End Of The Magic Era Chapter 713

Chapter 713 Sneer


Elsa immediately understood. No Dark Elf could have this ability, only the Life Pattern Crystals Incarnation had it.

And Elsa clearly knew the strength of this group, a 5th Rank Archmage level Dark Elf definitely couldnt escape so easily, the strongest Dark Elf in history would also be unable to do so at level 35!

Besides the Life Pattern Crystals Incarnation, no one could.

After confirming the identity of that abnormal Dark Elf, Elsa regretfully asked, "Unfortunately, he ran"

She then looked at Lin Yun with a strange expression, her heart full of doubts, How could he know so much?

Lin Yun sneered, "He cant run!"

He then paused and asked a strangequestion, "Do you have any of the crystals produced by your clan?"

Elsas expression was strange, she had even more questions, but she still took out a transparent crystal and handed it to Lin Yun.

Lin Yun took the crystal and took out a pile of tools, even taking out the refining table. He placed the crystal on the refining table and carved runes and patterns on it.

After a short moment, Lin Yun stopped carving and poured mana in that crystal. Suddenly, a projection screen appeared out of the crystal.

Elsa let out a shocked sound when she saw the projection.

The one in the projection was shockingly the Dark Elf they had just encountered!

At this time, the Dark Elf was quickly moving within the dark river, continuously changing direction within that complicated maze, and it didnt take long before he rushed out of the water.

They could see the inside of the ruins in his surroundings. After returning to the ruins, this Dark Elf clearly became a lot more relaxed, dashing forward and never changing direction.

There was a large area of buildings in ruins in front, but it was as if that guy hadnt seen the wall in front of him and rushed through it.

Unexpectedly, that wall didnt stop him, having no effect as if it was an illusion.

Then, that guy kept going forward, and regardless of what he encountered, he just passed through everything, as if there was only air in front of him.

With that kind of path, he quickly reached his destination, arriving in front of a door.

Then, the projection became somewhat fuzzy. That guy stood in front of the door and chanted an incantation, before the projection completely disappeared.

Elsa exclaimed in alarm, "Merlin, what happened? Why cant we see anymore?"

Lin Yun remained calm, apparently thinking that there was nothing wrong.

"The mana interference in his location is too fierce, the imprint I left on him is being blocked. Thats why we cant see, but it doesnt matter. Since we know where he is hiding, its a lot easier now. Lets go!"

Lin Yun led the group to follow that guys escape path, and it didnt take long before they reached the place they had seen in the projection.

They all followed the path and kept changing direction in the maze-like river.

There were many side paths here, who knew how long they would take if they didnt know the itinerary. Thankfully, they had a ready-made itinerary, they only had to follow that path to return to the ruins.

And sure enough, it didnt take long before everyone rushed out of the river and arrived at the ruins.

They looked at the surroundings and it was indeed the ruins river, with short hills in the surroundings.

"We are back to the ruins, we should be able to find that path very quickly. We definitely cant let that Incarnation escape this time!" Lin Yun told Elsa, appeasing the slightly impatient Elsa.

Lin Yuns goal this time was to capture the Incarnation of the Life Pattern Crystal, even if Elsa didnt understand the reason behind it, how could Lin Yun give up?

They all reached the shore and didnt walk far before a large group of Ash Beastmen suddenly appeared on a small hill.

The war banner of the Ash Beastmen was fluttering in the sky, while in the rear, a group of Wolf Riders already started their assault. Several thousand Beastman slaves were loudly rushing down the hill on both sides.

In front, that eight-meters-tall huge Kodo suddenly appeared while the Wyverns rushed over from a distant place.

Lin Yuns group was instantly surrounded

He looked at the surroundings and suddenly understood.

Sure enough, we had been tricked by the Life Pattern Crystals Incarnation!

The previous King Arena had been a trick he had prepared!

The Three-Eyed Golden Behemoths eye, the Horned Six-Tailed Foxs horn, and the Rock Giants heart, these things are a huge temptation for the Incarnation, it was that crafty guys doing!

He used the King Arena to trick those three guys and made them think that they were in the King Arena. But with his strength, he definitely couldnt kill these three guys and obtain their treasures.

When we arrived, he definitely recognized Elsa and thus tricked us into facing those three guys. Regardless of who died, he would get great benefits.

As for the Destruction Guard, it was too strong, but not very intelligent, thus it could easily be tricked into it. If we hadnt died on the first round, he would have used the Destruction Guard to kill us.

Even if we killed the Destruction guard, we would have been spent and wallowing in despair while thinking of being killed by a Heaven Rank powerhouse, closing our eyes while waiting for death.

At that time, he would appear in person and under the guise of an illusion, he would have easily killed us. At that time, those three treasures would have been his. He definitely wouldnt have exposed his own existence!

Such frightening intelligence, really crafty!

Lin Yun looked at the surrounding environment and noticed that they were a bit different from the projection. He immediately understood that this was the doing of that Incarnation. These ambushing Beastmen were definitely led here by that guy!

But Lin Yun knew that he was forced by the circumstances, these Beastmen launched an offensive when they first saw them, its simply impossible to talk with them, they had to fight first.

The battle was imminent, a large number of spells left everyones hands, killing a multitude of Beastmen.

The Ash Beastman were using their previous tactic, using the Beastman slaves to force their way through the spells, using their lives to keep moving forward and offer opportunities to the other elites.

Countless spells fell down, killing three Wolf Riders just as they charged down.

But as they suppressed the Wolf Riders, a large group of Demon Warlocks on the hill started casting Abyssal Spells, rain of fire and black ice fell down, forcing the group to divide some of their power to resist those Demon Warlocks.

On a distant hill, Flame Dragon Warlord Lodney was wrapped in black smoke as he flew out, rushing towards Lin Yuns group.

With a move of the black smoke, eight-meters-big meteors appeared beside Lodney.

The huge meteors left black smoke in their wake as they fell towards Lin Yuns group.

Lin Yun frowned, he hadnt expected Lodney to personally intervene.

"Take care of this side!"

After saying those words, Lin Yun suddenly jumped up and flew towards Lodney, his Draconic Staff flickering with light as huge eight-meter-long Frost Spikes appeared in the air.

A series of ear-piercing shattering sounds echoed as the deep blue Frost Spikes flew out and collided with those flaming meteors.

Flames, rock fragments and ice shards spread out in the sky while terrifying mana fluctuations spread in the surroundings.

Lodneys expression became a lot more serious. The black smoke surged and condensed into strange demonic skulls whose eye sockets were filled with swaying dark green flames.

After six five-meters-tall demonic skulls condensed, the Abyssal Aura on Lodneys body became even thicker.

Countless green flames condensed on his body, and the smell of sulfur spread in the air

"I knew you would be here!" Lodney loudly roared.

As if imitating him, the six demonic skulls opened their mouths wide as if they were roaring and one dark pillar of light after another spurted out of these six demonic skulls, spreading over a hundred meters in an instant and charging towards Lin Yuns body.

Lin Yuns entire body turned into a sea of fire as he used Fire Elemental Incarnation. When those six light pillars appeared, Lin Yun used two Flame Flashes and dodged several dozen meters away.

After disappearing, he saw that except for one light pillar going straight, the other five had gone around to surround the space Lin Yun had just been at, putting pressure and creating spatial fluctuations around his previous location.

The flames he had left behind had been forcibly extinguished.

After those Flame Flashes, Lin Yun held the Book of Death and the Draconic Staff and countless huge ice spells fluttered like Wind Blades, continuously colliding as they flew towards Lodney.

"Lodney, there wont be a good outcome if you keep fighting us!" Lin Yun sneered as he shouted.

When those Frost Spikes flew toward Lodney, a dark green flaming shield appeared in front of him. That eight-meters-wide flaming shield blocked all the Frost Spikes.

But then, the huge Frost Spikes exploded one after another when entering in contact with that flaming shield, turning into ice shards which burst with even more power than the huge Frost Spikes.

After three of those Frost Spikes exploded, three Space Rending Blades split out from them and instantly sliced that huge flaming shield. Those three Space Rending Blades flew from three different angles as they sliced towards Lodney.