End Of The Magic Era Chapter 732

Chapter 732 Despair


At the same time, the fog-filled illusion was forcibly shattered by the boundless Abyssal flames and the meteors. It was like a tornado had gone through and dissipated the fog. Such a terrifying fluctuation also disappeared.

In its place was a transparent defensive layer that shrouded the entire small world

With the appearance of the protective cover, the offensive of the Ash Beastmen was immediately slowed. Countless flaming meteors attacked it, but they only created ripples, and none of the spells were able to penetrate the barrier.

It looked like an extremely thin layer fluctuating continuously, and with each fluctuation, it would cause all the attacks to transform when hitting the barrier. The light emitted by all the vegetation within the small world kept replenishing the power of the barrier, and as long as the attacks didnt reach a certain limit, they would be dissolved by the ripples.

The Dark Elves finally relaxed as they saw the fierce Ash Beastmen being stopped at the boundary of the Life Pattern Crystals world.

The 2nd Elder glanced at Lin Yun waving his arm in the distance and couldnt help rejoicing.

Thankfully, Mafa Merlin can control the Life Pattern Crystal and use its power to defend us. Otherwise, the Life Pattern Crystal would have already been shattered

That foolish Broust actually collaborated with the Evil Dragon Warlord. How could he forget that the Evil Dragon Warlord is famous for being untrustworthy? If he got the opportunity to eliminate the Dark Elves, he would absolutely seize it.

That evil guy had tricked his enemies so many times, only to make his move when they had relaxed their vigilance. Broust actually thought of using the Evil Dragon Warlords Magic Tool to find the Incarnation But after that guy confirmed the location of the Life Pattern Crystal, he would definitely destroy it!

The 2nd Elder looked at Lin Yun in the distance and wanted to express his thanks, but the crisis had yet to be dealt with, so he could only keep that thought in the back of his mind.

The Dark Elves took advantage of this opportunity to recover their mana and treat their wounds. Who knew how long that barrier, using the power of the Life Pattern Crystal and the vegetation, would last? Once it was down, they would definitely have to fight a fierce battle, which would be the final opportunity for all Dark Elves. If they couldnt push back the Evil Dragon Warlords army, the Dark Elves were bound to be destroyed today

The Ash Beastmens offensive didnt stop because of the barrier. Instead, they attacked even more ferociously. Smoky flames, black ice, and poisonous flames attacked the barrier. The Flying Riders in the sky were continuously throwing their poisoned javelins, while the slaves on the ground were densely gathered around the barrier and crazily attacked it with crude hatchets and hammers.

The defensive barrier fluctuated fiercely, but these attacks werent strong enough to exceed its limit, not even for a split second. No matter how many attacks it suffered, it wasnt breached.

At that time, the Evil Dragon Warlord in the back slowly stood up and sneered at the defensive barrier. "The Dark Elves last struggle, eh? Let me end your last hope now!"

After saying that, the Evil Dragon Warlord slowly flew up

In the air, the Evil Dragon Warlord raised his hands and a boundless amount of black smoke seemingly rose from the void and converged above his head, turning into an inky black cloud filled with surging lightning and rumbling thunder.

Terrifying sounds echoed as an evil aura engulfed the entire battlefield. Every Ash Beastman was infected by that evil aura, and their eyes instantly turned crimson, with black, bloodshot veins filling their eyeballs. As they attacked, their power greatly increased, and the Demon Warlocks spells were also strengthened.

The biggest falling meteors had been three to four meters in diameter, but now, that was the size of the smallest meteors they cast. As they kept attacking, the strain on the barrier increased, and it looked like it wouldnt take long before they breached it.

The Beastman slaves madly shouted as they wielded their short hatchets and hammers. Some of them had wounded wrists from using too much power, and blood was sprinkling, but their power kept increasing nonetheless.

The Evil Dragon Warlord laughed his head off from the sky. "Damned Dark Elves, your history shall end today! From now on, there shall be no more Dark Elves in this world, there will only be Ash Beastmen! Rest assured, Ill make those red-skinned midgets follow you soon. It wont be long before I control the entire God Nation!"

The Dark Elves in the small world couldnt help being nervous when the Evil Dragon Warlord personally made a move.

The 2nd Elders face was filled with worry because Ash Beastmens casting abilities were comparable to those of Dark Elves. A normal spell wouldnt need too much time, but the Evil Dragon Warlord was taking so long to use one spell. Even with the defensive barrier between them, he could feel that the Evil Dragon Warlord was definitely preparing to use an 8th Tier Spell!

And a very powerful 8th Tier Spell at that!

He didnt know if this barrier could resist. Many clansmen were seriously wounded, and they had all used a large amount of their mana. They wouldnt be able to last long if the fight resumed.

Soon, the 2nd Elders worry turned into reality.

The black smoke gathered by the Evil Dragon Warlord turned into a huge, rotating vortex that was gathering all the abyssal aura in the surroundings. It soon seemed to be too powerful and started collapsing towards its center before a frightening aura leaked from within.

A dark red flame instantly appeared, and an enormous meteor that was over thirty meters in diameter appeared!

Lava could be seen flowing on the surface of the meteor, and the pitted surface kept sprouting thick smoke and flames.


A loud sound echoed as it pressured the air. The powerful meteor fell down at an angle and sprayed out flames and smoke, making the meteors speed change at a rapid pace.

In less than two seconds, the meteor hit the surface of the protective barrier as all the Dark Elves watched.

In an instant, the small ripples on the defensive barrier disappeared, and a terrifying shockwave swept the entire barrier.

Several dozen Beastman slaves attacking the barrier were turned to ashes by that powerful shockwave

It was like a huge tsunami appeared on the surface of the barrier. Then, one wave after another rose and fell as the barrier tried to dissolve the terrifying impact of the meteor. All the plants within the Life Pattern Crystals small world were emitting as much power as they could. Countless firefly-like lights filled the interior, turning into a long river of light that streamed into the defensive barrier.

The barriers power kept being replenished, but the situation didnt improve as waves kept spreading from the point of impact.

The barrier had yet to disperse the previous attack when another attack soon followed.

The thin, transparent barrier frantically twisted and was no longer able to endure the heavy burden after three seconds.


Just like a bubble being pierced, the entire barrier shattered into countless fragments that all turned back into rays of light before dispersing.

At that moment, the last obstruction had finally disappeared, and the Ash Beastman army roared before rushing into the Life Pattern Crystals world, fiercely cutting down all the vegetation in their way.

The 2nd Elder watched their advance in despair, lamenting that the Dark Elves final defense had been breached

It wasnt hard to foresee the result of the battle when looking at the Dark Elves who were far from being at their best, in contrast to the fierce Ash Beastmen.

The 2nd Elder roused his mana and floated in the air to start casting. In a blink, over a hundred Beastman slaves were torn apart.

"Dark Elves never shamefully bowed their heads in front of the enemies, and we cant let the Dark Elven Races name be shamed today. Fight till the last moment!"

The 2nd Elder roared before rushing up to fight against the Evil Dragon Warlord, casting several hundred Wind Blades that formed a tornado and sending it at the Evil Dragon Warlord, forcing the Flying Riders back.

The Evil Dragon Warlord laughed and said in a toying manner, "Old Elf, your strength isnt what it once was, yet you still think you can do anything against me? Well, since you want to play, lets play."

The Evil Dragon Warlord waved his scepter, and several dozen smoky Fireballs appeared in his surroundings. The Fireballs kept colliding and fusing before flying towards the tornado.

The Wind Blade Tornado collided with the Blazing Storm, and in an instant, the fierce flames spread in all directions. Each Fireball collided with the tornado before all of them exploded and forcibly dispersed the Wind Blade Tornado.

And at the same time, a dozen dark red flames flew out of the smoke and charged towards the 2nd Elder.