End Of The Magic Era Chapter 709

Chapter 709 Evade


Reina was seriously injured and lying on the ground with a dull expression, looking as if she was waiting for her death.

Elsa looked heartbroken, her pale complexion made it look as if she was seriously ill

Zeuss had already given up and was sitting on the ground, not caring about his image at all. He had even thrown aside the magic staff which he considered as important as his life.

Xiuban was covered in blood and black burns. Just now, Xiuban had been the only one standing in front of the Destruction Guard, and those geysers of lava alone were enough to riddle Xiubans body with scars.

Enderfa was floating in the air, silently looking at Lin Yun.

"You are still in the mood to collect that Magic Seal Rune? This was already the 2nd round, the next opponent is definitely a Heaven Rank lifeform! Do you think that Magic Sealing Rune is going to be useful?"

Enderfas faces were filled with despair. In fact, Enderfa had already accepted his fate, "Hell, we will die in the King Arena, this isnt such a bad place to die. At least you are accompanying me in death"

Enderfa suddenly looked at Lin Yun. "Merlin, you are the most gifted person Ive ever met. It is truly unfortunate that youll die here, but I feel a lot better since you are dying alongside me"

Everyone else was despairing in silence.

Only those who survived nine battles in the King Arena could survive and leave, but on their second battle, they already encountered a level 39 freak

If they hadnt been lucky enough to encounter a colossus with formidable power and low intelligence, they would have already been lying dead on the ground.

They would definitely encounter a formidable Heaven Rank monster on the 3rd round!

Heaven Rank

That was another species altogether, as everything under the Heaven Rank belonged to the mortal realm. No matter how powerful a mortal was, they couldnt match a Heaven Rank powerhouse. Whether it was in quality or quantity, their life essence was completely different.

Moreover, it involved the Laws. Even a 1st Rank Heaven lifeform could easily kill them.

Everyone remained silent. Only Enderfa was chattering as if he had accepted the situation and had already moved on.

As for Lin Yun, it looked as if he hadnt heard Enderfas words and was firmly staring at the center of the King Arena as if he was in a trance, completely not caring about the rest.

Despair accumulated up until a metal fence slowly rose up in the distance and they reached their limits.

The 3rd round started

Elsas eyes were unfocused as she looked at the distant sky with teary eyes.

Xiubans Carnage fell to the ground as he foolishly looked at that slowly raising fence

Zeuss bitterly smiled as he covered his face with his hand, unexpectedly not showing any sign of despair.

Elsa had given up all hopes and was mumbling to herself, "Dying in the hands of a Heaven Rank powerhouse can be considered a valuable death. It is just unfortunate that I couldnt find the Life Pattern Crystals Incarnation"

Beta, who had been laying on his stomach from the start, was weeping, "I dont want to die Its over Its over Death Death I dont want to die"

The fence would soon reach the top, but Lin Yun, who had been staring at the center of the King Arena, suddenly smiled.

He walked to the center and looked around before creating a pair of flaming wings for himself and flying up. He then raised his Draconic Staff while holding the Book of Death in his left hand and loudly chanted an incantation.

An incantation with a fast cadence echoed from his mouth

Enderfa, who kept chattering, hovered in midair and looked at Lin Yun. "Merlin, come down, dont resist, there is no point"

"The 3rd round has already started and we definitely cant contend against the lifeform thats going to appear. We might as well stop resisting and pray that the system of the King Arena isnt working properly after all these years, and maybe we can discuss with that lifeform to find an opportunity to live"

"Maybe if we dont fight, that King Arena will stop functioning and we might be able to find a way to leave"

"Even if thats no good, we might as well just save ourselves from pointless suffering"

Enderfa kept talking and talking, trying to persuade Lin Yun, but Lin Yun didnt seem to be listening to his words. He was fully focused on that 7th Tier Spell, using a spell he normally shouldnt be able to use with his current rank.

But with the quality and control over his mana, he could already use 7th Rank Spells.

He normally didnt use those spells, not because he didnt know how powerful 7th Rank Spells were, but precisely because they were so powerful that the time needed for the incantation made them unsuitable for battle.

As Lin Yun continued his chant, a formidable amount of mana surged from his body like a tide.

More than ten seconds had passed, but Lin Yun was still chanting.

This actually surprised Enderfa.

"Merlin, hurry up and get down, what spell are you even casting? It has such a long incantation"

Lin Yun kept chanting without a pause, the cadence sounding similar to an elven song.

A full twenty seconds!

Lin Yun finished the incantation by the time the fence reached the top.

At that instant, the mana seemed to be berserk as it converged in the sky. Black clouds swirled together and turned into a huge vortex. Thunder flickered and flames surged within those black clouds.

Slowly, all the black clouds collapsed in, condensing into a ravaging golden spear with lightning and fire flickering in its surroundings.

Its powerful aura pressured everyone.

Then, the golden light fell from the sky, ruthlessly attacking the center of the King Arena.

Two eyes were already glowing from behind that metal fence, and the group closed their own eyes in despair.

But after a while, there was surprisingly not a single sound. It was complete silence, there was no monstrous roar

In the blink of an eye, a miracle happened.

The King Arena had disappeared

The surroundings had become a wide-open space. The exhausted despairing people were still sitting on the ground awaiting their death, only Enderfa had his eyes wide open while looking at this scene with shock.

Under the effect of Lin Yuns powerful spell, the entire King Arena had instantly disappeared

Lin Yun coldly laughed, "To actually try to pass it off as the King Arena with those kinds of skills, truly naive"

Ever since they fought against those three level 38 colossi, Lin Yun faintly felt that something was wrong. The lifeforms that could enter the King Arena were the rulers of their races, or one of the most powerful members of their races ruling bloodline.

There had been no problem with the Three-Eyed Golden Behemoth and the Rock Giant, they were both rulers of their races, but there was something wrong about that Horned Six-Tailed Fox. When it got enraged, its horn turned red. The ruling bloodline of the Horned Six-Tailed Foxes would have golden horns when enraged!

But this point was just enough to puzzle Lin Yun, he couldnt think too much about it under such a tense atmosphere. However, Lin Yun discovered something even more puzzling during the fight with the Destruction Guard

The most puzzling part was the King Arena in itself!

Gods were once fighting in the King Arena!

Let alone Gods, Heaven Rank fights were common, and the fights had happened for a long time. Wouldnt it be too simple if one person alone could casually damage the King Arena?

The King Arena would very rarely get damaged, apart from when Gods fought each other!

Heaven Ranks powerhouses were completely unable to damage the King Arena when fighting!

But when the Destruction Guard attacked earlier, it destroyed a large portion of the King Arena, as if it was made of ordinary stones. This was inconceivable.

Although that Destruction Guard was very powerful, it was still a level 39 lifeform. Even two Heaven Rank powerhouses wouldnt be able to damage the King Arena, so how come that Destruction Guard could damage it?

This was completely impossible! Even if the King Arena had decayed over time, not a single stone could be destroyed by the energy of that Destruction Guard.

Its just that the King Arenas name was already too frightening. During battle, who would notice these kinds of details? And after the battle was over, they would have to move onto the 3rd round. This made everyones minds collapse, no one would care about those minor details.

After the fight, only Lin Yun had been thinking about these illogical small details and used the Magic Array to keep examining the aura of the surroundings, until he finally had a bold hypothesis: This King Arena was fake!

He calculated the location of the center of the fake King Arena and used his most powerful spell to attack the center of the King Arena. And as expected, the King Arena disappeared.

That attack exceeded what the Fake King Arena could endure and it instantly collapsed

The King Arena disappeared and only the four bodies remained in the surroundings.

The Three-Eyed Golden Behemoth, Horned Six-Tailed Fox, Rock Giant, and the Destruction Guard. The corpses of these four guys were still calmly laying on the ground. Not only had Lin Yuns group been tricked, but these four guys had also been tricked.

The despairing people opened their eyes and stared blankly at their surroundings, not daring to believe what they were seeing

At this time, several hundred Dark Elven Souls appeared in the surroundings and surrounded everyone. A large number of spells flew towards the group and the mana fluctuations spread out like powerful gales.

Enderfa exclaimed in alarm, "Damnit, what are you guys doing being stunned, evade!"