful defense, and they would end up being exposed to the most dangerous situations.

After sending that pillar once again, the Destruction Guard once again summoned the rain of meteors, and they could only barely dodge the large amount of falling meteors.

Reina clenched her teeth and opened her mouth to chant in Draconic. She intended to use a powerful spell to interrupt the Destruction Guards cast, but who would have thought that the Destruction Guard interrupted its casting on its own. A rune shone on its bident, and in an instant, countless flickering runes appeared above Reinas head.

Then, those runes combined into a new rune which imprinted itself on her forehead, ignoring Reinas magic defenses.

Reina suddenly let out a miserable scream and fell from the sky. Lin Yun quickly cast Featherfall on Reina, but the spell dissipated as it touched her.

Enderfa also used a few spells to slow down Reinas falling speed, but all of them collapsed when touching Reinas body.

"Magic Sealing Rune! Damnit, how could that Destruction Guard use that thing!" Enderfa let out in alarm.

The Magic Sealing Rune could sever all connection between the target and external mana! Any mage imprinted with the Magic Sealing Rune would turn into a cripple unable to sense the outside worlds mana!

They couldnt even spread their own mana towards the outside, this was an extremely terrifying rune, it was the nightmare of all mages.

Even if the effect of this Magic Sealing Rune would vary based on the power of the target and the caster, it couldnt help but make all mages feel alarmed.

If an Archmage had a good understanding of that rune and imprinted it on a Magic Apprentice, the latter would have his mana sealed for no less than three years.

Even if it was on someone on the same level, they would be sealed for a few seconds or even a dozen seconds!

Such a long time without being able to cast and with no reaction from their mana, what did that mean to a mage?


That was enough time for a mage to die ten times!

Lin Yun paled, he hadnt expected that this Destruction Guard had such a terrifying rune. Even the most powerful member of the ruling bloodline didnt have such rune!

What the hell is happening?

Reina spat blood when she hit the ground. Her formidable draconic physique greatly reduced her injuries, but a few of her bones broke.

After returning to her Human Shape, Reina looked extremely pale as she quickly stood up, but Lin Yuns expression sank.

"Merlin, how do we handle that guy? Its too troublesome!" Enderfa controlled the Ten Thousand Spell as he asked Lin Yun.

Lin Yun glanced at the Destruction Guard. Most of the spells were blocked by the flowing lava, even the most powerful spells couldnt even crack one of its scales

"Draw its attention, and scatter." After saying that, Lin Yun cast Haste on himself and quickly ran towards the back of the Destruction Guard.

No one knew what Lin Yuns plan was, but they immediately followed his instructions and scattered, quickly deploying around the Destruction Guards body.

The Destruction Guard hadnt anticipated this, the bident in its hands swung towards all of them as several flaming meteors fell on them.

But no one was hit, however, the ice spells falling on the Destruction Guard also didnt have much of an effect.

After a short time, Lin Yun suddenly used Ice Elemental Incarnation once again and instant-cast countless ice spells. Enderfa, Reina, Zeuss, Elsa and the puppet also followed suit

Everyone was crazily casting ice spells and it only took an instant for the area around the Destruction Guard to turn into a world of ice. Dense ice fragments were also falling from the sky and the entire space felt like they were in an ice plane.

The thick ice aura made the Destruction Guard angrily roar, the earth below him turning red once again, crack and lava also appearing.

At this moment, a ball of flames secretly rushed into the Destruction Guards body.

Lin Yuns body slightly shook, and without a word, he used three Frost Flashes in a row and was now in the air, over twenty meters high.

He was holding the Book of Death in his left hand, with the Element Chapter letting out a huge radiance. The young Purple Dragon flew out of the Draconic Staff and transformed into an awe-inspiring purplish draconic shadow behind Lin Yun.

The Book of Ten Thousand Mantras was floating in front of Lin Yun, who then chanted a long and complicated 6th Tier Spells incantation.

Following Lin Yuns chant, countless deep blue ice fragments appeared in front of him, the surging mana even making Lin Yun hover in the air.

Then, an eight-meters-long ice sword condensed in front of him, the deep blue ice carrying a bone-chilling coldness. The Ice Sword was covered with numerous runes.

After the incantation was over, the Ice Sword fell down and stabbed towards that head covered in dark green flames.

The Destruction Guard was angry, its bident shining with a glaring dark green radiance

But then, most of the lava covering its entire body dissipated in a flash, especially its upper body, not a trace of lava could be found there!

Syudos had turned into flames and devoured the Destruction Guards flames before quickly escaping.

As for Reina, she had already re-transformed into her Dragon Shape and was opening her maw towards the Destruction Guard to let out her Frost Breath.

After spraying that Frost Breath, blood leaked out of her mouth and she could only return to her Human Shape and fall to the ground, falling to the ground while resigning herself to fate.

Countless icy blue rays of light hit the Destruction Guard that had lost its lava defense. In an instant, the upper body of the Destruction Guard was completely frozen.

After Reina made her move, Enderfa, Elsa, Zeuss, and the puppet, all crazily used Freeze spells, those countless Freezes falling onto the defenseless Destruction Guards body.

In an instant, over a hundred Freezes fell down, and the Destruction Guard couldnt react on time after having lost its defenses.

In less than a second, the Destruction Guards body was completely frozen.

But they then noticed countless dark green flames leaking out of the Destruction Guards skull and sprinkling over its body, quickly restoring it.

But it wouldnt have an opportunity.

That huge ice sword already fell and pierced the skull of the Destruction Guard.

But a large amount of green flames unexpectedly appeared.

That ice sword pierced less than a meter but the Destruction Guard had almost struggled free out of the ice!

They all had terrible expressions, Lin Yun ground his teeth, and instant-cast three Rock Falls, planning on ruthlessly hitting the ice sword atop the skull, one rock at a time

That huge ice sword was like a nail being hammered in the Destruction Guards head

The angry and mournful roar of the Destruction Guard echoed as he fiercely shook, the earth becoming extremely red as one crack after another appeared and the aura of destruction started filling the air.

"Stop him! Quick!" Enderfa screeched, crazily casting Freeze spells to keep the Destruction Guard frozen so that it couldnt struggle free.

They were risking everything to cast Freezes, they all knew that they were dead if that monster struggled free of the ice.

A berserk level 39 Destruction Guard wouldnt leave anyone off. Although Destruction Guards intelligence wasnt that great, it wouldnt be tricked twice by the same strategy!

Lin Yuns Magic Array crazily revolved, calculating the most optimal casting interval to make each falling rock smash the skull.

After ten seconds, the ice on the Destruction Guards body instantly exploded and the earth fiercely shook, geysers of lava erupting up to fifty meters!


The angry roar echoed as a sinister and evil aura spread in the surroundings.

The Destruction Guard was berserk

Everyone despaired, they were at their limits and simply couldnt keep casting at such intensity

At this time, the last rock fell on that ice swords hilt

The ice sword, that had been slowly piercing through the skull, finally pierced through that hard skull. Half of its blade went in and instantly pierced the Destruction Guards head.

At that time, the lava stopped erupting out of the ground, the earth was no longer shaking. The Destruction Guard was like a man whose neck had been snapped.

The berserk aura in the air slowly dissipated

The Destruction Guards eyes were filled with unwillingness as the burning flames in its eyes slowly stopped burning. The dark green flames on its head were also extinguished and a large amount of green blood dyed the earth green.


The body of the Destruction Guard fell to the ground, like a mountain collapsing.

Lin Yun slowly floated down from the sky and looked at the Destruction Guards corpse with an ashen face.

He then went to the side of the Destruction Guard and reached out to grab that bident. A white rune floated out and was caught by Lin Yun.

It was that Destruction Guards Magic Sealing Rune. When seeing this rune, Lin Yun finally understood that this rune wasnt the Destruction Guards rune, but something he got through external means.

The battle was over, but no one smiled