End Of The Magic Era Chapter 730

Chapter 730 For Glory


The 3rd Elder was exulting and completely forgot that the Life Pattern Crystal was the Dark Elves most important foundation. It was not only their source of power, but also their source of life.

He told that to someone from another race and even had him approach it

An intense expression suddenly appeared on the face of the Evil Dragon Warlord as he looked at the 3rd Elder while laughing. "Broust, where is it?"

The 3rd Elder reflexively pointed towards the Life Pattern Crystals small world.

There originally was only a narrow entrance, but it was now a few kilometers in size. When he had first arrived, the Evil Dragon Warlord had been wondering what kind of change had happened in that direction because of all the disturbances he could feel from there, but he now understood.

The Evil Dragon Warlord suddenly looked at the 3rd Elder with a pondering expression. That foolish Broust is so pleased that he even dares to tell me of such an important matter. I was wondering why he wanted to use my Magic Tool Turns out it was for the Life Pattern Crystal.

He was definitely fancying my Magic Tools restoration ability and wanted to use it to try to find that Incarnation, but its a lot easier now because I only have to erase an imprint to make the Life Pattern Crystal recover

I have known how important the Life Pattern Crystal was to the Dark Elves for a long time, but it was impossible to find out where it was located. I truly didnt expect to find it now.

If I cooperate with him, the hostile relationship between Ash Beastmen and Dark Elves will continue for a long time, and it might even worsen. Why should I leave such an enemy behind?

If I could destroy the Dark Elves foundation and eliminate their race, my achievements could never be denied, and even the Tribal Chief would immediately hand over his position to me. I would be the Ash Beastman with the greatest glory in the countless years!

As he thought of this, the Evil Dragon Warlord immediately decided to stop helping the 3rd Elder.

"Fiercest and bravest Ash Beastman warriors, use your blood and power to destroy their Life Pattern Crystal, regardless of the cost!"

The 3rd Elder froze as he heard the Evil Dragon Warlords words, his face filled with shock, Destroying the Life Pattern Crystal Doesnt that mean destroying the entire Dark Elven Race?

"Evil Dragon Warlord, did you make a mistake? I meant to have you help restore the Life Pattern Crystal."

The Evil Dragon Warlord burst into loud laughter. "Broust, you are truly naive. If I eliminate the Dark Elves, I will be able to get rid of a future enemy. Moreover, this will allow me to take over our Tribe. Even the Elder Council and the Tribal Chief wouldnt be able to deny me!"

The 3rd Elder was in disbelief. "Evil Dragon Warlord, we have an agreement! How could you do this!?"

The Evil Dragon Warlord looked at the 3rd Elder with disdain. "A fool like you doesnt deserve to speak of an agreement with me." He then turned and shouted, "Destroy their Life Pattern Crystal!"

As the Evil Dragon Warlord roared, the army of Ash Beastmen immediately rushed towards the Life Pattern Crystals small world.

The 3rd Elder was in disbelief as he roared in fear, "Quick! Stop them! You cant let them in!"

It wasnt just the 3rd Elder, but those supporting him were also shocked. They hadnt expected the Evil Dragon Warlord to abandon their agreement and instead decide to exterminate the Dark Elven Race!

The Dark Elves guarding the rebels gave up on them and immediately joined the fight, whole the rebelling Dark Elves also started fighting the Ash Beastmen.

The 2nd Elders group walked out from the Ancient War Trees defenses, and the 2nd Elder glared at the 3rd Elder. "Broust, look at what you have done!"

After those words, the 2nd Elder got on the move. He used Flight to rush to the edge of the Life Pattern Crystals world and started blocking the Wyverns.

The followers of the 2nd Elder also joined the forces resisting the army of Beastmen. At this time, regardless of which Dark Elf, regardless of their stances, they only had one goal, which was to save themselves.

Whistles kept echoing as Hippogryphs flew out from within the clan, and one by one, the Dark Elves rode on the Hippogryphs and started flying up to fight against the Flying Riders.

The Beastmens Wyverns were very powerful, and they were able to cast acidic liquid. They also had formidable endurance that allowed them to fly for three days straight. The Flying Riders themselves were chosen from amongst powerful Beastman warriors, so their bloodlines focused on having the formidable constitution and strength of Abyssal Demons.

With that kind of combination, the poisonous javelins they threw werent any weaker than the attacks of the Demon Warlocks. They were even a bit faster!

The Dark Elves Hippogryphs werent very powerful and couldnt compare with the Wyverns in terms of endurance, but they had a strong point, which was that they were extremely nimble. They could use various movements in midair to coordinate with the Dark Elves magic. Overall, they were a bit more powerful than the Flying Riders.

However, training Hippogryphs wasnt that easy, so they were rarely used except for investigations. But there was no choice now, so they could only use the fastest Hippogryphs to stop the Beastman army.

A large number of Hippogryphs kept fluttering in the sky, flexibly dodging the poisonous javelins. The Dark Elves on the Hippogryphs backs were also releasing all kinds of magic patterns.

A large number of fire, wind, and ice spells were entangled in midair, and soon, the Wyverns who werent agile enough were hit, sending them falling to the ground.

A Wyvern flapped its wings and sped up, but three Hippogryphs suddenly appeared above its head and half a dozen Flame Bursts that struck its wings, which also sent the rider flying.

And as the Wyvern let out a miserable shriek, it was immediately hit by a few dozen Wind Blades and Frost Spikes. Its wings were forcibly torn to shreds, and it fell towards the ground while letting out a miserable shriek.

At the same time, a Hippogryph flexibly snuck behind a Wyvern, and the Dark Elf riding it let off an Ultimate Spell. A Flame Roar, similar to the bellow of a God of Fire, transformed into a column of flames and ruthlessly rushed down at the Wyverns back.

But the rider suddenly pulled the reins, and the Wyvern rose vertically. In just moments, the Wyvern moved in a circle and arrived behind the Hippogryph.

The Flying Rider ruthlessly hurled a poisoned javelin that left a shadow behind as it flew and impaled the Dark Elf and the Hippogryph.

From the slight obstruction at the start, the nightmare of the Hippogryph Riders. Their weakened state left them unable to display their full strength, and as they consumed mana to fight, the situation became more and more severe.

Although they successfully stopped the Beastman Flying Riders, the casualties had increased. Hippogryphs and their riders kept falling to the ground one after another.

And the situation became one-sided when a Demon Warlock appeared on the back of a Wyvern

The Hippogryphs were forced back to the Life Pattern Crystals small world.

Meanwhile, the situation on the ground was far from encouraging. Countless Beastman slaves were swinging crude shields and hatchets while shouting the Beastmens slogan as they crazily attacked the Dark Elves line of defense: "For Glory! The blood of Beastmen will never stop burning!"

A large number of Beastman slaves fell. They had the lowest status in the tribe and would sometimes even be used to feed Kodos, but they showed the greatest results. The weakest Dark Elves had been hit more severely by the damage to the Life Pattern Crystal and couldnt even show 30% of their strength. Many of them died surrounded by several dozen Beastman slaves.

From the start, the difference in strength between both sides wasnt just a rank.

The Dark Elves had just undergone a civil war and their strength had fallen due to the crack in the Life Pattern Crystal before they were suddenly ambushed. They didnt have time to react.

As for the Ash Beastman army, it was at its peak and could attack anytime. When the battle started, the Dark Elves were suppressed and forced to withdraw.

By the time the Dark Elven army finished converging, they were already pushed back to the point that they were not far from the Life Pattern Crystals small world.

The Beastman Wolf Riders swung their scimitars as they kept charging and charging, keeping the Dark Elves on their toes and forcing them to squeeze out every single bit of mana they could to increase the intensity of their casting.

A large number of spells converged towards one side like a wave, and these waves of spells crashed down on the Wolf Riders one after another, but the Wolf Riders just kept cutting through the spells. They only managed to barely stop the Wolf Riders from rushing forward.

They could all feel what would happen if the Wolf Riders charged into the army. These Ash Beastmen had given up on casting and focused on strength. If their charge was able to gain enough power and momentum, they would be able to injure and kill a quarter of the mage legion.

The Demon Warlocks stood in the back of the Beastman slaves and kept summoning flames, black ice, and meteors at the Dark Elven army.

There were also many Evil Water Elementals, Reapers, Cave Fiends, and other Abyssal lifeforms that had been summoned.

They forcibly used lives to resist the spells of the Dark Elves while continuously moving forward.

As time passed, it became apparent that the defeat of the Dark Elves was unavoidable. Countless Dark Elves had sacrificed their lives, but only a small number of elite Ash Beastmen had died. The majority of the losses suffered by the Ash Beastman side were just slaves

Seeing that they were getting closer and closer to the Life Pattern Crystal, all the Dark Elves were desperate. Unfortunately, they couldnt suppress these crazy Ash Beastmen.