End Of The Magic Era Chapter 710

Chapter 710 Encounter


They just came back from deaths door, the imminent death they were expecting wasnt there, and the Heaven Rank lifeform had turned into a group of level 36 and 37 Dark Elven Souls, this was such a huge difference.

Everyone lively jumped up from the ground and cast a large number of spells towards those Dark Elven Souls.

Enderfas three faces were howling with laughter when faced with these several hundred spells, he was abnormally happy

"Hahaha, damned morons, I can only wait for my death if a Heaven Rank lifeform had appeared, but for fools like you to dare to make a move against Uncle Enderfa, haha,just drop dead!" The laughing faces changed positions and cast a large number of spells from the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel. The Spell Wheel rotated at a crazy speed, overflowing with countless runes which combined into boundless different spells. Countless flames, gales, flying rocks and shards of ice. That large number of spells combined together in a chaotic storm of spells that instantly submerged the Dark Elven Souls.

It was more or less the same for the others, the wounded Reina kept casting ice spells, overflowing with killing intent, apparently wanting to kill all these Dark Elven Souls to vent her anger and not planning on letting a single one escape.

Even Xiuban raised Carnage and loudly roared as he charged towards the crowd of Dark Elven Souls, taking spells with his body without care as he crazily crushed the Dark Elven Souls.

Lin Yun raised his Draconic Staff, his left hand holding onto the Book of Death as he methodically cast spell after spell, every spell perfectly killing a Dark Elven Soul.

After a dozen seconds, Lin Yun faintly frowned. Although the level of the surrounding Dark Elven Souls wasnt high, the amount just kept increasing, soon reaching over a thousand.

They had just gone through two exhausting battles, especially the battle with the Destruction Guard where they were almost annihilated. They were all riddled with injuries and this battle against the Dark Elven Souls would soon end up becoming a bit dangerous.

"Break out of the siege, dont be trapped by these guys!" Lin Yun shouted in a deep voice.

He then chose a direction and focused his spells there.

After venting, Enderfa stabilized his state of mind and was the first, alongside the puppet, to follow Lin Yun to cast his way out of the siege.

The Dark Elves simply couldnt stop the three magic fortresses once they wanted to fight their way out of the siege, they made a hole in less than three seconds.

Lin Yun led everyone to rush out of the siege and quickly charged forward while being chased by the Dark Elven Souls, who were unwilling to let them go and kept casting spells as they ran behind them.

Slowly, the amount of Dark Elven Souls chasing them lessened. When only a few dozen remained, Lin Yun suddenly attacked out of nowhere and quickly dispatched them with Enderfa.

They finally sat down to rest, exhausted. Lin Yun took out a pile of Health Potions and Mana Potions and passed them to everyone.

Reinas injury was the most serious one. A few of her bones were already broken and she couldnt transform into her Dragon Shape for the time being, so her power had greatly decreased. However, with her constitution and an adequate supply of Health Potions, she would be able to recover within a few days.

The others injuries werent as heavy, and their mana consumption wasnt too bad.

Lin Yun was the one in the best shape, he simply wasnt injured, and had recovered his mana faster than everyone. With the support of the Natural Demiplane, Lin Yun simply couldnt run out of mana.

While everyone rested, Lin Yun spread a dozen Mage Eyes to investigate the surroundings.

They were in a valley between two small hills. The valley was very vast and a river even went through the valley.

There were some traces of small animals in the surroundings, and it could be said that there was nothing more dangerous.

But even so, Lin Yun still released a dozen Mage Eyes towards both hills summit to guard against possible sneak attacks from the other side of the hills.

After a dozen minutes, they had recovered most of their power, their injuries somewhat healed.

They didnt dare to tarry, once they had the power to fight, they had to set foot onto the path, once again. But as soon as they started walking the depths of the valley, Wyverns sounds echoed from the other side.

Several dozen Wyverns flew over, patrolling the air space, followed by an army that made the ground shake under their feet.

When Lin Yuns group discovered these patrolling Wyverns, they were also discovered. Several hundred large wolves crazily rushed over, several thousand Beastmen rushing over behind them.

From this distance, they could see an eight-meters-tall Kodo within that army, carrying a huge throne on its back in which a seemingly powerful Beastman was sitting.

Lin Yuns expression sank.

They had avoided these Ash Beastmen before, but he hadnt expected that they would encounter them here, especially when they were in poor condition.

Betas expression turned deathly pale with the appearance of this army of Beastmen. He was covering his head and hiding behind Xiuban like a kid, afraid of being recognized by those Beastmen.

Lin Yun frowned, that army had already discovered them, those Wolf Riders and Beastman slaves were already rushing over, the war was unavoidable

Unless Lin Yun made a move, the others wouldnt rashly attack. Even the battle-loving Enderfa was looking at Lin Yun when faced with that army of Beastmen.

Lin Yun raised his Draconic Staff and a vortex of fire slowly appeared. Countless Flame Spears, Fire Arrows, and Fireballs flew out of that flaming vortex, exploding within the ranks of the Ash Beastmen.

Enderfa howled. A large number of explosions started echoing in front of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel as the spells seemed to transform into an eight-meters-wide river washing over the Beastmen, every wave of the river was a chaotic flood of spells from the four elements reaching up to six meters in height.

As those waves fell down, the Beastman slaves tried to block them with their shields, but to no avail. Their shields were instantly broken when in contact with those spells and countless Beastman slaves were crushed after being hit by the powerful flood of spells

The war had started

They all started casting offensive spells, killing a large amount of Beastman slaves. However, the Ash Beastmens offensive was using the lives of these Beastmen slaves to suppress them.

The Wolf Riders swung their scimitars which had been enchanted by their tribes Prophet with a special ability, they could cut down spells.

The Beastmen Wolf Riders task was to charge, endlessly charge, they had to behead opponents each time they charged.

But Lin Yuns group was made of formidable casters. Enderfa and the puppet alone could suppress these Wolf Riders and render them unable to charge.

The Beastman slaves werent as valuable as the Wolf Riders. Beastman slaves had terrible innate talents and their strength wasnt that great, but they had formidable breeding abilities, they were natural cannon fodder which would end up putting too much pressure on the tribe if they didnt die.

But the training of these Wolf Riders wasnt easy. Lodney wouldnt let these Wolf Riders sacrifice their lives pointlessly.

In the back of the army, a group of Demon Warlocks started casting, a large amount of Abyssal Aura filled the atmosphere, black smoke surged and turned into a large number of meteors falling towards Lin Yuns group.

Moreover, a large number of Abyssal spells were cast by these Demon Warlocks, suppressing the casting of Lin Yuns group.

On the biggest Kodo, Lodney stood up and a large amount of black smoke flew out of his body, dragging him towards the front of the army.

And on Lin Yuns side, a pair of flaming wings grew from Lin Yuns back and he flew up to battle with Lodney.

But suddenly, a faint spatial fluctuation could be felt, and as if triggered by a chain reaction, the space there suddenly started shaking.

Lin Yun and Lodney both fell towards the ground in an awkward way, ripples could clearly be seen spreading in the space.

At that moment, it looked like the entire area was shattered, the earth violently shook, pitch-black cracks appearing all over as the earth was forcibly torn apart.

The earth in the center of the battlefield swelled at a rapid pace as a long and huge continuous rift appeared there as if some huge monster was coming out of the earth.

The ground on which everyone was standing was slanted at a crazy angle, the fierce spatial shakes and mana vibrations made it impossible for them to stand still.

After a few seconds, Lin Yuns group and the Beastman army could no longer see each other

The ground was like a piece of flatbread that had been split and folded.

The earth in the middle of the battlefield quickly swelled up while a large amount of ground sank, over a kilometer of land was tilting at a rapid pace.

The surroundings hills shook and shattered, the entire ruins were shaking.

After a dozen seconds, the shattering of the earth seemed to have finished, while the spot where Lin Yuns group had been seemed to have been completely flipped, taking Lin Yuns group under the surface, leaving no traces behind, as if Lin Yuns group had never been there to begin with.

Lin Yuns group had fallen under the surface alongside some chunk of earth, the surroundings were dark and there were still fragments of earth up to a hundred meters in size falling with them.

The space was chaotic, and the mana was also chaotic.

A large number of fragments collided in the air, continuously changing directions, some of which fell down like meteors

Xiuban held onto Carnage and loudly shouted as he fell down, a huge several-dozen-meters-big rock falling onto him from the side. It didnt seem fast, but when it hit Xiuban, it made him spit blood and sent him flying towards another side like a meteor.