End Of The Magic Era Chapter 720

Chapter 720 One More Word


Jers was enraged as he angrily pointed at Beta. "There is indisputable proof in front of us, yet you dont want to admit your guilt! You colluded with the Ash Beastmen! Explain your scheme now!"

Beta stood on the side, trembling in fear, not daring to say anything. The relationship between the Dark Elves and the Ash Beastmen wasnt exactly friendly in the past few years. They wouldnt be lenient when they met each other alone outside, and such circumstances had lasted for many years.

Beta barely arrived at the entrance of the Dark Elven Clan when this Dark Elf jumped out. He was trembling in fear, afraid to die, but he didnt dare to say a word. After seeing Lodneys battle with Lin Yun, he didnt dare to do something reckless.

But contempt could be seen in Betas eyes as he heard Jers continuously listing all these charges against Lin Yun.

This Dark Elf is truly foolish! He actually dares to talk like that to Sir Merlin. He might not know how powerful Sir Merlin is. He would be scared to death if he had seen Sir Merlin fighting Lodney.

He really is courting death Even Lodney and his army didnt dare to attack Sir Merlin. This Dark Elfs brain must have problems.

Jers kept running his mouth as he blocked the path with an unyielding attitude, making Lin Yun impatient.

"Xiuban, inform that fool."

Xiuban was beaming with joy as he heard those words. He skillfully raised Carnage with one hand and looked at Jers, and with another hand, he picked up Beta as if he was lifting a chick. "Fool! For the sake of Sir Merlins reputation, Lord Xiuban is going to explain to you, so listen carefully!

"Beta was Lord Xiubans captive and is now an important member of Lord Xiubans retinue! Do you know what a retinue is? They are subordinates that completely obey orders!"

Xiuban put on some airs as he loudly explained the situation. He felt that Jers was so foolish to not be able to notice such a simple matter.

A flattering smile appeared on Betas face as he continuously nodded in agreement, before stepping back and remaining behind Xiuban like a proper subordinate.

Jers face turned green and white and it looked like he was holding back from spitting blood. He was being looked down upon by a Beastman!

After a while, Jers angrily shouted, "I dont care! The Dark Elves have a hostile relationship with the Ash Beastmen! Who knows if that Ash Beastman is a spy? Since you brought him in, we have to interrogate him! He cant enter the Dark Elven Clan without an interrogation!"

After saying those words, Jers angrily walked over with the intent of arresting Beta.

Lin Yun frowned and coldly snorted. In an instant, thick mana appeared and surged forth. Only one thought from Lin Yun was needed to form a powerful spell.

"I dare you to touch him!"

Lin Yun watched Jers with an extremely cold expression. If Jers dared to move, he would immediately be put in a dangerous situation.

Jers stopped in his footsteps as he felt the terrifying mana in the surroundings. If he took another step, the surrounding mana would turn into a dozen spells falling onto him.

The violent mana intimidated Jers, who clenched his teeth while fiercely watching Lin Yun, but he didnt dare to take that step.

They were in a deadlock up until a large amount of mana surged as the 2nd Elder made his appearance.

"Jers, calm down," the 2nd Elder indifferently said, allowing Jers to get off the tiger he had got onto. After taking a step back, he retreated behind the 2nd Elder, still glaring at Lin Yun.

Lin Yun scattered the mana rushing from his body as if nothing had happened.

The 2nd Elder saw Elsa being held by Reina and surprise flashed in his eyes. He put the rest aside and asked first, "Whats wrong with Elsa?"

Lin Yun shook his head. "An Ash Beastman launched a sneak attack and hit her with a Chaos Bolt. She lost consciousness from the injury and might die."

The 2nd Elder couldnt help sighing when he heard him mention the Chaos Bolt. To look like that, she must have been directly hit by one.

Jers, who was gnashing his teeth, jumped out and pointed at Lin Yun as he roared, "You definitely colluded with the Ash Beastmen! Elsa saw your true nature so you wanted to kill her, isnt that right? You are holding our Dark Elven Princess in such a condition, and you are still saying that you didnt collude with the Ash Beastmen? Didnt you return now after discussing some plot with the Ash Beastmen?"

Jers seemed to feel safe with the 2nd Elder at his side and once again threw out accusations at Lin Yun.

Lin Yun was impatient. His eyes carried killing intent as he coldly looked at Jers. "Say one more word and itll be your last!"

Jers opened his mouth again but then noticed Lin Yuns chilly expression and his undisguised killing intent, so he could only let out a cold snort and swallow his words back.

The 2nd Elder ignored Jers and looked at Elsa before softly sighing. "Hand her to me, Ill make our clans doctor save her. But a Chaos Bolt is very dangerous"

Lin Yun shook his head. "No need, I already treated her. Her situation is very dangerous and all external forces are useless at this point. She is the only one able to save herself now."

The 2nd Elder murmured, "Elsa is really unlucky"

After a while, the 2nd Elder started the business talk.

"Mafa Merlin, you went out for quite a few days. Have you gotten anything useful?"

Lin Yun nodded. "There were some profits. I already captured the Life Pattern Crystals Incarnation."

The 2nd Elder casually started to answer, "Getting some profits is goo"

But suddenly, the 2nd Elders expression stiffened and he stared at Lin Yun, screeching loudly, "What! You captured the Life Pattern Crystals Incarnation?"

It wasnt just the 2nd Elder, even Jers was lifeless, continuously mumbling, "Its impossible, it must be fake, it must be fake"

Lin Yun took out the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and Enderfas head came out of it, unhappily saying, "What are you doing? Im busy suppressing that restless guy!"

As Enderfas face poked out of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, the faint light in the center of the Spell Wheel became a bit brighter.

Enderfa hastily returned to the Spell Wheel, and in an instant, the light dimmed once again.

The 2nd Elders pale expression became a bit rosier as he rubbed his hands with emotion.

They had been unable to retrieve the Life Pattern Crystals Incarnation for so many years!

He was too familiar with the aura the Incarnation let out. Hed thought that he would never be able to feel this again, and he hadnt expected it to truly be brought back.

The 2nd Elders words were incoherent, and for a while, he didnt know what to say.

Lin Yun walked towards the Dark Elven Clan while saying, "2nd Elder, since the Life Pattern Crystals Incarnation has already been retrieved, in order to prevent any issues, we should quickly carry it to the Life Pattern Crystal."

The 2nd Elder immediately shouted, "Yes!"

After saying that, he led the way through the clan, seeming quite impatient. He would have directly flown there if it werent for that place being special.

Jers was behind them. He looked at the group and hatefully stomped his feet before quickly following.

As he walked, Lin Yun recalled the matter of the Life Pattern Crystal.

In the future, the Dark Elves Life Pattern Crystal had a lot of mentions in the records. That thing was a lifesaving place for the Dark Elves. Since the Life Pattern Crystal had existed for a long time, it had formed an independent space.

If not guided by a Dark Elf, an outsider wouldnt be able to find this place because the entrance was a very small area.

Unfortunately, in the future, Constances God Nation would be excavated over and over by locust-like mages. The Dark Elf Clan was naturally a place of importance.

Anything slightly strange would be inspected, and the small difference of fluctuation in the Life Pattern Crystals area would naturally be discovered.

Moreover, there were also records about that small world saying that the place was covered with grass and full of dense mana and countless valuable plants. The mana in that place was very gentle and even the weakest magic plant could grow there.

It was a thriving world, and if it could develop smoothly, it might grow into a new plane someday in the future, one most suitable for the Dark Elves to live in.

Sure enough, the 2nd Elder led them inside a hall, and in an unremarkable corner of the hall, the elder chanted an ancient elven incantation and a ripple instantly appeared as if the wall was made of water.

They stepped through the wall and entered a new world.

At that moment, Lin Yun only felt the aura of death. It wasnt thriving like the legends mentioned. The sky was grey and dreary, while the earth was dried up and yellowish. Let alone magic plants, not even weeds could be seen.

The mana in the air was very thin and carried the aura of death, making even Lin Yun feel unwell, let alone the Dark Elves that used mana as the source of life.

As they moved forward, the barren ground slowly turned into sand, and only sand could be seen on the horizon. There wasnt even wind, only deathly stillness. Everything here was almost dead.

The 2nd Elder, as well as the Dark Elves that followed them, looked heartbroken in front of this landscape.