End Of The Magic Era Chapter 717

Chapter 717 Hellfire


The greenish-black entrance looked very old. It gave them the feeling of having been there for an entire era.

And not far from the entrance, the Life Pattern Crystals Incarnation was standing there.

The Incarnation was shocked when it saw Lin Yuns group appear and kept retreating in fear, involuntarily letting out, "How could you find me!?"

Lin Yun sneered as he looked at the Incarnation of the Life Pattern Crystal.

He already knew that this guy wasnt very powerful, but he was very crafty and was using his abilities to create troubles to accomplish what he couldnt do with his own strength.

From the Dark Elven Souls to the King Arena, everything had been part of his scheme. He even planned to make them withstand the Beastman army.

Lin Yun definitely didnt believe in the odds of randomly meeting the Beastman army twice in a row. That Ash Beastman army was huge, and when they marched, it was definitely impossible for the other side to discover them first, let alone directly surround them.

How could that happen? This guy is purely scheming to get profits, he wouldnt ignore it if Lodney and I fought, he definitely wouldnt be able to stop himself from making a move.

And sure enough! Hmpf, dont think you can run away if you interfere!

Lin Yun sneered as he looked at the Dark Elven appearance of the Incarnation.

Lin Yun had prepared a secret card before the battle, or else he wouldnt have bothered to listen to Lodney speak for such a long time, and he wouldnt have let this Army Overseer live all this while. Lin Yun had used the time to make preparations

That secret card was a special teleportation array, that had virtually no restrictions when it came to distance or environment, but it could be said that it had the greatest restriction.

Because that teleportation array was called Nowhere To Hide! An imprint could be placed on a target, and as long as the conditions were met, he could instantly teleport to the targets side.

When Noscent had developed to its peak, that special array was widely used. Any genius especially nurtured by a major force would have this imprint on his body.

When these geniuses encountered a danger they couldnt face, they would trigger the imprint, warning the person who had placed the imprint.

And with it, the powerhouses of those major forces could teleport to them in an instant.

Before the Mana Baptism Potions were invented, the geniuses of the younger generation were even more important than powerful experts, and whether someone had such an imprint on their body was already the main difference between a genius and someone who wasnt.

Because the Nowhere To Hide Array was too troublesome to use.

The most basic requirement of the Nowhere To Hide Array was that it needed to be located in an area rich in elements, and those elements had to be berserk and chaotic.

And such a place could only be found in one situation, which was during the battle between powerhouses. The longer the fight, the faster the elements rose, to the point that they would be flaring up until the whole place looked as if it was boiling.

Moreover, the further the distance, the more berserk the elements needed to be. If it wasnt far, they might only need two Archmages fighting each other to be able to reach it, but if the distance was too great, only a battle between Heaven Rank powerhouses would be enough to create the needed effects.

In the future, there was even a record of a Heaven Rank Mage borrowing that imprint to flee. When that Heaven Rank Mage opened a new plane, something unexpected appeared and the Planar Path shattered, and he ended up falling into a massive elemental storm.

Those berserk elements had reached the extreme, but the powerful Heaven Mage used the Nowhere To Hide Array to return to Noscent. He was known for some time as the luckiest person.

Because the Nowhere To Hide Array not only required dense and berserk elements, but there was another crucial requirement, which was the degree of mana interference.

If the target of the array was in a place that completely shielded mana, and if the target didnt use mana, then the array might not work.

Even if it was only a few kilometers, they would need Heaven Rank Mages to battle to be able to use it.

The target utilizing mana was equivalent to receiving coordinates in an instant, and having those coordinates was the key to using the Nowhere To Hide Array.

That Heaven Rank Mage was able to flee the huge elemental storm because the person he had put an imprint on happened to be in the middle of a battle.

When mana is flaring up, the coordinates are the clearest, so no matter how far apart, they can be sensed.

After the Incarnation arrived there, the imprint had become indistinct and Lin Yun could only get a faint response, so it was impossible to use the Nowhere To Hide Array.

That was when they just encountered the Ash Beastman army and Lin Yun used the opportunity to fight with Lodney. Especially at the end, he went all-out and purposely pushed the density of the elements on the battlefield to their peak. He was only waiting for the last coordinate to appear.

And sure enough, the Incarnation made a move. As long as he used the tiniest amount of power, it would provide coordinates for Lin Yun. Unfortunately, there was too much interference where he was located. Only when the earth split apart again and the ruins changed did Lin Yun get a response from the coordinates, like a lighthouse in the night.

Thus, Lin Yun activated the Nowhere To Hide Array and instantly arrived there!

Moreover, he used the most unexpected method to block the Incarnation!

They had experienced how troublesome and crafty that guy was before. If they used normal methods to track him down, it was highly likely that this guy would have escaped again.

This was a dead end. Even the huge door, the only exit, was behind Lin Yun, with the Incarnation blocked in a corner.

Lin Yun sneered and simply didnt give him a chance to react. A gorgeous golden-red decorative design appeared on the ground, and in an instant, a column of flame could be seen rising from the surface and reaching the sky.

Loud explosions echoed as three pillars of flames rushed out and started gathering together. The expanding Hellfires now covered half of the area.

After columns of flames rushed out and turned this dead end into a cage, there were still two meters of space in the center that were clear of the fire, but the ground there was already being filled with more of the same decorative designs.

The Incarnation suddenly panicked and frantically summoned the Dark Elven Souls to attack, piling several hundred of them Dark Elven Souls in that dead end.

They released countless spells, but they were too packed. Over a hundred Dark Elven Souls were instantly killed by those spells.

The spells attacked the Hellfires, but Lin Yun didnt react at all and maintained the flames as he summoned the last Hellfire to thoroughly turn this place into a prison of death.

The Incarnation lost his mind as he looked at the golden-red patterns spreading on the ground. Then, some Dark Elven Souls cast spells towards the last gap, and the Incarnation could be seen chasing after those spells.

As the last Hellfire appeared, the Incarnation rushed out of the final gap, but what awaited him was the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel floating in front of him.

Lin Yun controlled the Hellfire and transformed it into another pillar of flames. He had purposefully left a gap in the center by delaying it.

The difference in timing was completely negligible for others, but for this Incarnation that could see one or two seconds in the future, it was an opportunity to flee for his life. He could accurately grasp the timing so that the flames wouldnt burn him.

But it was this foresight ability that made him fall into a trap.

The Incarnation opened the way with a large number of spells and followed behind the spells to escape the Hellfire Cage, which should have been a perfect plan.

But as soon as it rushed out of the gouts of Hellfire, the Incarnation roared in despair. "No!"

The space under it, behind, and in the surroundings was all covered in raging Hellfire. This flame rumored to be able to burn all living things would destroy the Magic Tool-less Incarnation in a matter of seconds.

But Enderfa was controlling the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, which calmly floated in front of the Incarnation, firmly blocking the path. The Incarnation only had one choice, which was to collide with the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and Enderfa in hopes of breaking through.

The flames kept rushing forth behind him, a moment of hesitation would kill him, but the Incarnation already foresaw what would happen once he went out.

There was death in every direction, and the only path to survival was in front. At that time, even if he could see the future, he also couldnt make a decision.

The Incarnation went all-out and released his power, but he only had the power of a level 35, so he couldnt even shake the power of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel.

Enderfa controlled the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and burst in laughter. "B*stard, cant you see the future? Shouldnt you know what is going to happen? Crafty rat, foresight is useless in front of absolute power!"

The Incarnation screamed in despair while struggling but couldnt avoid colliding with the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel. Endless runes flew out of the Spell Wheel, taking shape of a runic cage that tightly bound the Life Pattern Crystals Incarnation.

The Incarnation kept struggling, as the cage made of runes kept shrinking. From a sphere with a diameter of two meters, it slowly shrank to a bit over a meter, making the Incarnation unable to keep his Dark Elven shape.