End Of The Magic Era Chapter 714

Chapter 714 Watch Out


But at that moment, the six demonic skulls quickly rotated, and Lodney instantly changed position with one of the skulls.

The Space Rending Blades sliced that demonic skull into pieces that then turned into smoke. But barely two seconds later, the black smoke condensed once again into a demonic skull.

With no result, Lodneys expression became even more serious.

Those three Space Rending Blades had a faint spatial crack Such fierce cutting ability, even the demonic skulls that I condensed cant resist, it wont be good if it hits me. We rushed here because we found some clues but it was actually them! Moreover, that guy is clearly just a 9th Rank High Mage, yet he is so powerful.

Lodney kept casting and countless dark green Fireballs flew out like a sea of fire in the sky, its waves fiercely coursing towards Lin Yun.

Before it could even hit, the smell of sulfur assaulted Lin Yuns nostrils and his mana slowed down.

The flames were highly toxic!

Lin Yuns mana instantly rushed out and turned into a whirlwind. Countless ice fragments condensed in front of him, and the layering of ice fragments looked like a Dragons scales as they formed a huge drill.

Lin Yun hid in the back of the drill and was pushed forward by the wind as he met the wave of flames head-on

Many ice fragments shattered and were evaporated by the flames, but even more of them were replenished from the center of the drill.

The frantically revolving whirlwind made most of the flames spin around Lin Yun, and the drill easily pierced through the wave of poisonfire.

Lodney was slightly started. He hadnt expected his opponent to use such a method to dodge. That wave of poisonfire would have displayed even more power if his opponent had chosen to block or withdraw. Meeting it ahead of time greatly reduced its power so that not even a tenth of its power was brought out.

After the huge drill rushed out of the poisonfire wave, it continued towards Lodney, though it looked like the ice couldnt bear with that terrifying rotational power and the formidable momentum of the mana fluctuations.

The demonic skulls rotated, allowing Lodney to change position. The skull left behind at Lodneys original location opened its mouth wide and shot out an extremely hot pillar of dark green light.

The loud, rumbling explosions didnt stop, and in a split second, the demonic skull and icy drill collided.

But Lin Yun disappeared after the explosion and reappeared above Lodneys head, brandishing his Draconic Staff and casting a dozen Bursting Flames spells downward.

Those balls of fire with long blue trails behind them exploded on Lodney in an instant.


The blue flames kept burning amidst the loud explosions, but the black smoke could be seen resisting in the center, taking the shape of an egg with Lodney in the center.

Lin Yun cast once again, sending a dozen more instant-cast Bursting Flames, when suddenly, Lin Yuns expression slightly changed and the spell he was about to cast became a Flame Shackle instead.

This Flame Shackle caught Lin Yun and fiercely sent him flying away.

At the same time, a dozen flames with thick black smoke appeared in the sky, attacking Lin Yuns position from every angle.

Lodneys silhouette could be seen not far away. "You are very powerful, but I wont let you find that place," Lodney said with a serious expression.

Lin Yun was a bit baffled by this and sneered, "Dont blame me for being rude if you dont stop. You were tricked and are still helping the mastermind, are all Beastmen that stupid?"

The fight continued, but they were still unable to deal with their opponents, and they surreptitiously started reducing the power of their attacks.

Lodney was attacking while pondering over Lin Yuns words. Fell into someones scheme and continued helping the mastermind? Could he be trying to find someone? From the way he is speaking, he must be chasing someone, is he not looking for that door?

As Lodney kept pondering, he felt that this was very likely. This legend only had meaning for the Ash Beastmen, and that guy was a human. Its not likely that he is here to wreak havoc.

As for Lin Yun, he also understood some things from Lodneys words. These Ash Beastmen had gathered a large number of people to look for a place, so they couldnt be here for the Life Pattern Crystals Incarnation.

After a few exchanges, Lin Yun felt bored. This was purely a waste of time, and Lodney felt the same.

Their goals werent conflicting, so there was no need to fight.

Suddenly, the two of them simultaneously withdrew.

Lin Yun and Lodney both giving up didnt mean that the battle below would stop, as it was still quite fierce.

The Flying Riders were steering their Wyverns and continuously diving down, one poisoned javelin after another breaking through the sound barrier as they fell.

The sharp sounds never stopped, and the Beastman Wolf Riders were encircling Lin Yuns group, charging continuously.

And there were still those Demon Warlocks, who were incessantly using one Abyssal Spell after another. So many spells were colliding in the air that they were causing constant waves of mana fluctuations to spread in the surroundings.

Lin Yuns group was also going all-out, using their spells to cover all sides, causing those poisoned javelins to blow up in the air.

None of the charges of the Beastmen Wolf Riders were able to force the group to scatter as Xiuban was swinging his Carnage to defend the group. The Wolf Riders relied on the power of their charge, but every time one of them managed to enter the defensive perimeter, Xiuban would use his abnormal strength to send them flying.

The mass of Beastman slaves was already losing its effectiveness because they could even be torn apart by the secondary effects of spells, like the pieces of earth thrown up by the impact of the spells.

When compared to the fighting happening below, the sky was strangely quiet.

After a while, a voice echoed, "Still fighting?"

Lodney hovered in the air, his six huge demonic skulls still on the move, his deep green eyes watching Lin Yun attentively.

Lin Yun lightly gestured with his Draconic Staff to scatter the flames lingering on it as he shook his head. "Nah, Im bored."

Hearing Lin Yuns words, Lodney confirmed that there was no meaning behind this battle. It was a waste of everyones time.

"Stop! Withdraw!" Lodney stared at Lin Yun as he yelled at the army below him.

At this moment, whether they were Wolf Riders or Beastman slaves, they all stopped their attacks.

The Wolf Riders were originally emitting fierce Aura fluctuations and were red-eyed, but they all did the exact same movement when they heard that order, pulling on their reins and pausing for a bit to control the fierce fluctuations. Once they calmed down, they started putting the army in order.

As for those Beastman slaves who were fighting to their last gasp, most of them immediately stopped marching when they heard Lodneys order.

But although the army had stopped, a few had already lost their reason because of the fight and desperately continued charging towards Lin Yuns group.

A few Wolf Riders charged over with cold expressions and ruthlessly beheaded these few slaves that didnt listen to the order.

All the remaining slaves instantly calmed down and stopped their footsteps.

The Wyverns soared in the sky and stood guard, no longer diving down. The Abyssal aura coming from the Demon Warlocks also dissipated.

"Everyone stop." Since Lodney gave the order and the elites stopped, Lin Yun also told his group to stop.

The huge vortex of spells revolving around Lin Yuns group thoroughly dissipated, and the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, which had become extremely red, calmed down as the runes slowly disappeared into the Spell Wheel.

Everyone stopped casting before vigilantly walking towards the center.

But as everyone stopped fighting, Cohen, the Army Overseer, was quietly moving outside the defensive perimeter of Lin Yuns group.

A green light blossomed from his hand and ruthlessly flew towards the closest person, Elsa. The ray of light condensed into a grinning demonic skull with a long trail and a huge mouth, which flew towards Elsas back.

"Watch out!"

The sudden change startled everyone. Enderfa controlled the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and instantly cast a few Ice Shields behind Elsa.

But that strange skull opened its mouth wide and ruthlessly bit down on impact with the Ice Shields, turning them to pieces.


The skull opened its mouth wide just before hitting Elsa and ruthlessly bit her back, half of it getting into her body.