End Of The Magic Era Chapter 728

Chapter 728 Cooperation


The 2nd Elders loud shout made the surrounding Dark Elves start to retreat silently. At this time, no one cared about the 3rd Elders words.

Even the original subordinates of the 3rd Elder lowered their heads and slowly started retreating. They didnt dare to gamble Even if there was only a faint possibility, they wouldnt dare. This wasnt a matter of just one or two Dark Elves, after all

This concerned the lives of the entire Dark Elven Race. No Dark Elf was willing to face a disaster after the situation had just returned to normal.

Apart from a few Dark Elves extremely loyal to the 3rd Elder, the rest used their actions to declare where they stood.

One, two, three

In less than a minute, the overwhelming majority of the Dark Elves had retreated. Apart from the most loyal subordinates of the 3rd Elder, the others couldnt help following the large army in their retreat.

The 3rd Elders eyes looked like ignited balls of fire as he sneered at Lin Yun Yun with a sinister expression. "I dont believe it! Impossible, absolutely impossible! How could the life of the Life Pattern Crystal be decided by an outsider!? This is your scheme, you damned outsider! No one can save you today, you are dead, Ill kill you!"

The 3rd Elders rage soared as he watched the Dark Elves declare their stance one by one and retreat. On the other side, the Dark Elves surrounding that tree castle had opened a path leading out of the Dark Elven Clan

A magic pattern on the body of the 3rd Elder started shining and a surge of mana fluctuations filled the air. In an instant, a flame shone in the sky, soon growing into countless plumes of fire.

A rain of large Fireballs that carried terrifying impact force flew towards Lin Yun.

A Fireball exploded above an Ancient War Tree, and as the flames fell onto it, they turned into fire elements.

Lin Yun wasnt injured in the slightest.

At this moment, all the Dark Elves paled, and many of them even threw hostile glances at the 3rd Elder.

But even more were looking at Lin Yun, afraid that he would really destroy the Life Pattern Crystal

Lin Yun expressionlessly stood below the Ancient War Trees, seemingly immobile.

But the entire Dark Elven Clan suddenly started shaking.

They could see from the mirage in the air that the Life Pattern Crystal on the altar was violently shaking. Then, seven-colored rays of light flickered, and it only took a moment before they could see a crack appear on the Life Pattern Crystal.

All the Dark Elves felt their strength rapidly fall and the power of their magic patterns quickly weaken. It only took a few seconds for the Dark Elves to lose a rank. And the weaker they were, the more power they lost. The auras of the 3rd Elder and the 2nd Elder only weakened a bit.

Countless Dark Elves looked at the mirage with despair.

That was only a crack on the Life Pattern Crystal If the entire Life Pattern Crystal collapsed, wouldnt the power of the entire Dark Elven Clan vanish? Within a day, all the Dark Elves would be exterminated

But this wasnt over. The mirage slowly fell down, and it did, other parts of the small world were shown.

The altar was looking more and more solid and the surroundings also started becoming real.

By the time the mirage fell on the ground, everyone could see the buildings in the distance shattering, as if pressured by a formidable power

A portion of the Life Pattern Crystals world had already fused with this world. The earth was shaking and the space was fiercely fluctuating.

After a while, the shaking stopped, and everyone could see that the entrance to the Life Pattern Crystals world had already thoroughly disappeared. Instead, it had fused with a few kilometers of the clans ground.

This also meant that from this point on, the Life Pattern Crystals world would no longer be hidden from the world. The Dark Elves greatest secret and foundation was now completely exposed. Anyone within a few kilometers could enter the realm of the Life Pattern Crystal.

The changes slowly stopped, but the spatial fluctuations continued. The place where the God Nation and the small world overlapped seemed to still be colliding as if a huge change could still happen at any time.

All the Dark Elves were terrified. No one dared to attack Lin Yun at this moment They didnt even dare to let their mana leak for fear of any retaliation from Lin Yun.

Even the 3rd Elders face was filled with bitterness and despair as he glared at Lin Yun.

Its that damned outsiders work Damnit, do I really have to let him leave? Im unwilling, Im unwilling! That damned human has to die, I have to avenge Jers! My son was the most talented in the clan and might have advanced to the Heaven Rank in the future. He would have become a Heaven Rank powerhouse! But he died at his hands, how could I let him go!?

The 2nd Elder seemed pained, but he didnt need to try and convince them anymore, as everyone was looking at the 3rd Elder.

The struggles of the 3rd Elder could be seen on his face and he didnt react for a while.

At that time, everyone stopped breathing and waited for the 3rd Elder to move, but suddenly, the roars of Wyverns could be heard in the distance.

After a few seconds, everyone saw a group of Ash Beastmen riding Kodos and madly charging into their clan, followed by the Flying Riders in the sky and a fierce group of Wolf Riders trailing behind.

The large group of Ash Beastmen rushed through the Dark Elven Clan as if they were entering an uninhabited area. And since the Ancient War Trees had been put to sleep earlier on, they didnt react to those Ash Beastmen.

It was too late by the time the Dark Elves reacted

Their most powerful defense had sunk into sleep, and most of the forces were led by the 3rd Elder to attack Lin Yun. This left their outside defenses extremely weak to the point that they could be rated as the weakest they had ever been in Dark Elven history

The force left behind to guard the clan was quickly breached. They simply couldnt resist and were captured.

An eight-meter-tall, twenty-meter-long Kodo slowly walked forward, forcibly making its way through the buildings in its way.

Riding on the Kodo was a sinister-looking Ash Beastman whose seat was completely made of skulls, and from the color of these skulls, it could be seen that their owner had been powerful.

Arrogant and despotic, an Ash Beastman that didnt care about attitude, and the throne filled with a sinister aura They could all recognize the Evil Dragon Warlord.

"Broust, my old friend! I came to honor my promise to help you conquer the Dark Elven Clan!"

The Evil Dragon Warlord was sitting on the skull throne while supporting his chin with one hand, his other hand holding onto a bone scepter. He had a cordial smile as he looked at the distant 3rd Elder, and particularly when he saw the situation of the Dark Elven Clan, the smile on his face became even friendlier.

That foolish Flame Dragon Warlord is still wandering around the God Nation while that Black Dragon Warlord is also a fool trying to fight over the Flame Dragon Warlords contributions

The Tribes prophecy has been spreading for so many years, who knows how accurate that prophecy is? These idiots are still thinking of that prophecy and gaining credit. Since when has that been enough? They are truly indulging in fantasy.

I have to help Broust take over the Dark Elven Clan! That way, the Flame Dragon Warlord and the Black Dragon Warlord, these two foolish idiots, will be dead. Once they are dead, no one will be able to compete with me over the Tribal Chief position

But in order to make Broust fulfill his promise, I cant let him play any tricks

The Evil Dragon Warlord had a smile on his face as he thought of his actions. He just swaggered directly into the Dark Elven Clan and explained his goal in front of all the Dark Elves, all in order to cut off the 3rd Elders escape.

The Dark Elves and Ash Beastmen had been hostile for so many years that this hatred was even spread to the newborn children. By exposing all of this, he cut off the 3rd Elders retreat and only left his own path. Once this matter was over, they wouldnt have the opportunity to go back on their deal.

The 3rd Elder looked pleasantly surprised as he saw the Evil Dragon Warlord rush in.

"Haha, Evil Dragon Warlord, you are really a Beastman of your word"

As expected, I knew the Evil Dragon Warlord was trustworthy. The Flame Dragon Warlord is an upright fool, so he definitely wouldnt cooperate with me, and the Black Dragon Warlord is a reckless idiot whose brain is filled with Abyssal lava Only that Evil Dragon Warlord is fearless enough to be my cooperative partner.

And it looks like it really is the case. He came to help me control the Dark Elven Clan so that I have the authority. Then, Ill go help him gain control of the Ash Beastman Clan, and how much effort I put in will depend on my mood

The 3rd Elder was in high spirits as he saw the scene of himself standing at the peak of the clan.

As the Evil Dragon Warlord saw the 3rd Elders expression, the evil smile on his face became stronger.

"We are old friends, its natural to keep our promises. Ill help you control the Dark Elven Clan today, but once this is over, you have to abide by your promise and help me control the Ash Beastman Tribe."