End Of The Magic Era Chapter 731

Chapter 731 Fireflies


"For Glory! The blood of Beastmen will never stop burning!"

The deafening roars kept echoing and couldnt be suppressed by the magical explosions

The Beastmen were getting fiercer and braver as the fight ensued, while the Dark Elves were weakening. They were all losing their strength, and their casting was worse than usual. The difference wasnt small in this kind of war

And during all this, Lin Yun had already quietly left. When he went into the Life Pattern Crystals world, he had only taken Enderfa with him. Reina and the others were resting in the clan, but no one had thought that this would happen just as he returned.

Lin Yun had been worried about their safety, but he knew that with the 3rd Elders temperament, they definitely would have been used as blackmail material if they had been captured, so Lin Yun hadnt asked about them. If he had asked, wouldnt that be letting the 3rd Elder know that he didnt know?

He found Reina and the others through the connection with the puppet, but he also discovered that they had already escaped outside the clan while Elsa was still in slumber. They hadnt been injured and had managed to escape while the 3rd Elder summoned all the Dark Elves.

Lin Yun remained silent as he looked at the war between the Dark Elves and the Ash Beastmen.

Enderfa rushed out of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and fiercely cursed, "Merlin, we should hurry up and leave this place! Let this dogfight continue. These Ash Beastmen arent any good, and its the same for those Dark Elves, its best if they all drop dead!"

Zeuss looked worried, but he had the same opinion. "Merlin, we should hurry up and leave, this is really too dangerous. There will be no difference if we join that fight, we should stay away"

Reina didnt say anything, while Xiuban grinned as he patted Betas shoulder. "Beta, looking at you, I knew the Ash Beastmen were no good."

Lin Yun glanced at Enderfa and shook his head. "No, we definitely cant leave this time. I didnt rack my brain to help them retrieve their Life Pattern Crystals Incarnation just to see them be eradicated. I wont be able to find that path if they are annihilated. Even if the goal of this trip to the God Nation might end up in failure, I cant give up until the end."

Enderfa unhappily looked at Lin Yun and complained, "You dont plan on helping these ungrateful Dark Elves? Hurry up and let them die, we can just look for the Firerock Dwarves, cant you trick them anyway? Those red-skinned country bumpkins jumped headfirst into your trap last time."

Lin Yun didnt answer. The God Nations three major races definitely each had a path leading to the top of the Wisdom Tree, but it would be impossible to get it from the Ash Beastmen due to their fiery tempers, and last time they saw the Firerock Dwarves, they were filled with an evil aura and didnt look like ordinary Firerock Dwarves. That wont work, the greatest chance lies in the Dark Elves.

"I have no plans to help that 3rd Elder, and its all good as long as the Dark Elves arent exterminated."

After saying that, Lin Yun went with Enderfa, making Reina and the others look for a safe place to hide with the unconscious Elsa.

After returning to the Dark Elven Clan, they discovered that the Dark Elves had been completely defeated. They had already retreated into the Life Pattern Crystals small world, and their land was already under the control of the Ash Beastmen.

Countless Beastman slaves were moving like hungry wolves chasing after a flock of sheep, entering the Dark Elves quarters to find all kinds of valuables and hanging them on their bodies. A large number of buildings were set on fire, and even more Ash Beastmen were surrounding the Life Pattern Crystals world.

The Evil Dragon Warlord was riding on his huge Kodo as he reached the outside of the small world. He saw that all the Dark Elves were injured and proudly laughed his head off. "You bunch of fools, you are just losers expelled by the Pureblood Elves trying to show off every day, proclaiming that our powerful Ash Beastmen are brainless idiots! Now take a look! Who are the idiots? You are the biggest idiots of the entire God Nation!

"Who is completely defeated right now? Take a look at your clan. From today onward, this belongs to the Ash Beastman Tribe! Today is the day the Dark Elves disappear from the God Nation No, today is the day you are exterminated, youll perish under my hand!

"Struggle as much as you can! This is the last effort puny ants like you can make, so weep, because this is your last chance! Now, feel the power of the Ash Beastmen! Tremble from your impotent hate!"

The Evil Dragon Warlord stood tall on the back of the Kodo and was laughing crazily. The achievement that countless generations had been unable to accomplish, the feat of eliminating the Dark Elves would be completed today. He was overjoyed as he thought of that.

The Dark Elves in the Life Pattern Crystals world were exhausted, and their faces were full of despair. It had been their retreat path, but there was nothing behind them anymore.

Whether they fell in battle or as a result of the destruction of the Life Pattern Crystal, their end would be the same

A sorrowful atmosphere started spreading, and countless injured Dark Elves started standing up, preparing for the upcoming battle with extremely pale faces. Even the Dark Elves that had used up most of their mana started rousing their magic patterns once more, getting ready for a final confrontation.

The Beastman army launched their attack once again, but no one noticed that Lin Yun had already used the power of the Life Pattern Crystal to appear in the small world.

Even the Dark Elves didnt notice that Lin Yun had been missing for some time and was now silently arranging some arrays.

As the Ash Beastmen launched another attack, a huge change happened in the Life Pattern Crystals small world.

The lush vegetation seemed to have suddenly gone crazy when the first Beastman slave set foot inside.

Countless vines twisting around trees looked like green snakes that quickly coiled around the slaves. The sharp thorns growing from them stabbed the Beastmen and swallowed their blood. More and more vines came out of the ground and kept devouring these Beastmen.

There were also countless tree roots bursting out of the ground, dragging each and every Beastman slave that they caught under the ground. The trees also swung their thick branches and sent some of them flying.

The assault was brought to a halt in an instant. All the vegetation on the edge of the Life Pattern Crystals small world seemed to have come alive, and there were many aggressive plants coming out of the ground.

"Burn these hindering plants!" A raging voice came from the back of the Ash Beastman army.

The Demon Warlocks made a move, and a strong smell of sulfur filled the atmosphere as dark yellow flames transformed into meteors that fell down on the flora.

The conflagration started spreading, and it withered the vines from the heat while setting the treetops ablaze. But as the plants were burnt, even more started growing.

The Beastmen were unable to break through their defensive perimeter for the time being.

The Wyverns tried to fly above to go bypass the vegetation, but the three fastest Wyverns instantly let out mournful screams as they fell from the sky.

In the sky, several dozen Dark Elven Souls had appeared out of nowhere.

These souls were floating in the air, and they kept casting spells towards the Ash Beastman army, never tiring and unafraid of death.

Slowly, more and more Dark Elven Souls were summoned, including the souls of the Dark Elves that had just died in battle. In just moments, two to three thousand Dark Elven Souls were gathered in the sky.

The spells were raining down on the Ash Beastman army like a shower. With those, along with the spells of the Dark Elves that were still alive, the Ash Beastmen were finally stopped.

But good things dont last forever. The Demon Warlocks meteors kept falling, and they burnt down a large, vegetated area, allowing the slaves to start pushing forward again.

Although those Dark Elven Souls could cast spells as if they were alive, they no longer had bodies, so their defensive abilities were extremely weak.

In a war like this, large-scale spells could cover the sky, and the Dark Elven Souls wouldnt be able to endure the boundless flames, black ice, and meteors for long.

The battlefield was continuously moving forward, and the faces of all the Dark Elves were dark from despair and the resistance was getting weaker and weaker. The mana of these Dark Elves was being continuously used up and was almost completely consumed by now.

The Dark Elven Souls couldnt resist. At that time, Lin Yun had no choice but to start summoning an illusion. A large mirage appeared, and the entire small world seemed to fade away, being replaced by a lush forest.

A large amount of fog quickly rose up from the forest, obstructing the vision of all the Ash Beastmen. A surge of mana rose up from the inside as if there was something extremely dangerous thing within, which made the Ash Beastmen, who relied on instinct, slow their advance.

Lin Yun took this opportunity to go to the Life Pattern Crystals altar and activate the array he had previously set.

Immediately, a light soared from the Life Pattern Crystal and turned into a cover of light.

The light cover slowly rose and expanded, sweeping through the entire Life Pattern Crystals small world in a flash.

In an instant, the entire area was shrouded in a huge protective layer, and all the vegetation within started emitting faint lights as if countless fireflies were flying towards the sky.

The countless dots of light blended into the defensive cover and kept supporting it.