End Of The Magic Era Chapter 719

Chapter 719 Brainless


Abyssal aura filled the area.

Lodney stood at the front of his army, his hands behind his back as he looked at Lin Yuns group.

Lin Yun slowly walked over and calmly looked back at Lodney.

The pressure kept intensifying.

Enderfa started rousing the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel while the others made their casting preparations. The mana fluctuations were like gales spreading in their surroundings.

It looked like the battle would soon break out again, when Lodney suddenly said, "Be careful, the Dark Elves are no good. Someone in their clan wants to harm you, and it looks like Cohen was colluding with them in a plot to target you."

Lin Yun smiled. "Dont worry, I can settle my own issues."

Lodney remained silent for a moment before waving his arm, making the army give them a path.

Lin Yun led his group to pass through the army, everyone vigilant of the surrounding Ash Beastmen.

After passing through the army of Beastmen and just before they were going to leave, Lin Yun suddenly turned and looked at Lodney. "Let me offer you a small piece of advice. If your goal is that gate, you had better not touch it. That thing isnt something you can touch."

Lodney frowned but remained silent.

Lin Yun then led everyone away.

Lodney pondered for a moment before waving his hand. "Forward!"

After a short time, Lodney found the gate.

But he wasnt happy at all, he actually felt a chill when he saw that huge gate.

Lodney stood in front of the gate for a long time before confirming that this definitely wasnt the gate from the tribes prophecy.

But how could Lodney not extend his hand to push it?

Just as he extended his hand with some hesitation, he heard some loud sounds not far from there.

"Hey! What are you doing? Dont you have eyes? How could you dare stop the Black Dragon Warlord!"

Lodney frowned and turned around to see the elite guards in the back being pushed away by a group of robust Ash Beastmen, one of whom had a long scar across his face and was wearing a black cape.

Lodneys expression sank when he saw that person.

"Black Dragon Warlord, are you trying to start a war?"

The Black Dragon Warlord had an icy expression as he scanned his surroundings before loudly questioning, "Where is Cohen? How come I dont see him?"

Lodney remained silent.

The Black Dragon Warlord immediately sneered, "I heard Cohen was killed. I thought it was a rumor, but I hadnt expected it to be true. Lodney, I always felt that you were a waste, but I hadnt expected you to be that trashy. You didnt even stop the enemy. The Army Overseer was killed and I see that the Flame Dragon Warlord gave up."

Lodney coldly answered, "Cohen colluded with the Dark Elves and set up a powerful enemy for us. It is unavoidable that he was killed, and even if he didnt die, I would have immediately reported this to the Elder Council and made the Elder Council punish him."

The Black Dragon Warlord was immediately angered and raised his voice while pointing at Lodney. "Lodney, dont think I dont know, you are the one colluding with the Dark Elves! Cohen discovered your secret and you killed him to silence him!

"You think I dont know whats going on? There were so few people on the other side, how come you didnt block their path and actually let them leave?

"Cohen is a true warrior of the tribe, he never compromised when fighting the enemy! And dont you know how important the tribes prophecy is? You actually let the Dark Elves know about it at such an important time, do you know how much damage this could do to the tribe?

"Lodney, I see that you are brainless! But for the sake of the tribe, and for the years of contributions you have done for the tribe, Ill act as if this didnt happen. Youll go back to the tribe and report this matter to the Elder Council in person. That way, the punishment of the Elder Council will be a bit lighter." The Black Dragon Warlord said all this, pretending to be magnanimous.

Lodney forced a smile and shook his head. How could he not know the reason behind the Black Dragon Warlords sudden appearance?

The tribes prophecy had been passed down for countless years. Many people were looking for that gate, but the Black Dragon Warlord appeared just as he found it. Needless to say, someone in Lodneys army had notified the Black Dragon Warlord, and he now came over to fight over the contribution.

Lodney also knew that what happened before would be used against him, but he hadnt expected them to be so fast, let alone that it would be the Black Dragon Warlord.

Fortunately, Lodney wasnt completely obsessed by that gate and his mind was filled with Lin Yuns warning. Moreover, after standing in front of the door for a while, Lodney also felt that this door wasnt that simple. It was giving out a kind of cold aura, and the sense of danger he felt from his intuition was getting stronger and stronger.

Lodney sighed, "Black Dragon Warlord, I know your objective is that gate."

The Black Dragon Warlord immediately burst out in anger, "Lodney, I am helping you!"

Lodney waved his hand dismissively. "Okay, I can give you the credit for this, but I advise you Dont meddle with it, that thing isnt something we can touch."

The Black Dragon Warlords face was full of impatience as he urged, "Okay, I got it, I wont touch it. Now hurry up and go back to the tribe."

Lodney was somewhat helpless. He could see from the Black Dragon Warlords attitude that he just wanted him gone so he could directly take over that door.

Unfortunately, this schemer had information he could use against him. Before Lodney reported to the Elder Council, the Black Dragon Warlord could use this as an excuse to force him to leave.

Lodney led his people and left, but the Black Dragon Warlord was a bit impatient as he told a subordinate, "Go and guard outside, dont let anyone come in! Guard against Lodney, that guy is definitely unwilling to yield this credit!"

The Black Dragon Warlords elite subordinates stood guard outside, and the many troops scattered around to cover all the avenues of approach.

Moreover, the Black Dragon Warlord felt that since he could plant spies in Lodneys army, Lodney could also plant spies in his, so he couldnt trust anyone.

The Black Dragon Warlord was excited and nervous as he walked towards the huge gate, before unhesitantly pushing to open it. But before he could put forth any force to open the door, his hand felt a cotton-like texture.

In an instant, all the carvings on the gate seemed to come alive. Ancient lifeforms slowly raised their heads before boundless black smoke rose up from their mouths.

A large amount of black smoke poured into the Black Dragon Warlords mouth. Moreover, animal-shaped wisps of smoke forced their way through his eyes, ears, and nostrils.

The Black Dragon Warlord let out an alarmed scream as he couldnt endure the pain that came from his soul. He had already lost control of his body and it slowly floated in the air with the black smoke wrapping around him. At that moment, the miserable shrieks could no longer be heard.

The black smoke converged into a sphere that kept spinning, and it only stopped pouring from the gate after a few minutes. All the black smoke then started collapsing towards the center, and a few seconds later, all the remaining smoke entered the mouth of the Black Dragon Warlord.

The Black Dragon Warlord closed his eyes and slowly floated down from the sky. After a while, he suddenly opened his eyes. They had turned pitch-black and gave a sinister feeling.

The Black Dragon Warlord extended his hand and clenched his fist before revealing a cold grin. He then let out an evil laugh as if something worth rejoicing had happened to him.

His expression and aura were different from those of the original Black Dragon Warlord, but unfortunately, no one was here.

On the other side, Lin Yun was leading the group back to the Dark Elven Clan.

There was someone waiting at one of the clans side gates. People could rarely be seen at that gate because there was nothing valuable in that direction, but Jers had been waiting there every day.

"I dont know if that damned outsider is already dead He must be, its been so many days but he has yet to return, he definitely died outside. It would be best if that calamitous Elsa also died with him. She was the one who brought that disaster. And that shameful outsider dared to humiliate me! Having you be killed by those outsiders is really letting you off lightly," Jers cursed under his breath, his eyes staring at the path to the clan.

Jers suddenly noticed something and buffed himself with an Eagle Sight Spell. He then saw Lin Yun walking over from that small path.

"Damnit! I knew those filthy Ash Beastmen were no good, they really didnt kill that b*stard!"

Jers angrily stomped his feet and got down from the sentry tower after a while.

Soon after, Lin Yun arrived outside the clan. At that time, Jers saw Beta behind him and his eyes instantly shone.

He was originally distressed, not knowing what to do if he had brought back the Life Pattern Crystals Incarnation but things changed with this. Its fine now, that damned outsider brought back an Ash Beastman with him, its just perfect, he brought about his own destruction!

As he thought of that, Jers grinned and suddenly jumped out from the side of the road, pointing at Lin Yun while righteously yelling, "Good! I knew that you had malicious intentions! But I hadnt expected you to truly be colluding with Ash Beastmen! Lets see what you can say now! I knew you were a spy of the Ash Beastmen. What happened to the tribe is definitely your plot!"

Lin Yun indifferently shot a glance at Jers and asked, "Do you even have a brain?"