End Of The Magic Era Chapter 711

Chapter 711 You Are Courting Death


Xiuban then hit another huge fragment and spat blood once again.

As for the others, they werent much better, the chaotic mana fluctuations and spatial fluctuations caused strong interference, greatly increasing the difficulty of casting spells. During their fall, they could only cast some wind spells or some similar spells that could let them adjust their bodies in the air.

Lin Yun tried to cast Flight three times until he was successful, and he also covered his body with a Runic Shield before quickly flying towards Xiuban.

After eight continuous Flame Burst, a piece of ground spanning over several dozen meters was turned to pieces, protecting Xiuban from the fate of being continuously hit.

Lin Yun swept past Xiuban, grabbing him with a Flame Shackle before flying towards someone else.

The huge pieces of ground kept colliding against each other in the air, continuously speeding up, slowing down, in an extremely chaotic manner. As Lin Yun dragged Xiuban over, the latter was was almost hit by those huge fragments of ground spanning several hundred meters a few times

"Sir Merlin, please be careful!" Xiuban shouted in alarm.

But it didnt seem like Lin Yun heard. Countless runes were flickering in his eyes as he was using the Magic Array to calculate the movement, angle, and path of those fragments and keep moving between them in a seemingly chaotic pattern.

They could all see a huge rocky slope two kilometers below, as well as a river ending in the darkness.

If they couldnt control their own momentum before this, then even if they werent knocked down by those huge fragments, they would still fall to their death.

Lin Yun quickly moved back and forth, first grabbing the puppet, before flying towards the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel that kept being hit by fragments in midair.

During the fall, Enderfa had judiciously returned to the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel. The power behind the impact of those huge fragments could be described as terrifying and even a Magic Tool Incarnation would be injured.

When he was less than a kilometer away, Lin Yun personally controlled the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and used it to cast Haste on himself before rushing towards Reina, who was falling at the fastest speed.

Reinas Frost Dragon body had already been injured and even if she could transform, she wouldnt be able to fly. Lin Yun rushed to her and used the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel to forcibly cast a Flight spell on Reina in such a chaotic environment, before immediately flying to save the others.

It wasnt until they were three hundred meters away from that rocky slope that Lin Yun saved the last person, Beta.

"Follow me!"

Although everyone had a Flight cast onto them and they wouldnt fall to their death, the situation was still far from encouraging.

The thick surrounding darkness was like a huge empty space, numerous fragments of ground kept falling down from the ceiling and the only exit seemed to be that rocky slope.

But the fragments of earth were precisely falling onto that rocky slope, instantly exploding and turning into smaller fragments spreading all directions with extreme power.

And the only way out of this was the river turning into a waterfall at the bottom of the slope, but no one knew where it led!

Only by entering that waterfall and following that large river could they be able to resist the exploding fragments.

Although such a dire situation wasnt deadly, everyone, apart from Lin Yun, would receive heavy injuries.

Enderfas head popped out of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and instantly saw Lin Yun using Flight to lead everyone into that huge waterfall.

"Merlin, you are courting death!"

Lin Yun frowned and kept calculating the paths of every falling fragment of earth, and the result was that five seconds later, the danger would be reduced to the minimum for the next three minutes!

This was the time when fewer debris fell onto that rocky slope, and when their size was the smallest, this was the safest time!

Thus, Lin Yun seized the opportunity and didnt slow his falling speed, he actually increased it as they rushed towards the waterfall.

"Elsa! Wood Barrier!" Lin Yun loudly shouted.

Elsa immediately roused the ultimate magic pattern on her forehead, and immediately, a green sphere covered everyone.

A second later, Lin Yun led the falling group past the rocky slope.

In an instant, the countless stone fragments were like exploding arrows that crazily attacked the Wood Barrier, one ripple after another appearing on the Wood Barrier, making Elsas complexion turning a bit more ashen with each hit.

Lin Yun then led them into the waterfall.

At that time, the power of the exploding rocks had become a lot weaker and the ripples on the Wood Barrier were sparse. Most fragments couldnt even shake the Wood Barrier.

The rapid impact of the waterfall had a frightening power in itself, but Lin Yun had used the same downward angle to enter the waterfall, as well as a similar speed, which was why they didnt sense its impact. But those fragments were different, as long as their direction was different from the waterfall, they would instantly feel the impact of the waterfall.

In an instant, more than half of those fragments were incorporated into the waterfall and became part of the waterfall, falling alongside it.

Lin Yun didnt relax after safely rushing into the waterfall, he gave Elsa a bottle of Mana Water to let her recover her mana while continuously observing the situation in front of them.

They were now falling at a terrifying speed alongside the waterfall, if they met anything solid, Elsa would definitely be the first to die, that kind of impact wasnt something the Wood Barriercould resist!

Elsas mana would be instantly drained by the Wood Barrier while the others would die from the power of the impact.

They had drifted within the waterfall for no less than three kilometers when Lin Yun noticed some change not far from there.

That huge passage looked like a huge tube leading towards an abyss, as the waterfall kept falling, Lin Yun discovered a fork, and only an extremely small part of the river was entering that fork!

"Pay attention, we will split off from the waterfall!"

Lin Yun used mana to make his voice enter everyones ears, his eyes firmly watching the entrance of that fork which was only a few dozen meters tall.

If they missed this opportunity, who knows when theyll be able to leave this waterfall. It was unknown how deep that waterfall was, and what kind of danger awaited them at the bottom.

When they were a bit over a hundred meters away from that entrance, Lin Yun suddenly led everyone to split away from the waterfall and use extremely fast speed to charge into that entrance.

Everyone turned pale, because their speed was truly too fast.

Even Featherfall wouldnt be able to slow down their speed, and they didnt dare to reduce their speed before they entered the tunnel!

If they reduced their speed, they might end up being washed down by the waterfalls impact!

If they were suppressed by the impact of the waterfall, they would no longer be able to enter that passage, thus Lin Yun could hardly reduce their speed.

They were all ready to get wounded when rushing into that entrance

They rushed into the entrance from above, but that entrance was only thirty meters tall, and Featherfall wouldnt be able to slow down their speed with so little space.

In an instant, they only saw the Book of Death in Lin Yuns left hand shine as an imprint on the Sage Chapter dissipated.

A ripple spread at a rapid pace, quickly sweeping through their bodies and quickly reducing their falling speed.

Over a dozen ripples swept over them, and by the time they were a meter away from the floor, everyones falling speed had already slowed down to be similar to that of falling leaves.

After safely hitting the ground, Xiuban staggered and fell down. It wasnt just Xiuban, Zeuss, Beta, Elsa all staggered as if their legs had gone soft and they sat on the ground.

This had been scary

"Merlin, can you not take me along next time you go on an adventure? If something went wrong, I would have been the first Magic Tool Incarnation in history to fall to his death" Enderfa was so scared that he couldnt even condense his faces.

Lin Yun stood on the ground, his heart furiously throbbing. If the timing had been slightly off, they would have ended up half dead.

Were it not for Lin Yun discovering that entrance, calculating the chances of success, and using the Mass Featherfall imprint in the Sage Chapter, it would have ended in a disaster.

With the increase of their flying speed, he could only use the 3rd Tier Spell slotted on the Sage Chapter.

3rd Tier Spells could only reach the might of a 5th Tier Spell after being turned into an Ultimate Spell, while Lin Yun could instant-cast most of his 6th Tier Spells.

Since the Sage Chapter hadnt been upgraded for a long time, it had lost its importance in battle, thus Lin Yun hadnt used any of the spells slotted in it for a while. There was only one spell on it at the moment, that slot offered the possibility of using Mass Featherfall.

Ordinary Featherfall couldnt slow down everyone speed within twenty meters, but the Ultimate Spell Mass Feather Fall was different, not only could it reduce everyones falling speed on time, it even made them as slow as falling leaves when they were about to hit the ground.

The crisis had been completely lifted and even Lin Yun couldnt help wiping his cold sweat. If it had been someone else, they might have already died. He had only been able to calculate everything in the most minute details thanks to the Magic Arrays terrifying computing ability, making sure everything was absolutely safe.

After a short rest, they kept moving forward in that cave, and they didnt have to go far to find what seemed to be the deepest part of the earth.