End Of The Magic Era Chapter 729

Chapter 729 Erase


The other Dark Elves were a bit shocked. They didnt know how the 3rd Elder became "old friends" with the Evil Dragon Warlord, but the Evil Dragon Warlords words caused a commotion

The Dark Elves looked at the 3rd Elder with shock. They hadnt expected the 3rd Elder to actually collude with the Ash Beastmen and borrow their power to deal with his own clansmen.

The originally reluctant Dark Elves immediately became angry.

They had been in despair until the 3rd Elder promised to do his best to restore the Life Pattern Crystal. But then, they found out that the Life Pattern Crystal had already been restored, and many Dark Elves thoughts of rebellion had already faded.

In the end, they became even more reluctant as they were ordered to attack the great benefactor that helped them restore the Life Pattern Crystal.

Not to mention the fact that the 3rd Elder was forcing their hands, killing their benefactor and the 2nd Elder was a bit too much for these ordinary Dark Elves.

Now, it came out that he was unexpectedly colluding with the most sinister Ash Beastman, the Evil Dragon Warlord!

This undoubtedly pushed all the Dark Elves towards the opposite side.

Even a few rebels who had always been following the 3rd Elder threw doubtful glances at him.

Is the 3rd Elder insane? The Life Pattern Crystal has already been restored! Why would he still want to collude with the Ash Beastmen? He is selling the clans interests! Does he want to make the Dark Elves help the Evil Dragon Warlord control the Ash Beastman Tribe? How many clansmen will be sacrificed? Sacrifices with no worth, is it for the clan? Or for the selfish motives of the 3rd Elder?

The expressions of some of the most loyal subordinates of the 3rd Elder were no longer that resolute. Doubt and bewilderment could be seen in their eyes. Why has it become like this? Why did the 3rd Elder become like this?

The 2nd Elder rushed out from within the castle of Ancient War Trees and angrily shouted, "3rd Elder, you traitor! You actually colluded with the Ash Beastmen! And with the most sinister Evil Dragon Warlord! His hands are stained with the blood of our clansmen, have you forgotten?

"Broust! You are beyond redemption, have you forgotten what that evil guy did?! And you are now colluding with the Evil Dragon Warlord to deal with our Dark Elven matters! You didnt betray just us, you betrayed the entire Dark Elven Race!

"Damn, you dont deserve the title of 3rd Elder anymore, you are the sinner of the Dark Elven Race! You actually want to use Dark Elven blood to pave your path to power. The Dark Elven Clan would sooner or later be destroyed under your hand!"

The 2nd Elder was utterly angry. His aged face was already red, which was quite rare for the extremely pale Dark Elves.

He clenched his fists as mana fluctuations spread ragingly from his body. If there werent a few Dark Elves holding him back, he would have already rushed out to battle.

Lin Yun stood against an Ancient War Tree and indifferently looked at the unexpected scene. Ever since the Evil Dragon Warlord appeared, the original rebellion had conflicting views, and everyone forgot about him.

As the Ash Beastmen kept walking through the Dark Elven Clan, opposing voices kept rising, and many Dark Elves stopped backing up the 3rd Elder and instead started standing against him.

When he realized what was happening, the 3rd Elders expression changed as he gloomily looked at the approaching Evil Dragon Warlord.

That guy is forcing my hand! I have no way out if I cant control the Dark Elven Clan today. I didnt establish enough trust with the people I gathered. If there are any problems, Ill need him to help me. But then I would be unable to deny any of his requests until Ive helped him control the Ash Beastman Tribe.

Soon, many people started quarrelling within the mage army, and fights had already broken out in some areas.

Those disturbances would truly become major if no one intervened.

"Evil Dragon Warlord, it is time to honor your promise!" Fully aware that he was being forced down this path by the Evil Dragon Warlord, the 3rd Elder clenched his teeth and asked for his help.

He could no longer wait. Everything would become chaotic if this continued, and the clan he would be controlling would be seriously harmed. He wouldnt have nearly as many subordinates, and the mage army would lose a lot of its power, leaving the Dark Elven Clan in imminent danger.

"Capture all the rebels!" the 3rd Elder loudly shouted as he stood aloft.

At that instant, the rioting Dark Elves immediately started becoming fiercer.

The Evil Dragon Warlord laughed and softly waved his hand.

Immediately, the Ash Beastmen that had been on standby laughed nastily before rushing over, the Wolf Riders at the lead. It was like a sharp knife was stabbed into the location with the most rioters. Regardless of whether they were fighting for or against the 3rd Elder, they were completely suppressed and taken down.

Many of them were instantly pinned to the ground by the poisoned javelins, letting out miserable screams.

Moreover, a large number of Beastman slaves were holding crude weapons as they herded those Dark Elves. There were a lot of them, but the slaves were unafraid of death. They slowly herded the large group of Dark Elves into a corner before finally surrounding them.

Along with the Dark Elves who were originally supporting the 3rd Elder, a small part of the rebellious Dark Elves couldnt do anything and could only be suppressed.

The Dark Elves that had lost their strength due to the crack in the Life Pattern Crystal were in a weakened state at the moment, so they werent a match for the lively and vigorous Ash Beastmen.

Soon, the small number of rebellious Dark Elves were either killed or captured and driven into a corner, with the survivors no longer daring to move. The Wyverns circled the sky, and as long as any of them thought of revolting, they were skewered by the poisoned javelins.

In the distance, the 2nd Elder had a pained expression. He didnt have the heart to keep looking as some rebelling Dark Elves were executed while the rest were suppressed by the Ash Beastman army.

More and more Ash Beastmen rushed into the clan and started taking control of the strategic locations within, and they even had a trebuchet brought into the Dark Elven Clan.

The trebuchet had a huge ball with spikes all over, and if a battle broke out, that thing would cause great damage and a large number of casualties.

It didnt take long before the Dark Elven Clan was under the control of the Ash Beastmen. All those opposing the 3rd Elder were caught by the ones supporting him.

Soon, the situation was completely under control, and a smile appeared on the 3rd Elders face.

"Evil Dragon Warlord, your troops are quite good. I want to say that you are the most suitable inheritor of the Tribal Chief position. The difference in strength between you and your competitors is too great" The 3rd Elder smiled as he praised the Evil Dragon Warlord.

The Evil Dragon Warlord hadnt alighted from his Kodo all along, only sitting on his skull seat while looking at the fight below as if it was all a farce.

After the fighting was over, the 3rd Elder recalled the previous matter. The crack on the Life Pattern Crystal had caused the strength of all the Dark Elves to fall and put them in a weakened state.

If not for that, how could they had been subdued so easily? Its all because of that damned outsider!

The 3rd Elder glared at Lin Yun and sneered.

Damned outsider, so what if you can leave an imprint on the Life Pattern Crystal? The clan is already under my control, and the Evil Dragon Warlord is here! Even if you are skillful, I wont let you escape!

Moreover, I have to thank you for helping me retrieve the Life Pattern Crystals Incarnation. I originally wanted to use the Evil Dragon Warlords power to temporarily get it back. But its perfect, I can use his Magic Tool to erase his imprint. Lets see what you can do without that imprint!

As he thought of this, the 3rd Elder proudly smiled.

"Damned outsider, lets see what you can rely on this time!"

Lin Yun was a bit baffled, as he couldnt understand what the 3rd Elder was saying

The 3rd Elder contently looked at the Evil Dragon Warlord and said, "In our agreement, there was the requirement of being able to use your Magic Tool. Can you use it?"

The Evil Dragon Warlord nodded and waved the bone scepter. A faint light flickered on top of it as a white rune flashed.

The 3rd Elder exulted, "Evil Dragon Warlord, I shall trouble you to restore our Life Pattern Crystal. As long as you do this, your side of the deal shall be considered complete!"

A strange glint flashed in the eyes of the Evil Dragon Warlord and he curiously asked, "Oh? Whats going on?"

The 3rd Elder didnt think much and directly explained, "You should know that our Life Pattern Crystals Incarnation had gone missing, but it was recently found. However, that despicable outsider actually took advantage of the time when the Life Pattern Crystal was being restored to leave an imprint behind, and he is now controlling the life of the Life Pattern Crystal. He just shook it a little and a crack appeared on the crystal. Thus, I want to use your Magic Tool to erase that damned outsiders imprint"