End Of The Magic Era Chapter 712

Chapter 712 Foresight


There was an underground river flowing towards an unknown location, as well as huge rocks in the surroundings. These rocks were extremely smooth, most due to being polished by the river for a very long time.

Silence and desolation reigned, and only the sound of the flowing river could be heard in this place.

As they followed the path forward, the area became bigger and bigger. This place was like an underground world.

Lin Yuns eyes suddenly shone, and without any warning, he cast a Bursting Flames towards the back of a huge rock.

The blue ball of fire had a long trail behind it as it smashed the area behind that huge rock, before two loud explosions could be heard. As the flames spread everywhere, they all saw a Dark Elf jumping out from behind the rock and hiding behind another rock.

Flames swept across as that Dark Elf hid behind that rock.

In an instant, everyone got into offensive stances and Enderfa released several dozen fire spells. Like the roar of a Dragon, these fire spells loudly echoed as they exploded towards that Dark Elf.

But that Dark Elf had already cast Haste on himself and dodged towards another side as Enderfa made his move, using a rock to avoid the flames coming from four different directions, not a single spell hitting him.

Lin Yun slightly frowned when the puppet also cast a suppressive barrage. The Dark Elf seemed able to predict where every spell would fall. His speed clearly wasnt that fast, but he still barely dodged the puppets instant spells.

As if he knew the trajectory of those spells

He was clearly only level 35, but he was unexpectedly troublesome. His speed was inferior to that of the previously encountered Horned Six-Tailed Fox. In fact, he might not even be as fast as Lin Yun, but he could miraculously dodge all the spells.

Lin Yun light waved his Draconic Staff and several dozen sharp Wind Blades flew over, covering everything within a dozen meters!

That Dark Elf instantly started running when Lin Yun made a move, but with his speed, he couldnt avoid these instant-spells covering several dozen meters.

But a shocking scene happened before their eyes.

That Dark Elf didnt seem to panic. It looked as if he was randomly twisting his body and limbs. The Wind Blades flew close to his body but didnt even graze his hair!

At this time, the others also made their move. They saw that this seemingly level 35 Dark Elf wasnt that simple. Every second, over a hundred spells fell down, yet, not a single one could hit him!

The only time this happened before was when they fought the Horned Six-Tailed Fox. That was because the Horned Six-Tailed Fox was so fast that it could barely be caught by human eyes, moreover, it had been continuously flashing all over the place, so they naturally couldnt keep up with its pace and were unable to hit it.

But this Dark Elfs speed was average, yet it could miraculously dodge all spells. It wasnt just one or two, but over a hundred spells!

Although that Dark Elf hadnt used any offensive spell in the last three minutes, his dodging skills stunned everyone.

Lin Yun frowned while continuously using Wind Blades. That large amount of Wind Blades was like a gale covering a large area, but not one Wind Blade hit him.

Lin Yun sent several dozen Wind Blades once again, but there were three hidden Space Rending Blades within.

But just like earlier, that Dark Elf easily dodged all the Wind Blades, and by the time those split Space Rending Blades appeared, a level 35 Dark Elven Soul appeared in front of the Dark Elf.

That Dark Elven Soul used an Ultimate Spell as soon as it appeared, a dome of flame rose up and instantly exploded. The force of the explosion swept away the remaining Wind Blades and sent the Dark Elf flying away.

Those three hidden Space Rending Blades appeared at that precise moment, slashing that Dark Elven Soul to pieces

Lin Yun was a bit stunned

That guy could escape such a deadly attack in such a way at the cost of one Dark Elven Soul!

Its not that he saw through the hidden Space Rending Blades, rather, he countered them before they even appeared and managed to escape without any injury.

Lin Yun opened the Book of Death while countless flames surged out of the Draconic Staff. Suddenly, numerous flames fell from the sky as Flame Cages kept falling, none of them trying to cover that Dark Elf, covering that Dark Elfs surroundings instead.

In three seconds, one Flame Cage after another formed over twenty meters of flaming wall.

But when Lin Yun was about to forcibly grab that abnormal Dark Elf, that Dark Elf took the initiative to rush towards a falling Flame Cage, and before that Flame Cage landed, he rushed out of the confinement.

They could then see him running away from the group, his body continuously twisting and sidestepping, dodging all the spells

While escaping, the Dark Elf suddenly changed direction and escaped in another direction

At this time, Xiuban swung Carnage, attacking from behind a huge rock and ruthlessly smashing the location the Dark Elf had just been at.

After a few seconds, that Dark Elf disappeared in the darkness

Enderfa was staring blankly in the distance, "Damn, what a freak"

Lin Yun was also a bit startled, they had even been able to kill a level 39 Destruction Guard with the few of them, but they werent even able to harm a hair of that level 35 Dark Elf

Even if the other side ran when he saw that things were far from good, they werent even able to block his path

Xiuban foolishly stood there, not understanding what had happened. He had perfectly timed the attack, how come the other side ran into another direction?

Everyone felt strange, no one ever met such an abnormal situation. They couldnt understand how a level 35 Dark Elf could safely escape from their encirclement.

Everyone felt strange but they didnt pursue their attacks, a huge group of Dark Elven Souls suddenly appeared in their surroundings. These Dark Elven Souls werent high-leveled and were quickly dispatched by everyone.

At this time, even Lin Yun didnt think of pursuing him, who knew where that strange Dark Elf escaped to.

After the battle was over, Lin Yun thoughtfully contemplated for a short moment, before looking at Elsa, "Elsa, did you recognize that strange Dark Elf?"

Elsa was puzzled, but there was not a wisp of doubt in her voice, "I have never seen that Dark Elf. I can also confirm that he isnt a Dark Elven Soul, and Im also certain that he isnt a member of our clan. Every Dark Elven birth is recorded in our clan, and although Im not too familiar with the records, Ive seen it, and Ive never heard or seen anything about such an abnormal Dark Elf!"

Lin Yun pondered for a moment before a flash of understanding appeared on his face.

"Of course! He isnt a Dark Elf!"

Elsa shook her head, "He is a Dark Elf, there is a faint reaction between every Dark Elf which allows me to confirm that the other side is a Dark Elf"

She hadnt finished her words before Lin Yun grinned. "I didnt finish my words. He really isnt a Dark Elf, but he is the Incarnation of your Life Pattern Crystal!"

Elsa involuntarily shouted in alarm, "How could it be? How do you know?"

Lin Yun didnt care about Elsas questioning and casually said, "I discovered him hiding on the side and used an instant Bursting Flames. That was an extremely fast instant-spell, but he dodged almost instantly. He was hiding behind the rock and shouldnt have seen this coming. But he jumped out from behind that rock the moment I cast my spell.

"Moreover, when he dodged the spells, it could be said that he was foreseeing the trajectory of every single spell, dodging over a hundred spells in a second. And that continued for three minutes!

"Even I cant do that. He couldnt refrain from using defensive spells against some unavoidable attacks, but even then, those were the attacking spells with the lowest amount of power.

"I believe that this was his own choice. When he couldnt dodge spells, he would choose to dodge the powerful ones and block the weaker ones, spending the lowest amount of energy.

"I used three hidden Space Rending Blades while using several hundred of Wind Blades continuously, the concentration and liveliness of wind elements had reached its pinnacle in his surroundings. Within that storm, he shouldnt have been able to notice those three Space Rending Blades.

"But it was like he knew these three Space Rending Blades were there before they even appeared, and he reacted ahead of time, summoning a Dark Elven Soul to send himself out and leaving that Dark Elven Soul to die in its place.

"Finally, when he ran away, I had been casting these Flame Cages randomly. Yet he seemed to know beforehand, even suddenly changing direction before Xiubans sneak attack.

"Its as if he could foresee everything, and this is one of the abilities of the Life Pattern Crystal!

"Moreover, the only explanation for him being able to summon Dark Elven Souls is that he is the Incarnation of the Life Pattern Crystal!"